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WikiSummarizer – Rapid information overview

Friday, April 1st, 2011

MindManagerContext Discovery Inc have released a web based tool called WikiSummarizer for quickly summarising (English spelling) the content of a Wikipedia entry based on a key word or phrase.  The result is a page full of classified paragraphs which you can export to a Rich Text Document or a MindManager file.  If you have your browser set up appropriately, the MindManager file will open immediately in MindManager (this works for me in Google Chrome).

So what can I (you) do with this?  For example it is time I wrote a page describing MindManager on a certain web site.  Enter MindManager into WikiSummarizer, after 5 seconds the web page is returned and I Export To MindManager.

I like to see the scale of a map before I start manipulating it,  the first thing I do is open the map to show all levels (Select the Central Topic and Shift+Alt+.).  See above.

MindManager Hide the topics
I don’t need all that much inspiration!  I selected all the topics I don’t need and hid them (Use the Filter Funnel tool at the bottom of the MindManager for Windows screen).  There is quite a bit of repetition and the first map reduces to a digestable set of topics.
MindManager Article
I flipped these topics to the left and added the main headings for my article to the right. I then started to develop the paragraphs under these headings and realised I needed some sub-headings and so on.

Before I get carried away I am going to produce a map which says:

  • Who is the article/web page for?
  • Why am I writing it? Why are they reading it?
  • When? (Soon)
  • Where? (I know)
  • What? (See above)
  • How? (See above)

I hope that has given you one use case for WikiSummarizer. What do you think the others are?