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Draft Results – Mind Mapping Software, MindMananger & User Groups Survey

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Just to keep the appetites wetted while I take the long weekend off to play cricket, commentate on cricket, drink refreshments, eat cake and run another MindManager License competition! Here is a draft map of your survey comments and inputs. There is a lot more to process and react to particularly individual comments people made, which I will be responding to personally.

Click the little map to get the bigger draftier map.

Map linking to draft survey results

Thank you for taking to the time enter the competition and complete the surveys.

The winning answer was 6527 and the winners have been declared here.

3 Days Left to Enter the MindManager 9 License competition

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Your best chance is in the LinkedIn and Facebook surveys. There are 4 licenses up for grabs online, one in each of the surveys outlined MindManager 9 License Competitions.

Is it worth 5 minutes of your time?  Here is a Google search of MindManager 9 reviews.  It will probably take you longer to read a few of these than enter one of the competitions.  Your chances of winning the £244 inc VAT license are currently better than 1 in 100!  That is the UK price but the license can be used in any country.

If you win the license you can give it away but I need to know the end user.  Perhaps a student would find it useful for researching or your aunty for doing genealogy research or your business partner for working with you.

If you are a Mac guy you could run the license in Parallels or give it to one of your frustrated PC user friends.

Good luck

A overview of MindManager User Groups

Friday, August 13th, 2010

I am sure I have done this before but its time for a new one.  This overview links to a survey about MindManager user groups on line and some research for potential user group meetings in the UK. Everyone is welcome to complete the survey especially as you can answer a question which may win you a MindManager 9 Windows license.  You will find the survey below the map.

MindManager User Groups - Cabre, Ecademy, Facebook, Linkedin, Mindjet, MindMUG, Ning, Twitter, Xing, Yahoo mindmanager mindmanager!/group.php?gid=142311349126932!/group.php?gid=142311349126932!/group.php?gid=2365288441&ref=ts!/group.php?gid=2365288441&ref=ts User Group Overview User Group Overview!/mindjet?v=info&ref=ts!/mindjet?v=info&ref=ts