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Using a Graphics Tablet with MindManager or Mindjet Windows

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Once upon a time it was discovered that you could get MindManager to work in Ink mode (automatically enabled for Tablet PC users) for those with a graphics tablet e.g. Wacom Bamboo. A recent exchange of emails brought it all back to me especially when my correspondent found my blog of 2008 Can a Vista PC with a graphics tablet become a Tablet PC? on Ecademy.  What follows  may be valid for Vista, XP, 7 and 8; and MindManager 8, 9, 2012 and 11.

Try this first.  You can enable the Tablet PC tools in Windows via the Control Panel > Program and Features > Turn Windows Features on and off > Enable Tablet PC tools.  This is not present on my Tablet PC in Windows 8 but it might be for non-Tablet PC. The Snipping Tool in Tablet PC tool set can be used by anyone.  Restart MindManager and see if you have Ink mode.

This is worked for my correspondent. You need to be confident editing the Registry (backup first if not). Adding this entry to the Registry cannot cause any harm.

  • Open the Registry (Type “regedit” in the Run command in Start menu)
  • Go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Mindjet > Mindmanager7 > Settings (choose your current version of MindManager)
  • Right click Settings > select New > DWord (if Vista 32 bit, possibly QWord if 64 Bit)
  • Name the key: TabletPC
  • Press Enter twice, once to close the name editor, once to open the value
  • change the value to: 1
  • Restart MindManager

If this has worked, the Pen mode icon bottom right will be blue and when in Pen Mode there will be a new Task Pane called Tablet with gestures and help.

If you don’t get the Ink options the following may be useful:

  1. Right clicking the bottom toolbar and ticking the Pen Mode/Mouse Mode option?
  2. Right clicking on the Ribbon tabs, Customising the Ribbon and adding the Tablet tab?

If you try this please tell me what happened.

Ribbon Customisation in Mindjet 11

Monday, October 29th, 2012

It’s another new feature of the latest version of MindManager now called Mindjet 11. Mindjet say in their release notes “Modify existing menus or create your own customisable ribbon menu. Users can keep most-used commands visible for easy access and improved productivity. Right click on the ribbon menu to see the customise ribbon option in the context menu.”

Here is what I discovered:

Right clicking a ribbon brings up this window –

Customise Ribbon - Mindjet 11 (was MindManager) - Adding new Ribbons and editing existing ones

My first attempt was to remove the Sharepoint Items from the Map Data group on the Insert ribbon. This was not possible. Michael Deutch answered my request for help in the Mindjet Community post “Why are the options to Add and Remove greyed out in the Customize Ribbon pane?“. This is what you can do:

  • Remove groups from an existing Ribbon e.g. Map Data from the Insert Ribbon
  • You can add groups to an existing Ribbon e.g. Tablet > Ink (which includes Insert Sketch) to the Insert Ribbon
  • You can create a new Ribbon e.g. Presentation and populate this with the predefined groups e.g. Zoom and/or add a New Group to which you can add individual commands.
  • Finally you can reset the Ribbons to their default settings.

You can’t:

  • Remove or add commands to an existing group.

How could I use this functionality:

  • Adding Tablet commands to existing Ribbons
  • Creating new Ribbons with all the tools I use for exporting to Word and the Web
  • Create a new Ribbon for Presentations or Project Management

Will this new feature be of any use to you?

Don’t forget you can customise the Quick Acces Toolbar as well.

New feature of Mindjet 11 – The Hidden from View Indicator

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Mindjet 11 for Windows has several new features (see the Mindjet for Windows® Release Notes for them all). This is a review of what I call the Hidden from View Indicator and Mindjet calls the Filter Overlay. It is a pink box which appears in the bottom left hand corner of your map window to tell you if:

  • the map is Filtered,
  • is using the Show Branch Alone or
  • is using Show/Hide to hide specific map objects.

Let me show you how this works in practice. This is my map:

Mindjet / MindManager Filter Overlay Base map for experiment

If I now apply a Filter e.g. Show Priority 1 most of the map disappears and the indicator is in the bottom left corner. Filters are very useful for focusing on certain topics in the map and controlling what is exported to Word, the web etc.

Mindjet / MindManager Filter Overlay - Filter indicated

Next lets see what happens with Show Branch Alone. I use this feature when presenting or facilitating a discussion with Mindjet to focus the audience on the current topic. If the discussion goes on for a while you can forget you have used this tool, so the indicator will be a big help.

Filter Overlay - Show Branch Alone

Finally Show/Hide which I use to hide things my audience don’t need to see or all the Notes icons in the map included at the beginning of a Word export as in this map. Spot the missing Notes icon:

Mindjet / MindManager - Filter Overlay - Show / Hide

Of course you can have all three applied at the same time.

Mindjet / MindManager Filter Overlay - All three applied

You can minimise the indicator or overlay to icons only by clicking the minus sign in the box.

Hope you found that useful?

The Hand of Movement or the Rubber Band of Selection

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Clicking the mouse on the MindManager map canvas has four functions:

  1. Left click and release – Creates a paste point on the canvas. Paste to add the contents of your clipboard as a floating topic or image depending on content.
  2. Right click and release – A menu of appropriate options pops up.
  3. Left click, hold down and move – Gives a rubber band for making multiple item selection. Hold down the Ctrl key and you can make further selections.
  4. Left click, hold down, pause and move – Allows you to move the map within the window.
  5. Right click, hold down and move – Also allows you to move the map within the window but I often get the pop up menu.

Timing on the last two options can take a little practice. Here is a 1 minute video demonstrating just those two.

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Things I do to speed up my use of MindManager

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Here are some quick things I do to speed up my use of MindManager:

  1. Add frequently used functions to the Quick Access Toolbar by right clicking > Add to Quick Access Toolbar.You can order and group them by right clicking the QAT > Customise Quick Access Toolbar
  2. Declutter your menus and ribbons by disabling any Add Ins (this includes some that come with the application) you don’t use.  File > Options >Add Ins. e.g. most users don’t have Microsoft Project installed and can’t use the import and export.
  3. If your PC or the app crashes improve your chances of recovering the file by File > Options > Save: Tick – Always create a backup copy & I have Auto Recover set to 5 minutes.
  4. MindManager files are zip files (try copying and then changing a .mmap to .zip and look inside).  I use  File > Options > Save: Compression on saving: Super Fast.  This will increase file sizes.
  5. I like to have MindManager reopen all the maps I was working on when I closed it.  File > Options > General > Reopen last open local maps on startup
  6. If you are not using Mindjet Connect disable the Sign in on startup.  File > Options > Mindjet Connect
  7. Use the My Maps Task Pane to organise your maps into Projects, Clients, Administration groups. Attach frequently accessed folders.
  8. Create a master map which links to frequently used maps, folders and files.
  9. If you can’t see something on a map which you expected to be there: Try removing the filter or View > Detail > Show/Hide to turn the object type back on!
  10. My favourite short cuts keys are: Ctrl-f5 (to centre and fill the window), Ctrl-d (select a topic to toggle level of detail), Ctrl-t (to toggle the Notes view) and f3 (select a topic, f3 centres it and closes down other topics’ sub-topics)

My topics and comments in the Mindjet Community

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

One day I thought I would analyse what subjects I had been commenting on and initiating in the Mindjet Community.  I have dragged and dropped 120 of them on to this map.  Some repeat frequently e.g. about licenses on more than one PC or Mac. Many are unique. Some require a common answer e.g. a hyperlink to the Mindjet Download Archive and the Technical Support page.

I have grouped the threads. Publishing, Editing, Licensing and User Interface have the most threads.  But I have not attempted to answer many of the Mobile and Connect issues except where I have the same problem, they are for Mindjet to resolve.

Perhaps a quick review by you will spot a bug you have as well or maybe there is a solution to something that has blocked your use of Mindjet’s products.

I have published in three formats:

  • Immediately below – The Flash Viewer – which will probably take a while to load.
  • Then further down, you can download the map.
  • And finally a clickable text outline. Produced with a customised web export which you can scroll down (which means the search engines will know something about the threads I have been commenting on 🙂 )

Mindjet Community Topics Andrew Wilcox has commented on

1. Collaboration

1.1 Templates etc.

1.1.1 Sharing MapParts for more users in a bureau Network

1.1.2 Is the Package Folder function available in Mac and Connect

1.2 Sharing

1.2.1 Sharing and collaborating online (Connect vs Catalyst)

1.2.2 How do I share Mind Maps with attachments

1.3 Document Management

1.3.1 Lock down the map from copying

1.4 Connect

1.4.1 I have an account but no personal folder

1.4.2 Tips and tricks on using Connect with Evernote

1.4.3 Can I change the Connect task date format

1.4.4 Can you copy or move topics between maps

1.4.5 Why does Connect not offer a bulk export function for backups

2. Customisation

2.1 Map Markers

2.1.1 adding new icons to libraries

2.1.2 Add definition or description to a topic

2.1.3 Duplicate Tag Text not permitted in different Tag Groups

2.2 Background

2.2.1 How to add a logo

3. Editing

3.1 Formatting

3.1.1 Topic Balloon size formatting

3.1.2 Anybody use a virtual yellow sticky note mapping look

3.1.3 Being able to freeform move subtopics around

3.1.4 Is there a way to manually adjust the position of topics so they stay where you want them on a map

3.1.5 Aufzählungszeichen Bullets

3.1.6 Hiding tags

3.1.7 Wordwrap on topic boxes

3.2 Hyperlinks & Attachments

3.2.1 How do you get a hyperlink to appear in a new window

3.2.2 OneNote hyperlinking does not work

3.2.3 Rename Hyperlinks

3.3 Linked Maps

3.3.1 Single map view

3.3.2 can i create a new Linked map in a Linked map

3.3.3 Automatic update between linked main map and sub map

3.3.4 how do I import one mindmap into another

3.3.5 Linking Maps & Retaining Third Level Visibility & Gant Chart Functionality

3.3.6 Hyperlink lost after SaveAs

3.3.7 Is it possible to embed a mindmap

3.4 Connect

3.4.1 Text notes disappear

3.5 Topic Notes

3.5.1 MM2012 removes leading spaces in text notes

3.5.2 Problem during notes editing in Connect

3.5.3 Problem with encoding when map is based on a Word doc

3.6 Styles

3.6.1 Set boundary style as a default style

4. Files and Folders

4.1 Management

4.1.1 Importing directory hierarchy in version 12

4.1.2 Editing Windows folder names and hierarchies within MM maps

4.2 Importing

4.2.1 Not importing Word document correctly

4.3 Map Formats

4.3.1 Cannot open previous created maps in MindManager 2012

4.3.2 How do I open a .xmind file

4.3.3 Import from a mpp file (Ms Project)

4.3.4 Mindjet data files

4.3.5 Import Freemind maps

5. Grumpy Old Men

5.1 Poor Application Performance

5.1.1 Mindmanager.exe (2012) consumes 10%CPU when IDLE!

5.1.2 Mindmanager pen mode freezes after short use

5.1.3 Slow response time for everything inside a mmap

5.1.4 Start Menu Taskbar icon trouble

5.1.5 Password protected map opens without entering a password!

5.2 Web Sites

5.2.1 I can’t find the Technical Support form on the Mindjet web site via the menu

5.2.2 Why do you not Tweet the news of your partners

5.3 Mindjet’s relationship with others

5.3.1 Why do you not Tweet the news of your partners

6. Importing/Exporting

6.1 Excel

6.1.1 Importing map topic and sub-topics from Excel

6.2 File formats

6.2.1 Save Mindjet Mindmaps as .mm on Ipad

7. Knowledge Management

7.1 Connecting maps without clouds

8. Licensing and Downloads

8.1 Use

8.1.1 Is Floating License possible

8.1.2 About user licence.

8.1.3 Power of old license

8.1.4 Single user license and changing computers

8.1.5 MM8MM9 and MM2012 installed on the same computer

8.1.6 Old Mindmanager license not compatible with current download

8.1.7 I need to get our license key which I lost.

8.1.8 Safe to remove MindManager 9 and Project Jetpack after MindManager 2012 upgrade

8.1.9 License when running two operating systems (Windows 7, Windows 8) on the same computer Can I use the same license key

8.1.10 reinstalling Mind Manager X5 Pro

8.1.11 Install on second computer


8.2.1 Where can I download version 8

8.3 Connect

8.3.1 Can ́t buy Connect Business for 1 or 2 user

8.4 Mac or PC

8.4.1 Change the License to a Mac License

9. Mobile

9.1 Android

9.1.1 cannot see attachment in the existing map created using PC

9.1.2 How to open interactive pdf with Android device

9.1.3 How do I export from Mindjet Android to Mind Manager viewer

9.2 IPad

9.2.1 Down loading maps to my IPad

9.2.2 Problem with links on Mindjet for iPad

9.2.3 Problem with links on Mindjet for iPad

9.2.4 How to delete a (sub)topic

10. Project Planning & Task Management

10.1 Outlook

10.1.1 Outlook Sync of tasks how to avoid synchronizing e.g. color of category, priority,…

10.2 MS Project

10.2.1 Microsoft Project Dates Importing Incorrectly

10.2.2 Fix to fully export to MS Project

10.2.3 Import from a mpp file (Ms Project)

10.3 Connect

10.3.1 Can I change the Connect task date format

10.4 General

10.4.1 Todo list over sevaral mindmaps using database

10.4.2 Numbered, hierarchical WBS Structure

10.4.3 Tasks Assignment to Multiple People

10.4.4 The resources field

10.4.5 Can I change the Connect task date format

11. Publishing

11.1 Exporting

11.1.1 Embedding Attachments into Word or HTML Export

11.1.2 Multi-User Access

11.1.3 MM2012 export to excel

11.1.4 Make setting default values for Export settings easier to do

11.1.5 Exporting notes

11.2 Printing or PDF

11.2.1 How do I make my map bigger for printing purposes

11.2.2 export to PDF of a big map (500 Mo) never completed…

11.2.3 Export as mindjet player (PDF) error

11.2.4 PDF not displaying mindmap styles

11.2.5 export to PDF of a big map (500 Mo) never completed…

11.2.6 Export to Mindjet Viewer (PDF or SWF) does not fit to screen.

11.3 Presenting

11.3.1 power point presentation

11.3.2 slide management

11.4 Sending

11.4.1 MM2012 crashes when trying to send topic to word

12. User Interface

12.1 Templates

12.1.1 How do you get your most used map templates to the top of the list

12.2 Viewing

12.2.1 Bringing already open map to front instead of opening 2nd copy

12.2.2 Single map view

12.2.3 Auto Center Map on Click

12.2.4 How can I view a relationship in iOS if one end is collapsed

12.3 Restoring your Quick Access Toolbar Settings

12.3.1 Personal settings lost after Mind Manager update

12.3.2 Quick Access Toolbar

12.4 Customisation

12.4.1 Icons adding new icons to libraries

12.5 Keyboard Shortcuts

12.5.1 Task Pane Tabs & Shortcuts

12.5.2 Where are the keyboard shortcuts

12.6 Memory

12.6.1 Out of memory but not much open

13. Wish List

13.1 MindManager Windows

13.1.1 Linking Sub-topics possible

13.1.2 I would like to add an Outlook Distribution List to a map

13.1.3 Notes zoom to fill screen, rather than open panel, when in presentation mode

13.1.4 Aufzählungszeichen Bullets

13.1.5 Tips and tricks on using Connect with Evernote

13.1.6 Drawing lines freehand

13.1.7 Browser integration

13.1.8 MindJet for Writers

13.2 Vision

13.2.1 Insert Table function inside Notes on Vision

My basic tips for using MindManager to manage information

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Assuming you are using the PC version:

  • Select a topic > right click > Send to new map: to break large maps in to smaller linked ones.
  • Drag and drop maps (and other files) from File Explorer to existing maps.
  • Drag and drop hyperlinks from your browser.
  • For instance a map containing your favourite web pages can be linked to from many other maps.
  • Use Linked Maps or Multimap view to print, export and combine theses linked maps.

Can you get your files back if MindManager or your PC crashes?

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Yes. A long term client just called after MindManager had misbehaved with just this question.  Nothing was lost because it seems she followed my advice from many years ago and the Auto Recovery pane appeared when she restarted MindManager.

You need to set something in the Options first.

Click File > Options > Save

Tick the AutoRecover box and I set the time to 5 minutes.

If you are working on many big maps you might want to change the Compression on Saving to SuperFast. If you are running out of disk space then Maximum Compression could be better.

On this screen there is also the Always create a backup copy .BAK before saving. I tick that box as well. It creates a copy of your map in the same folder with a .BAK extension. You can revert to if you decide your work since you last saved was: pointless, a mess, no longer valid after the conversation with the client etc. Don’t save (but you could save a copy), just close the map, go the folder and remove the .BAK extension to get your original map back.

In extremis you will find MindManager’s temporary map files in this directory or similar:

Hope this helps.  There are some other options tips in the Related Items below.

Mindjet Connect Keyboard Shortcut Keys – Spot the Difference

Monday, February 27th, 2012

There are a few differences to ones I have been used to with MindManager since 1996:

Function MindManager 2012
and all the previous versions
Mindjet Connect
Fit Map to Window Ctrl-F5 Shift-F5
Toggle Level of Detail Ctrl-D Ctrl-Shift-D
Focus on Topic F3 Shift-F3

Have you spotted any other differences?

You can find a list of all the keyboard shorcuts in Connect Help:

Home (Help) > Using Mindjet Connect Vision > Using maps and files > Mapping in Mindjet Connect Vision > Keyboard shortcuts

I have asked Mindjet why on the Mindjet Community thread “Why are shortcut keys not consistent across applications?

Show/Hide Tool – Implications and Uses

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

On the View ribbon in the Detail section there is a tool called Show/Hide. It operates on objects like: hyperlinks, notes, relationships etc.

Show/Hide tool on the View Ribbon in MindManager 2012


Show/Hide Dropdown showing options in MindManager 2012

The full list is in the drop down where you can enable and disable various objects from being visible in the map.

Why would you hide them?

  • To declutter the map
  • To enable you to focus on certain objects
  • Because you need them for creating the map but not when it is exported to Word or the Web. e.g. Comments or Notes Icons.
  • Remember not to confuse people by sending them maps with relevant items turned off e.g. Notes Icons in a book map. They may not know about this tool.

Hiding some objects does have side effects which are reasonable after you have thought about them for a moment.

Here are the ones I can think of if you hide the object:

  • Relationships, Call Outs and Floating Topics – You cannot add a new ones. The tools are greyed out on the ribbon.
  • Hyperlinks – You cannot click on the link anymore. You can hide them for web export to declutter and the topics will still be clickable. If you select the topic and type Ctrl-j the link will work.
  • Attachments – Similar to hyperlinks and Ctrl-Shift-t will open the management panel.
  • Icons – You can still Power Filter using them.
  • Tag Group Names – If you are only using one group for instance “Departments”, you don’t need to repeat it on every topic with tag text.

Do you have any more uses or implications for the Show/Hide feature?