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Connecting MindManager SharePoint to MS SharePoint Services

Friday, July 16th, 2010

I have been struggling to connect MindManager SharePoint to my Microsoft Online Services SharePoint site.  As usual its a combination of getting the correct URLs, names and responding to pop ups.  This is what worked for me for both the MindManager SharePoint > Options > Add Site and creating a web drive.  You need the web drive to save an open your maps from MindManager.  Don’t Download and Upload from the MS Online SharePoint UI:



and user name

Note: It is https and the user name domain is different to the URL.

When the certificate pop ups appear cancel or close them.  This happens twice!

Now I can create, save and open maps from MindManager on the SharePoint server and all the Map Parts work for creating and searching for tasks, calendar etc. on the SharePoint site from MindManager.

I have the ticket and passport. Let the journey begin!

Went to regional settings and moved myself to the UK.  File modified dates and times are no longer confusing me.

I  have still to find where I can set up the SharePoint Server, so it displays the MindManager icon in the document views and register the MindManager mime file types, so mmap files are not downloaded as zip files (I am sure it was doing this yesterday but it may have been a mind map of my imagination!)