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Strengths and Weaknesses of MindManager 9

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Back in October 2009 I created a MindMeister Wiki Map (anyone can edit) about the Strengths and Weaknesses of Mind Mapping Software.  Soon after a sub map for Mindjet was added.  Today I have added a new node to that map for MindManager 9, plus some initial thoughts.  Please add yours. 

My other thought is why don’t Mindjet have a free wiki map tool?

A Review of the MindManager 9 Release

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

This afternoon I was one of the Mindjet Partners listening to Michael Deutch give his briefing on the forthcoming release of MindManager 9 via a webinar.  As is my habit I mapped it in MindManager as he gave it.  Some of the detail is missing but the support material from Mindjet will cover that. Links at the bottom of the page.

My experience with the beta has been good.  I like the new ribbon, the reduced CPU time consumed, the SharePoint addin and I have just found those new images!  I still have many other improvements to give a real workout to: slide mode, Gantt chart pane and planning the day in tasks with durations in minutes 🙂 .

It’s a great product which I hope will bring many new users on board and provide that extra oomph to the users of earlier versions.   As someone who has used MindManager almost daily since 1996 I am looking forward to getting the release version, personalising it for my applications, listening and contributing to the MindManager community, and (fingers crossed) assisting my existing and future clients to exploit MindManager.

Overview of

Background Reading
Mindjet MindManager 9 comparison with previous versions
Mindjet MindManager 9 Datasheet

To help search engines find this page and those with impaired vision to “read” the map.
The image map content is repeated below as a text outline in one or two columns.
Overview of MindManager 8 for Windows

1. Planning

1.1 Instant transformation map to Gantt chart

1.2 For

1.2.1 (Olympic) Amateurs Marketing Development Engineers Designers Writers

1.2.2 Imports/Exports to MS Project for the Professionals

2. Communication

2.1 Broadcast
See related topics and documents
Collaborate (Change)

2.1.1 One to Many PowerPoint Untitled

2.2 Collaborate

2.2.1 One with Many MindManager

2.2.2 Section map into slides Focus Segment

2.2.3 Then interact

3. Information Overload

3.1 Issues
See related topics and documents

3.1.1 Application switching wastes time

3.1.2 Wide variety of information sources

3.2 Information

3.2.1 Collection

3.2.2 Organisation

3.2.3 Structure

3.2.4 Focus

3.3 Publish

3.3.1 MindManager

3.3.2 Office
See related topics and documents PowerPoint Project Word SharePoint

3.3.3 Web

3.3.4 PDF

3.3.5 Image

4. Additionally

4.1 Improved Printing

4.2 Office 2010 Ribbon

4.3 New Images, Icons and Templates

4.4 Increased Performance

5. Lost

5.1 Based on users not using

5.2 e.g.

5.2.1 Exports Visio MPX


5.3 JCVGantt integration

5.3.1 Some functionality now in the product

6. SharePoint

6.1 Becomes extension (add in)

6.2 Enhanced capability

6.2.1 e.g. Search within documents

7. Catalyst

7.1 Now a compliment to MindManager desktop

7.2 Service

7.2.1 Cloud based File store Collaboration

7.2.2 Browser based access to Workspaces

7.3 Price reduction

7.3.1 £16 down to £9 per month per user

7.4 Discontinue

7.4.1 Web conferencing features No new sales or renewals but continued support for current users to end of their contract

8. License Upgrades

8.1 £79 from MindManager 7 or 8

8.2 Please request a quote from Cabre
See related topics and documents

Constructing an Outlook Query in MindManager 9

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

MindManager 9 - Outlook Query - Task and Category et alThe Outlook Query allows you to access all the folders and sub-folders in Outlook.  You can for instance select task by category and who they have been assigned  to.
Good for meeting preparation.  Do one for each attendee at the meeting

New Outlook Query Functions in MindManager 9

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

MindManager Outlook QueriesI have just given some of these a test:

I liked

  • Inserting topic links for each of my recent (added) contacts.

This could spook you

  • It added links to 30 Recent Unread Emails. That was only going back to 15:21. It’s now 22:05!

There are nine queries, each of which can be customised e.g. 100 Recent Unread Emails or perhaps 5 for Richard Maybury because he knows how to manage them.

The query edit covers items such as:

  • Folder
  • Sorting
  • Number of Results
  • Subject Contains
  • Category
  • Date
  • Mail Status

Looks like Outlook turns into a database with MindManager as a visual dashboard for Customer Relationship Management, Project Communications, Task Management …………

Some personal expansion on the MindManager 9 news

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Power Performance

  • Faster map loading while using fewer system resources
  • Yes this is a big improvement for power hungry Tablet PC users.  In my experience MindManager 9 no longer uses CPU time when idling.  If you have live topic connections to MS Office / SharePoint this may not be true (Must test).

    When you ink the CPU time does not go through the roof, just up the stairs.

    CPU time is less when using the keyboard and mouse compared to MindManager 8.

    Integrated Gantt Chart & Resource Planning

  • Synchronized project timelines displayed alongside your map
  • Now fully integrated in the product.  No need to buy JCV Gantt, if all you want is a Gantt chart.  For the slightly more serious Project Managers who were trying to avoid MS Project, you have lost the spreadsheet costing, resource costs and the ability to have the apps on two different screens.

    Hold on to MindManager 8 and JCVGantt if you do not want to lose these features. There is no plan to allow JCV Gantt to interact with MindManager 9.

    Slide Presentation Mode

  • Create interactive slide presentations in MindManager so you can present your ideas and capture feedback at the same time
  • It’s another way to use your maps in presentations.  Understand and invest some time in practising the process and it will give another dimension to presentations and print outs.

    Dynamic Outlook Dashboards

  • View and organize Outlook emails, contacts, notes, tasks or meetings within your map, without having to switch applications
  • Must check this out.

    Enhanced Usability and Interface

  • Utilization of Office 2010 usability and interface best practices make using MindManager with Microsoft applications even easier
  • I am not a grumpy old man.  I like the new Microsoft 2010 UI.  It’s slightly retro!

    I have some dissapointments but I will leave those until I get my hands on a pre-release copy.  You never know Topic Alerts might come back!

    More to come when I get a moment.

    Mindjet MindManager 8 Review in The Institution of Engineering and Technology

    Saturday, July 10th, 2010

    I am a Chartered Engineer and member of the IET.  So I was pleasantly surprised to see a Review of MindManager 8 in the fortnightly magazine E&T which is also published on-line.

    It’s a good review, highlighting MindManager’s strengths and its percieved (high) price weakness versus the competition.  Pity it is 2 years after it was released.  I like the last two paragraphs.  Fortunately I am way past the 30 day trial, I did that in 1998.   I don’t feel anything like a BP submersible, still trying to plug some of the leaks but I have been to the depths.  I know my friends Nick Duffill of Harport Consulting and Nigel Goult of Olympic Limited have been deeper and are still drilling.   Ok double space problems in notes don’t compare to millions of barrels of oil but they are  irritating if it’s your principal daily application.

    This article inspires me to re-publish something I wrote for the predecessor of the E&T magazine on using MindManager for Project Management.  I never quite forgave the IEE (as it was then) for having all my MindManager maps redrawn by their in-house graphic artist!  It was written for them in 2003 and updated in 2007.  This version of “MindManaging Your Projects” has my original mapwork. I will re-export the map which I used to write the article and publish it as a blog.  Should take 5 minutes!

    p.s. One of the best benefits of membership of the IET is using the Members Lounge at the IET Savoy Place, London. If you would like a chat about anything, contact me and I will be pleased to bring you in as my guest.  Just descend the stairs at the north western end of Waterloo Bridge and cross over at the traffic lights or walk through the park from Embankment tube.  Don’t go through the entrance door on the right it takes you in to Second Life!

    First Anniversary Index of Applications of MindManager

    Thursday, February 12th, 2009

    Its been bugging me for a few days that I can’t see an index of my blogs. I am hoping that someone will point me to a useful Blogger add-in after this posting. In the meantime I have constructed a few with MindManager by dragging and dropping titles and links via a Google search.

    Applications of MindManager Index Map

    You can view the index:

    1. As a large clickable image map
    2. By downloading the Mindjet Player PDF
    3. By viewing the Mindjet Player Flash Page
    4. As a text linked outline
    5. And I only just thought of this, you can download the MindManager map.

    The clickable image map shows the original map full scale but I replaced the standard jog file with a gif so it loads faster.
    The PDF file alters the formatting and produces a very large file.
    The Flash is also big which is why I put it on a separate page.
    I need to write a version of the outline template so it is fit for the purpose of adding linked text to a blog. The styles and structure make it too complicated at the moment. Use view source to see what I mean.

    The easiest way has got to be publishing it as map and letting you download it. It is also bar far the smallest file size.

    The First Part of a Book Review – Time Management for Dummies

    Monday, September 29th, 2008

    time management for dummies hyperlinks links to applications and web pages mentioned in the textTen days ago I sat down with Clare Evans at the Guoman Tower Hotel. We have been living parallel lives on Ecademy occasionally interacting but never really getting to know much about each other. Now we have 90 minutes of face to face insights and I have volunteered to publish some maps of her new book Time Management for Dummies.

    Its a comprehensive book covering a wide range of time management issues. There are a few helpful chapters focussed on home workers and small businesses. I recently exchanged messages with an ex-Lehman Brothers employee on Ecademy. More and more of us will be running our own business or at least considering our employed position as our personal business.

    The book is full of useful tips “Focus on important tasks not just urgent ones” and processes such as the Wheel of Life, for improving your time management.

    Here is the first map, the links mentioned in the book plus some extras. I am trialling the scary: Rescue Time, it records and graphs the web sites and applications you are using on your PC!

    Time Management for Dummies – The Links