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Mindjet 11 and Windows 8 – My experience

Monday, November 5th, 2012

I have just installed Windows 8 and added Mindjet 11 to the suite of applications. Here is my summary:


It works, Mindjet 11, Windows 8, Thoughts

It works

I am preparing this blog with Mindjet 11 running on Windows 8. My hardware is a HP 2740p Tablet PC which has a touch screen in addition to the Wacom Pen. I treated myself to a Solid State Drive (my best buy is a Kingston 256gb on Lambda-Tech n.b. resale value of old 256gb 1.8″ drive on eBay £60-100). The PC and Mindjet are now running much faster than on Windows 7 and the traditional drive.  For previous versions of MindManager, Nigel Goult at Olympic Limited has tested them and they work from version 4 upwards. Here are his results MindManager and Windows 8.

Mindjet 11

There is no difference to my experience. Nothing changes at the moment stick to Office 2010 32 bit. Mindjet state in this blog Update on Mindjet for Windows version 11 and Microsoft Windows 8 that a service pack will be released by the end of November. This will allow you to use Mindjet 11 with Office 2013. No information given about Office 2013 64bit.

Windows 8

What is my reaction to Windows 8:

  • Initially confused by the new UI
  • Started to use the touch screen and things got better
  • Started using the Windows keys on the keyboard
  • Found out how to switch between the new Start UI with it’s tiles and the old style desktop (press the Windows key)
  • The virtual keyboard and ink entry is in a new place (get the task bar up and tap the keyboard icon). Windows 8 apps automatically pop up the keyboard when you tap an entry field. Legacy ones like Mindjet 11 don’t. I liked it lurking at the edge of the screen.
  • The new apps that arrive installed (many more can be added for free e.g. Evernote, eBay, Skype) make the Tablet PC feel like an iPad with a PC bolted on the back. Lots of stroking and tapping!
  • Seeing photos of your friends as soon you install Windows 8 on the desktop is a bit scary. How does that happen? You need to have or set up a Microsoft account to install Windows 8. Your e-mail address immediately links you to stuff!
  • I am enjoying it. It’s much faster than Windows 7 on a rotating drive.


What will Mindjet do to exploit this new OS?

  • Upgrade the Tablet PC tools?
  • Introduce a free tile app?
  • Introduce a low cost version for Windows 8?
Like you I will just have to wait and see.

Mindjet Applications 2010-2012 (Mastermind Specialist Subject)

Monday, September 24th, 2012

In order to explain to myself, my clients and those of you who follow this blog, I thought I would try to display in a mind map what has been happening over the last 2 years. Great preparation for appearing on the BBC’s Mastermind quiz show with the specialist subject “Mindjet Applications 2010-2012” (click Mastermind if you do not understand what I am alluding to).

Here is my first draft showing all the applications (tell me if I have missed something, please) and the routes for maps to flow between them. Click the map to see full size.

Mindjet Applications 2010 - 2012 with data flows: MindManager, Connect, Catalyst, Mac, Windows, iOS, SharePoint, Android, Cloud, Web, On-premise Server, Action, Connect SP, MindManager Explorer for SharePoint

And now with the relationships removed

Mindjet Applications 2010 to 2012 no data flows

And finally for today’s situation with the data flows back:

Mindjet Applications 2012 Mindjet 11 (was MindManager) info graphic showing how the mobile apps, cloud file server, desktop PC and Mac applications, browser client, SharePoint on-premise server share data (maps)

All very easily done from the same map using Power Filter and the Show/Hide functions to display relevant parts of the map.

Please download a copy of the Mindjet Applications 2012

Hope you find this useful.  Any comments will be very welcome.

A couple of Mindmanager 2012 to Mindjet 11 differences noted whilst doing this:

  • The Export Image on the Quick Access Toolbar is correct now (it used to show a PDF symbol!) 🙂
  • There is a warning that you have Filtered the map and are using Show/Hide in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

Mindjet Connect – Has it got enough oomph?

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

As a long term user of MindManager I expect new products to be as useful as the ones I have been using since 1996. It’s a high threshold!

Mindjet Connect enables collaboration but lacks features that I use regularly. So is it worth the effort when you only have access via the browser interface? If you use it via MindManager 2012 many of my issues go away.

There are major benefits to using Mindjet Connect:

  • Shared folders and files with read/write access settings
  • Editing via any browser anywhere
  • Archiving/version control
  • Simpler to use than the desktop product

BUT there are significant functions missing e.g.


  • You can have multiple maps and file manager windows open. Right Click a map in the Files Window to Open in a New Window (Tab)
  • Beware renaming maps and folders that are open in other windows or tabs.
  • Maximise your screen
    • Full screen your browser
    • And click the full window button top right of Connect screen


  • The map goes off line every few minutes for 30 seconds. This disables editing.
    • You can continue working in MindManager 2012 but not the browser
    • The regular save is not a problem
  • There is only one short cut key that I have found. I only use half a dozen but without them rate of use goes down:
    • e.g. No Ctrl-F5 to fit the map to the screen
    • But Ctrl-Shift-D will toggle the level of detail

Pleasant Surprises

  • The UI is fast and easy to use. Right click to get more options

What delights you about Connect?

What is makes you hestitate to recommend it or use it yourself?

Mindjet have a new Community for logging problems, suggestions etc. Please make your views on Mindjet Connect and other products in there.  I have linked to the threads in the Community where I have commented. If they are important to you to, please add your comments and press the voting button – the +1 sign below the opening question.

What do you think about Multiple Hyperlinks in MindManager 2012 topics?

Friday, October 14th, 2011

I am not keen.  Today I was updating the hyperlinks on a map. It happened that I had set View > Show/Hide > Hyperlinks to off. I was merrily dragging links from my Cabre web site on to a map that already had all the topics I wanted.  It was going to be a visual index on the web site.  Halfway through the process I realised my web page names were causing some problems.  So I changed them and redragged the links to the map.

After posting the clickable web export of the map into the web page I tested it and found it did not work.  I had already been scratching my head a lot today about various web site issues and this one seemed to be an unecessary problem. I have created hundreds of clickable image maps in the last decade and they normally work.

When I looked at the image map html code more closely I saw the problem. The URLs were pointing at a local network URL etc. Where did that come from?  I went back to the map and set View > Show/Hide > Hyperlinks to on.  No Cabre favicons only a figure of 8 link!  The penny dropped multiple hyperlinks per topic.  The local URLs were from when I tested the site on my local PC.  They were followed by all the URLs I had subsequently dropped on the topic.   The first URL in the list is used by the web export.

This disrupts my long standing and very effective way of working.  Please Mindjet can I have switch in the Options of the next service pack to turn this feature off?

On a more general note I don’t get having multiple links per topic. How do you know what they are without their page title or your topic text?  Some web sites uses numerical page names which have no hint of the content and many are longer than you will be able to see on the Manage Hyperlinks screen even when you mouse over.

I know there are many MindManager users who have been begging for this feature for years. What do you think?

Overview of Mindjet’s new product launch for 22 September 2011

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

These maps are my notes plus a few personal comments  and questions. Come back again at the end of tomorrow and I will provide some links to relevant information.

My personal recommendation to you is, if you have MindManager 9 and  particularly if you have an older version is order the upgrade now. It’s £79 plus VAT, it will be £99 from the 22nd September. If you don’t have MindManager 9 Windows, buy it now for £199 plus VAT with a free upgrade to MindManger Professional 2012 because from the 22nd it will be £299 plus VAT.  Please contact me for more information on how to order. 🙂

Click the maps to see full size images:

Overview of the Release

There are two new products:

  1. Mindjet MindManger Professional 2012 (Windows desktop application)
  2. Mindjet Connect (Cloud based collaborative workspace with mobile access)

MindManager Professional 2012

This replaces MindManager 9 for Windows. There are two significant previously paid for add ins: Power Markers and Sharepoint Integration incorporated in the product. Plus the Project JetPack templates, a new brainstorming mode, 2×2 matrix analysis and enhanced task management.

Mindjet Connect

This replaces Mindjet Catalyst. There is a free version offering basic facilities to individuals and collaborative groups. The subscription Business version provides features for larger groups and for storing maps and files in a folder and sub-folder structure with different access rights.


Mindjet for iPhone and iPad – Version 1.0 – Map of relevant links

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Mindjet have recently released their own apps for the iPhone and iPad. The map below gives you links to where you can buy the apps and information about them. I have also provided links to Twitter and the search engines where you can begin to see the user’s reactions to these new applications. If you find any real reviews as opposed to reprints of Mindjet’s PR I would be pleased to add them to the map.

You can download the map, add your own links and refresh the Twitter map part to get the latest Tweets.

Mindjet for iPhone and iPad Extending mapping across platforms with new Mac, iPad & iPhone Products Extending mapping across platforms with new Mac, iPad & iPhone Products A Letter to Previous Mindjet iPhone Users The Mindjet Blog A Letter to Previous Mindjet iPhone Users The Mindjet Blog 10 iPad iPhone tips to get you mapping on the go! 10 iPad iPhone tips to get you mapping on the go! Google Google  mindjet iphone OR ipad - Twitter Search  mindjet iphone OR ipad - Twitter Search Mindjet for iPhone Mindjet for iPhone Bing Bing Say ‘Hello’ to our new iOS apps Mindjet for iPad and Mindjet for iPhone! Say ‘Hello’ to our new iOS apps Mindjet for iPad and Mindjet for iPhone! mindjet iphone OR ipad mindjet iphone OR ipad Yahoo! Yahoo! Download this map Download this map Mindjet Mobile Apps – Overview Mindjet Mobile Apps – Overview Mindjet for iPad Mindjet for iPad

Please add your comments on these new apps below. How does it compare to iThoughtsHD?

Mind Mapping Software ranked by Google Search Results

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

This is research and background material for a presentation I am giving on Thursday evening called Using Mind Mapping Software to Organise Your Business at Wired Wessex in Winchester Guildhall.

The results are variable in their accuracy because for some applications it is easy to create a unique search e.g. MindManager, iMindMap, MindMeister, XMind, ConceptDraw or Mindomo but others produce results which are nothing to do with the software e.g. Freemind, Inspiration, MindMapper, Visio, or Curio.   Another issue I frequently encounter is people referring to MindManager as MindMapper and I guess iMindMap has a few variations etc.

Do you think these results reflect your understanding of the market and the relative positions of the applications?

I have produced the results in three forms:

Which format do you prefer?

MindManager 9 Service Pack 1 Released

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Guess what Windows 7 threw a wobbly today stopping MindManager (runtime error C++) and MailWasher (.NET 3.5 problem) from running. I believe the .NET 3.5 installation was corrupted somehow. It took most of the day to try out various fixes culminating in a Windows 7 Upgrade from CD. Upgrade equals repair. You can see the trauma unfold in my tweets for today.  So I have not spent that much time on the service pack. My thoughts so far are:

You should be able to get the update 9.1.157 in MindManager > Extras ribbon > Updates or go to the Cabre MindManager page to download a trial copy.

The good news: Mindjet have reacted quickly to user issues and fixed some of them.

  • Generate Mindjet Player files locally. The install file has grown by 20gb!
  • Added print preview to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Outlook integration issues
  • Gantt View and some parts of the planning model
  • An Import section under the File tab
  • Check out the release notes below for more

The bad news for me is:

  • I still can’t use MindManager to plan in minutes and hours within a day and have a change in task duration affect the times of linked tasks.
  • MS Office 2010 allows you to add controls under the File tab to the Quick Access Toolbar. Why can’t Mindmanager?
  • Topic Alerts did not come back. I didn’t use the Outlook integration option.
  • And somethings are still long overdue an overhaul: Word and Web Export, the Tablet PC interface.

BUT I must remind myself and you the blog reader that MindManager is still an excellent product. I still use it every day.  My concerns are about the marzipan and the icing. The cake is great although we may differ on the best possible recipe.

However a group of users and developers expressed their concerns to Mindjet shortly before the Service Pack was released.  This was summarised in the Sociamind blog by Alex Gooding.  Click here to see the map (requires Flash), go to Biggerplate to download the map or click on this link to download the letter to Mindjet PDF. We look forward to hearing about Service Pack 2.

If you still looking for fixes, improvements and new functionality make sure Mindjet know.  You can do this directly at Technical Support or Submit a Suggestion. If you would like to get help from other users with workarounds and solutions or support for your suggestions then use the MindManager user groups.   The liveliest ones are MindManager Yahoo Group, MindManager Enthusiasts Linked In, Mindjet Forum and Tweet to Mindjet and all those watching.  In Germany go for the MindManager Group on Xing.

If you had one thing you would like resolved in Service Pack 2 what would it be?  Add your comment below.

Mindjet’s announcement is here MindManager Version 9 for Windows – Service Pack 1. Here are the Release Notes showing what has been resolved, work arounds and no current solution.

MindManager v9.1 Release Notes

Draft Results – Mind Mapping Software, MindMananger & User Groups Survey

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Just to keep the appetites wetted while I take the long weekend off to play cricket, commentate on cricket, drink refreshments, eat cake and run another MindManager License competition! Here is a draft map of your survey comments and inputs. There is a lot more to process and react to particularly individual comments people made, which I will be responding to personally.

Click the little map to get the bigger draftier map.

Map linking to draft survey results

Thank you for taking to the time enter the competition and complete the surveys.

The winning answer was 6527 and the winners have been declared here.

Special Message for Blog email Subscribers

Friday, August 20th, 2010

You have not been receiving the emails for blogs since February this year. The RSS feed location in WordPress seems to have changed and Feedburner was not picking up the blogs! I have revised it and you should get this email! Thank you Richard Parsons for alerting me.

Here is a digest of recent posts. Click to view.

Applications of MindManager

Note the map was created automatically with the Map Part -News Feed {right click the News Feeeds folder} (which no longer seems to be a refreshable part).
The Notes icons were hidden in the View > Show/Hide.
The map was exported to the web using the Clickable Image template.
I uploaded the resulting gif file (In Customize > Advance Settings > Turn off the map background) to my WordPress server.
The index.html.txt was pasted in to the blog and the ing src pointed at the uploaded gif.

Easy when you know how. I could do it quicker in MindManager 7 because the Web Export could be added to the Quick Access Toolbar 🙁