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Recoverying your My Maps pane set up in a new install

Monday, June 30th, 2014
My Maps tab - folders and maps

I have been off air for a while. I have been busy on other projects and reinstalling Windows 8 after two years of operation.  It had slowed down to something less than a snail going in reverse up a steep hill.

My process was to make a disc image on a spare hard drive which could be plugged in later via a USB station. Then install Windows 8/8.1 from scratch followed by all the applications. That went well and I have been able to copy across files from the “old” drive. But what I forgot to do was to export the Registry specifically the HKEY_CURRENT_USER (HKCU) section and even more particularly the MindManager keys.

Why would I want to do this? Because there are a few important personalised parts of your MindManager set up which are stored in the Registry. One of these is your My Maps pane set up of collections and folders. It is an easy process to import your old registry keys once they are in *.reg file.

My problem was how to open the old Registry. Here is the solution (I won’t bore you with the things that failed to work e.g. Trying to boot from the old USB drive – Windows wanted to do a repair first and failed to get this to work)

  • This is how to get access to your old HKCU – How to import the HKCU values of a different profile into your registry
  • This did it for me – reg.exe load HKLM\TempHive h:\users\Andrew\ntuser.dat
  • Which gave me access to
  • Export the key
  • Edit the registry file – replacing HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\TempHive\ with HKEY_CURRENT_USER\
  • Close MindManager
  • Import or double click the registry file
  • Open MindManager and my maps and folders are back as shown in the image!

Warning don’t dabble with the Registry unless you have backed up and created a restore point.

I wonder what other stuff I can now extract from my old MindManager keys?

Restoring your Quick Access Toolbar set up after a repair

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

If you run MindManager > Repair in the Control Panel to fix a problem, the Quick Access Toolbar will be returned to its default install state with 8  tools.  I have  just had to Repair the Outlook MindManager button which adds mail, contacts, calendar and tasks to your current topic.  I lost the 18 tools I had added to the Quick Access Toolbar.
BUT prior to running the repair I exported this key using Regedit from the Registry to my Desktop as QAT.reg:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mindjet\MindManager\9\User Interface\BCGRibbonBar-59398

After the repair I ran the QAT.reg file and the MindManager – Quick Access Toolbar was restored to its pre-repair state.

You could use this process to create different Quick Access Toolbar sets for different applications of MindManager. I have 5 Ink tools which allow me to map in Ink without having to open the Insert ribbon.

Quick Access Toolbar