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Printing with MindManager

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

A recurring frustration with MindManager is that users cannot produce print outs with the font sizes that match those shown in the Format Font ribbon or pop up pane. The rule you have to remember in printing with MindManager is that it will fill the sheet you print it to. The printed font depends upon:

  • The sheet size A4 A3 Letter etc.
  • The size of the margins
  • The aspect ratio of your map and the sheet orientation (landscape or portrait) e.g. Wide and short maps will have smaller text on a portrait sheet compared to a landscape sheet

What action can you take to increase the font size on the printed map?

  • Split the map up into several maps: Select a topic > Right click > Send to new linked map
  • Print main topics: Print range > Primary selected topic
  • Use the poster printing option “Scaling” in the Print Map pop up
  • Decrease the margins, remove the border and, header and footer
  • Alter the aspect ratio
    • Change the default width of your topics.  Wide topics work well in landscape, narrow in portrait: Right click a topic > Format Topic > Size and Margins >Adjust Preferred width > Style > Save as New Style Default
    • Adjust topic width manually: Drag the edges of the topic.
    • Use the Tree Growth Direction to tuck sub topics under their parent topic
    • Reduce the inter topic spacing: Select parent or central topic, Right Click > Format Topic > Subtopics Layout > Distance from parent and Distance between siblings. Click Style (bottom right of this window) and Save as New Style Default
    • You have more control over Main Topic position if you drag them by the pin where the line from the Central Topic joins the Main Topic
Printing with MindManager

Use Print Range and Scaling to control printed font size

Print set up with MindManager

Use Page Setup (Map Print) to remove header, footer, border and adjust margins

Adjusting topic width in MindManager

Use Format Topic > Size and Margins to adjust topic width