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Turning Ideas Into Accessible Information – Plans for the Road Show

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Turning Ideas Into Accessible Information an outline MindManager map for the interactive sessionThe Mindjet MindManager 9 Road Show is on in London and Birmingham on Thursday and Friday, and next Tuesday in Manchester. I am very pleased to be running a 30 minute session titled “Turning Ideas Into Accessible Information”.

The map is the outline of the session (there are more subtopics to prompt me). I would like it to be an interactive session. I am looking to the audience to pose questions for which I can produce an example to demonstrate how MindManager can be applied successully to solve the problem.  (Rabbit popping out of hat comes to mind)

If you are coming or not what questions would you ask of me?

Using your MindManager map to present in a browser

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

For more than a decade MindManager has had a Presentation Web Export which produces a set of linked pages.  The pages display sections of the map.  Its useful when you want to leave a presentation on the web for people to find.  The header and the footer mean they can find you to.

However when presenting to a live audience: remote or in the room, you do not need the clutter of a header and footer.  You want the map to be maximised on the screen, so the text can be read (today’s challenge for a client).

I have edited the Presentation template to produce a no header, no footer map which fills the sceen version. Here is the result.

An HTML Presentation from a MindManager Map

An HTML Presentation from a MindManager Map

Tip: press F11 to get rid of all the browser clutter.

Using 6 of the MindManager Short Cut Keys in Presentations

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

This two minute video will show how the following short cut keys work.

Using Short Cut Keys in Presentations with MindManager

Fit map to screen

Centre focused topic

Hide all except topic branch in focus
Show All

Centre map and collapse all topics

Toggle Level of Detail

F11 or Ctrl-T
Open or Close the Notes Pane
Use Ctrl-Shft-PgDn to move to next note
Use Ctrl-Shft-PguP to move to previous note

I regularly use these in presentations.

Do you have any other favourites?

A few little tips when using MindManager for presentations

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Without going to presentation mode:

  1. Make sure you have the tools you need on the Quick Access Bar
  2. Minimise the ribbon
  3. Point the beamer so the Quick Access Tool bar, Ribbon command bar and Worksheet bar miss the top of the screen and are not visible to the audience but are to you on your PC.
  4. Right click the background and select Full Screen Mode. (not always available)
  5. Right click the icon in the bottom right hand corner and hide the Task Pane tabs.
  6. Now you have an uncluttered screen.
  7. Pre-load any applications and files you are you going to call up during the presentation.
  8. Don’t forget where you turned the various parts of the screen off.

Summertime with MindManager – The PERFECT Presentation

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

“It’s summertime and the living is easy”. Not quite.

In my breakfast and evenings off, I go out mapping my friends talks and presentations.

This is Dexter Moscow’s PERFECT presentation last Monday to Petersfield Ecademy at the delightful 57 restaurant in Liss. It was most enjoyable (and Dexter seemed to be enjoying it as well). A great reminder plus some new insights into all those things you need to do or be aware of, particularly when trying to make an impression on a potential customer.

Click to get the big picture

Technical aside: MindManager 7.1 Pro worked very well on my HP2710p Tablet PC. Don’t install 7.2 on a Tablet PC if you want to use the ink mode. Too many ink features do not work.

Mind Map of Presentation about Blogging & setting up WordPress

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Blogs David Bell 26-06-08

What are your favourite applications of Mind Mapping software and why?

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

I recently posed this question to my friends and to the general membership on LinkedIn.

A friend replied:

I use MindManager for the following:

1) Project management planning: I create templates for projects that are re-usable, this means I save time on subsequent projects. I also like the fact that an incredibly complex project can be managed from one dashboard. With the ability to link every conceivable form of document and media in one source I don’t know how I could plan and manage projects without MM.

2) Client workshops and problem discovery sessions: Clients find MM a great tool when I use it for workshops as it helps us brainstorm but always in a focused framework, it also means that nothing gets lost. I always record brainstorming sessions with a dictaphone and attach the audio file to the MM file for a complete record of the session.

3) Website design & planning: I now run 3 websites so it really helps to design, plan and administer my sites using MM as I can store all my images, pages, content and updates in one place.

4) Presentation planning: MM is fantastic for designing a presentation as you can create a basic template and then build out from that based on the specific requirements. I find it provides a more creative medium than just relying on powerpoint templates. I frequently save time by just using MM as the presentation tool, clients appear to prefer it to PowerPoint etc.

5) Knowledge management: Part of our core service is providing detailed audits and reports to clients. One of the deliverables we now provide is a MM of all the findings. It provides a much richer and simpler way of navigating through all of our results as opposed to a bland, one-dimensional Word document or printed report.

This is from Dylan Jones at IQ Solutions Online and his recently launched Data Migration Pro a global professional community.

You can see other answers at LinkedIn at What are your favourite applications of Mind Mapping software and why?