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MindManager and PowerPoint Brainwave

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014
Presentation Web Export Template

Presentation Web Export Template

I just had a moment of inspiration when answering a question about exporting to PowerPoint in the Mindjet Community.  There has never been a easy way to transfer your maps to PowerPoint. The current exports to PowerPoint do not show off your hard work of laying out the map and formatting it.  They transfer the topic text to bullet points or PowerPoint objects (bullet points in blocks).  My recommendation has always been for simple maps to export the image then insert and link to a slide.  For more complex maps either use screen grabbers to capture sections of the map or sub-divide the map in to several maps using “Send to new map” then export the images.  All a bit painful.

Here is my using the web exports for PowerPoint slides brainwave

1. Use the Presentations web export

This will automatically produce a set of images intended for a set of web pages from your map. You will need to play with Customize – Advance Settings before you get the best images for your presentation.

  • Open the map
  • Export to web using the Presentations template
  • Create a new PowerPoint presentation or use an existing one.
  • Then insert and link the image files you will find in the web export folder.
  • Tip: It helps to sort the folder by file type.

2. Use Linked Map View and Clickable Image Map web export

This idea follows on from the sub-dividing suggestion above.

  • Open your parent or master map for the presentation.
  • Export this as a Clickable Image Web export.
  • Tip: In Customise – Advanced Settings: Include Map Background – True (jpg good if you have photos) / False (gif produces smaller image files)
  • Go to Linked Map View.
  • Select the number of Map Levels required
  • Select All
  • Web Export
  • You have now created a folder for each map with an image file in it
  • Insert and Link the images to your PowerPoint slide.

Why have I bolded the Insert and Link? Simple: if you edit your map, repeat the export, close and reopen your PowerPoint file it will be refreshed with the new images.  (I failed to find a Refresh button or shortcut key in PowerPoint)

Just wondering if I have missed something obvious in MindManager associated with the Slide View.  Please tell me if I have.

Laws of the Game - Linked Map View

Laws of the Game – Linked Map View

Adding maps quickly to your desktop background

Friday, January 31st, 2014

This morning I wanted to paste two maps on to my second screen for reference during a webinar I was giving on Four Crucial Tips for MindManager Users.  They were my management map and the attendees.  I looked hard for ways to paste them in various applications and then I went back to Windows Paint.  Here is the simple process:

  1. Select central topic of map and copy CTRL-C
  2. Open Paint  and paste.
  3. Drag the edge of the canvas so it will cover the required part of your desktop.
  4. Repeat with another map pasting on to the same image and arranging as appropriate.
  5. In Paint > File > Set as Desktop Background > Centred

Now I had these prompts on the desktop of the second monitor along with the web cam array and the GoTo Meeting Control Panel. In my primary monitor I was sharing MindManager.  The image I created is below.

14-01-31 Four Crucial Tips Prompts

Do you have a better option?

Some of you may remember being able to have a clickable image map in a live Windows background in Windows 3.1!

New feature of Mindjet 11 – The Hidden from View Indicator

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Mindjet 11 for Windows has several new features (see the Mindjet for Windows® Release Notes for them all). This is a review of what I call the Hidden from View Indicator and Mindjet calls the Filter Overlay. It is a pink box which appears in the bottom left hand corner of your map window to tell you if:

  • the map is Filtered,
  • is using the Show Branch Alone or
  • is using Show/Hide to hide specific map objects.

Let me show you how this works in practice. This is my map:

Mindjet / MindManager Filter Overlay Base map for experiment

If I now apply a Filter e.g. Show Priority 1 most of the map disappears and the indicator is in the bottom left corner. Filters are very useful for focusing on certain topics in the map and controlling what is exported to Word, the web etc.

Mindjet / MindManager Filter Overlay - Filter indicated

Next lets see what happens with Show Branch Alone. I use this feature when presenting or facilitating a discussion with Mindjet to focus the audience on the current topic. If the discussion goes on for a while you can forget you have used this tool, so the indicator will be a big help.

Filter Overlay - Show Branch Alone

Finally Show/Hide which I use to hide things my audience don’t need to see or all the Notes icons in the map included at the beginning of a Word export as in this map. Spot the missing Notes icon:

Mindjet / MindManager - Filter Overlay - Show / Hide

Of course you can have all three applied at the same time.

Mindjet / MindManager Filter Overlay - All three applied

You can minimise the indicator or overlay to icons only by clicking the minus sign in the box.

Hope you found that useful?

One of the hardest things I have done with MindManager

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Is to write a eulogy. It also made it easier.

The same rules apply for a eulogy as when you write anything:

  • Think about the audience
  • Research the subject
  • Create an outline
  • Write the speech
  • Rehearse, edit, fit to time allowed

I delivered the eulogy from a map which had a couple of key sentences but it was mostly topics with a few words to guide me through the 4 minutes of speaking. I rehearsed and edited it several times. It worked.

I have described the process very briefly and unemotionally above. Doing it takes time and is emotional. But mapping it helped me considerably.

Using Mind Mapping Software to Organise your Business – Wiki Maps

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Unfortunately MindManager does not have a Wiki facility but you can answer the question “Please give examples of how you use it in your business?” by adding comments to this blog.

If you have Mindomo or MindMeister accounts you will be able to edit the maps below. I will be using the maps as examples of collaboration in my presentation on Thursday entitled “Using Mind Mapping Software to Organise your Business” at Wired Wessex in Winchester, UK.

To edit click Mindomo icon top left

To edit click pencil icon bottom left

Why would you map like this when you have MindManager?

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Only to prepare for a presentation that will show you how mind mapping software can help you organise your business.

If you can to get to Winchester on Thursday evening 24/2/2011, you can find out more at my presentation on “Using Mind Mapping Software to Organise Your Business”. It’s free and you get a free drink and nibbles courtesy of  Wired Wessex.

Mind Mapping Software – a review

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Mind Mapping Software: Applications, Platforms, Sources of Info

Yesterday I gave a 45 minute session at the Winchester Jelly about Mind Mapping Software.  The first two parts were based on MindManager and the third part was a general review of the market:

  1. How it works, sharing your maps and its interactions with other applications.
  2. How I use it in my business. They saw the live applications on my PC rather than the public summaries linked in the map.
  3. A summary of the platforms and applications available. I know have not listed …………. but they all get a mention in the linked guides and other blogs.

You can see the examples, applications and blogs etc. on this clickable map.

Next date for this presentation is the 24 February 2011 at Wired Wessex.  I would be pleased to run this session or Mind Mapping for Business (a paper and software session) for other audiences.

Creating hyperlinks in MindManager to open a specific slide in PowerPoint

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

I have been trying to answer this question in the Mindjet Forum, I have spent a bit of time working it out and I think I have cracked it.

In summary: You must use the PowerPoint Viewer and hold down the Ctrl key when clicking the link!

My research suggests you cannot start a show at a specific slide using PowerPoint but you can with the PowerPoint Viewer.  See this write up about command line switches from Microsoft.

MindManager has to mimic this command line which when entered via the Windows Start button opens the slide show at the sixth slide ( /n6 ) e.g.:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\PPTVIEW.EXE /n6 “G:\Andrew\Documents\Auctions in a Day\Alresford Auction Presentation.ppt”

Initially I could not get this to work in MindManager by either using the complete line for the hyperlink or splitting between:

Link to:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\PPTVIEW.EXE
and Options > Argument: /n6 “G:\Andrew\Documents\Auctions in a Day\Alresford Auction Presentation.ppt”

BUT it does work in MindManager 6 with PowerPoint Viewer 2003 running on XP SP3!
Eureka! It does work with MindManager 9, if you hold the ctrl key (or disable the inbuilt browser pane) when clicking the link.

I also tried making the PowerPoint Viewer the default .ppt program, and then entering this:

Link to:  G:\Andrew\Documents\Auctions in a Day\Alresford Auction Presentation.ppt
and Options > Argument: /n6

Hold the ctrl key down when clicking the link and it works.  Otherwise the slide editor opens in the in built browser pane.

Alternative Solution: Create a batch file “Alresford Auction Presentation Slide 6.bat” with the full PowerPoint Viewer command and use this as the hyperlink.

Can you improve on this?

Mindjet MindManager Road Show Birmingham

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Well my social network worked last night.  Three sources recommended the same pub “The Wellington” and one of them, Roger Vanstone met us there and took Bill Creekbaum and I to his favourite Indian restaurant the “Al Faisal“. Suprisingly we were back in the hotel by 11pm.

It was short walk from the hotel to the Raddisson Blu, the Road Show venue. Very helpful staff and a nice well lit room. Pity they did not notice the projector was set to low brightness.  I fixed that for the second half.

Again a long term friend appeared Maurice Poole who has worked for me in the ConferenceREACTION team. Also Mike Hodkinson who I have met at previous events and online.  Very nice also to get compliments from a couple of members of the silent majority who read what I write in the forums and on this blog (note to self you don’t need to add a link here because they are here:) ).

Back to content. As far as I can tell Bill’s presentation was the similar to yesterday’s but we had two longer discussions. One about the Gantt chart view addressing the concerns of the audience.  Those that attended now have a much better understanding of why MindManager 9 did not meet some of our expectations. The good news is planning tasks within a day will be possible in MindManager 9.1. Today’s project challenge was planning a party for the Pope’s visit to Birmingham on Sunday.  Did we get to the emailing the Pope an invitation stage?

We were also enlightened about how to remove the offset in the slide view. Just drag the left or right hand edge of the frame across, similar to adjusting the topic width but the width remains the same.  I also discovered that hiding topics in the map does not hide them in the slide. If you want to hide topics, do it in the slide views.  The short keys work in slide view e.g. Ctrl-F5 to fill the slide with the map snippet.

Again my general understanding of SharePoint was improved by the presentation of James Hoggett of Contact and Code.  Several big businesses are using it for their intranet sites and James showed us a few home pages.  MindManager Explorer for SharePoint looks as though it will add great dashboarding capability to individuals and teams who want quick access to relevant and important items from MindManager.  James noted that the MindManager Add In was the easiest he had come across to integrate with an exisiting SharePoint Server.

Using the Tablet PC, the web export and share tool to publish meeting notes part of my presentation, generated many questions during the session and at lunch.  Again this group choose Inspiration and Project Management from my four offered topics.  I used the hyperlinks to the map sharing sites to give the audience an appreciation of what is available to inspire them.  I will publish the full map after the last road show.

On my way home now.  Why is the standard of the Virgin first class service on the London Birmingham route not repeated on the Birmingham Winchester route?  No WiFi, no snack, no free beer and typically they ran out of hot drinks (free) for a while.  Thank goodness the power socket worked.

See you in Manchester on Tuesday at the Mindjet MindManager 9 Road Show.

Mindjet MindManager Road Show London

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

First it was good to meet a variety of virtual and real aquaintances. Bill Creekbaum, Director Product Management, Mindjet for breakfast. Then Chris Harman, Director NEWS Region, Mindjet; Rachel Reid & James Fletcher, Mindjet UK and several of their MindManager coaches. Plus my old MindManager user friend Doug Witt and my new ones Liam Hughes, Biggerplate and Adrian Griffith, Oval Business Solutions. Finally several of the attendees whose business cards I have or they have mine. I will reconnect with you next week or while on the train back from Birmingham to Winchester tomorrow.

What did I learn? A lot from Bill Creekbaum. I have posted my map of his presentation about “MM9 overview and Product demonstration” before I started mine! Bill took us enthusiastically through the new features of MindManager 9 and gave us some insight into the future rapid development programme for MindManager. We saw the new planning and presentation tools in MindManager 9 in some detail. We brainstormed our way to a plan for an Olympic Party and discovered Bill’s beer preferences on route. (I will be pleased to test those this evening). He showed how the new Silde mode can be used. A target for the 9.1 service pack was revealed as October. Local Mindjet Player file generation will return and there will be user demanded improvements to the slide and planning tools.

Emma Thomas from Creative SharePoint took us through their application of MindManager. It was great to hear another enthusiast talk about their benefits of using MindManager. Particularly applying it to web site and SharePoint structures to capture and give feedback on the user requirements of the client.

I had fun delivering my interactive session. They were impressed by Tablet PC and MindManager combination which allowed me to go from ink to a web page in 30 minutes. Then the audience choose to look at Inspiration and Management from four topics I proposed. It was good to hear of people using MindManager in personnel processes such as appraisal, recuritment and induction. During the management part, Adrian contributed his companies weekly process for planning based on having a map of each persons tasks, resources and issues for the week.

Chris Harman gave us the big picture and pricing changes. I think Mindjet is going to maintain its dominant role in business mind mapping sector and looks to become more relevant to the educational sector as well.

More about the Road Show tomorrow.

If you were there, what did you take away?