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MindManager and PowerPoint Brainwave

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014
Presentation Web Export Template

Presentation Web Export Template

I just had a moment of inspiration when answering a question about exporting to PowerPoint in the Mindjet Community.  There has never been a easy way to transfer your maps to PowerPoint. The current exports to PowerPoint do not show off your hard work of laying out the map and formatting it.  They transfer the topic text to bullet points or PowerPoint objects (bullet points in blocks).  My recommendation has always been for simple maps to export the image then insert and link to a slide.  For more complex maps either use screen grabbers to capture sections of the map or sub-divide the map in to several maps using “Send to new map” then export the images.  All a bit painful.

Here is my using the web exports for PowerPoint slides brainwave

1. Use the Presentations web export

This will automatically produce a set of images intended for a set of web pages from your map. You will need to play with Customize – Advance Settings before you get the best images for your presentation.

  • Open the map
  • Export to web using the Presentations template
  • Create a new PowerPoint presentation or use an existing one.
  • Then insert and link the image files you will find in the web export folder.
  • Tip: It helps to sort the folder by file type.

2. Use Linked Map View and Clickable Image Map web export

This idea follows on from the sub-dividing suggestion above.

  • Open your parent or master map for the presentation.
  • Export this as a Clickable Image Web export.
  • Tip: In Customise – Advanced Settings: Include Map Background – True (jpg good if you have photos) / False (gif produces smaller image files)
  • Go to Linked Map View.
  • Select the number of Map Levels required
  • Select All
  • Web Export
  • You have now created a folder for each map with an image file in it
  • Insert and Link the images to your PowerPoint slide.

Why have I bolded the Insert and Link? Simple: if you edit your map, repeat the export, close and reopen your PowerPoint file it will be refreshed with the new images.  (I failed to find a Refresh button or shortcut key in PowerPoint)

Just wondering if I have missed something obvious in MindManager associated with the Slide View.  Please tell me if I have.

Laws of the Game - Linked Map View

Laws of the Game – Linked Map View

Creating hyperlinks in MindManager to open a specific slide in PowerPoint

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

I have been trying to answer this question in the Mindjet Forum, I have spent a bit of time working it out and I think I have cracked it.

In summary: You must use the PowerPoint Viewer and hold down the Ctrl key when clicking the link!

My research suggests you cannot start a show at a specific slide using PowerPoint but you can with the PowerPoint Viewer.  See this write up about command line switches from Microsoft.

MindManager has to mimic this command line which when entered via the Windows Start button opens the slide show at the sixth slide ( /n6 ) e.g.:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\PPTVIEW.EXE /n6 “G:\Andrew\Documents\Auctions in a Day\Alresford Auction Presentation.ppt”

Initially I could not get this to work in MindManager by either using the complete line for the hyperlink or splitting between:

Link to:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\PPTVIEW.EXE
and Options > Argument: /n6 “G:\Andrew\Documents\Auctions in a Day\Alresford Auction Presentation.ppt”

BUT it does work in MindManager 6 with PowerPoint Viewer 2003 running on XP SP3!
Eureka! It does work with MindManager 9, if you hold the ctrl key (or disable the inbuilt browser pane) when clicking the link.

I also tried making the PowerPoint Viewer the default .ppt program, and then entering this:

Link to:  G:\Andrew\Documents\Auctions in a Day\Alresford Auction Presentation.ppt
and Options > Argument: /n6

Hold the ctrl key down when clicking the link and it works.  Otherwise the slide editor opens in the in built browser pane.

Alternative Solution: Create a batch file “Alresford Auction Presentation Slide 6.bat” with the full PowerPoint Viewer command and use this as the hyperlink.

Can you improve on this?