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Speeding up MindManager 9 and previous versions

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Here are my tips for reducing the time it takes to load and to speed up MindManager.


  • Options > Add Ins > Disable all those you do not use
  • Options > Catalyst > Disable if you do not use it as your main mode of use
    On my PC, MindManager was ready to use after 27 seconds if Catalyst with sign in is enabled on start up and 18 seconds disabled.
  • Disconnect from any databases and SharePoint Servers you are not using.


  • Choose a start up map strategy.  Your choices are:
    • Options > Save reopen last open local maps on startup (My preference)
    • Options > General > Open document on startup
      • New
      • Existing e.g. your current project or personal dashboard
    • Or do not open a map on start up
  • Add your favourite maps and folders to the My Maps pane. Cull unused maps and folders.
  • Reduce the number of folders in your Library pane.  MindManager refreshes the links everytime you open this pane.
  • Options > Spelling – Disable check spelling as you type
  • Options > Turn off any visual effects you do not need
  • Close maps which you are not using and have these characteristics:
    • Hundreds of topics
    • Attachments
    • Map parts: Outlook, Excel, News Feeds, Web Services, Sharepoint, Databases
    • Catalyst maps

Do you have any more suggestions?