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Creating Twitter Feeds in MindManager Map Parts

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Twitter RSS feeds no longer work after they changed their API in March 2013.

However the principles outlined above do work for web sites that have RSS feeds.

I decided to have a go at using the Map Parts – News Feed for adding Tweets to a map this afternoon. I had heard that people were not succeeding in making this work. I have it working for individuals, searches, hash tags and lists. Follow the process below.

This is a clickable map. The Twitter icons will click through to Twitter and the Central Topic downloads the MindManager map. You will be able to see the most recent Tweets from all these sources.

Copy a Twitter RSS feed from the icon on Twitter and Twitter Search pages. You will not find it on Twitter list pages. See the last topic on the map.

Creating Twitter Feeds in MindManager Creating Twitter Feeds in MindManager.mmap Creating Twitter Feeds in MindManager.mmap

Repeating some of the text on the map image for Google and text readers:

Creating Twitter Feeds in MindManager

1. General Comments

1.1 MindManager accepts feeds in the form:

1.2 It does not work with feeds with “atom” in them

1.3 Replace atom with rss and it works

2. Creating a new News Feed

2.1 Open Map Parts pane
2.2 Right click News Feeds
2.3 Add new News Feed to Library
2.4 Paste in the URL and OK

3. Using Twitter (News) Feeds

3.1 Open Map Parts Pane
3.2 Drag feed on to map
3.3 Click plus sign to see the Tweets
3.4 Refreshing
3.4.1 Feeds are refreshed when map is opened
3.4.2 Right click feed topic: Map Part > Refresh
3.4.3 Select feed topic: Press F5

3.5 Notes contain:  Tweet plus time and date