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Mindjet Connect Keyboard Shortcut Keys – Spot the Difference

Monday, February 27th, 2012

There are a few differences to ones I have been used to with MindManager since 1996:

Function MindManager 2012
and all the previous versions
Mindjet Connect
Fit Map to Window Ctrl-F5 Shift-F5
Toggle Level of Detail Ctrl-D Ctrl-Shift-D
Focus on Topic F3 Shift-F3

Have you spotted any other differences?

You can find a list of all the keyboard shorcuts in Connect Help:

Home (Help) > Using Mindjet Connect Vision > Using maps and files > Mapping in Mindjet Connect Vision > Keyboard shortcuts

I have asked Mindjet why on the Mindjet Community thread “Why are shortcut keys not consistent across applications?

Mindjet Connect – Has it got enough oomph?

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

As a long term user of MindManager I expect new products to be as useful as the ones I have been using since 1996. It’s a high threshold!

Mindjet Connect enables collaboration but lacks features that I use regularly. So is it worth the effort when you only have access via the browser interface? If you use it via MindManager 2012 many of my issues go away.

There are major benefits to using Mindjet Connect:

  • Shared folders and files with read/write access settings
  • Editing via any browser anywhere
  • Archiving/version control
  • Simpler to use than the desktop product

BUT there are significant functions missing e.g.


  • You can have multiple maps and file manager windows open. Right Click a map in the Files Window to Open in a New Window (Tab)
  • Beware renaming maps and folders that are open in other windows or tabs.
  • Maximise your screen
    • Full screen your browser
    • And click the full window button top right of Connect screen


  • The map goes off line every few minutes for 30 seconds. This disables editing.
    • You can continue working in MindManager 2012 but not the browser
    • The regular save is not a problem
  • There is only one short cut key that I have found. I only use half a dozen but without them rate of use goes down:
    • e.g. No Ctrl-F5 to fit the map to the screen
    • But Ctrl-Shift-D will toggle the level of detail

Pleasant Surprises

  • The UI is fast and easy to use. Right click to get more options

What delights you about Connect?

What is makes you hestitate to recommend it or use it yourself?

Mindjet have a new Community for logging problems, suggestions etc. Please make your views on Mindjet Connect and other products in there.  I have linked to the threads in the Community where I have commented. If they are important to you to, please add your comments and press the voting button – the +1 sign below the opening question.

Overview of Mindjet’s new product launch for 22 September 2011

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

These maps are my notes plus a few personal comments  and questions. Come back again at the end of tomorrow and I will provide some links to relevant information.

My personal recommendation to you is, if you have MindManager 9 and  particularly if you have an older version is order the upgrade now. It’s £79 plus VAT, it will be £99 from the 22nd September. If you don’t have MindManager 9 Windows, buy it now for £199 plus VAT with a free upgrade to MindManger Professional 2012 because from the 22nd it will be £299 plus VAT.  Please contact me for more information on how to order. 🙂

Click the maps to see full size images:

Overview of the Release

There are two new products:

  1. Mindjet MindManger Professional 2012 (Windows desktop application)
  2. Mindjet Connect (Cloud based collaborative workspace with mobile access)

MindManager Professional 2012

This replaces MindManager 9 for Windows. There are two significant previously paid for add ins: Power Markers and Sharepoint Integration incorporated in the product. Plus the Project JetPack templates, a new brainstorming mode, 2×2 matrix analysis and enhanced task management.

Mindjet Connect

This replaces Mindjet Catalyst. There is a free version offering basic facilities to individuals and collaborative groups. The subscription Business version provides features for larger groups and for storing maps and files in a folder and sub-folder structure with different access rights.


Analysing the Strengths and Weaknesses of Mind Mapping Software Applications

Friday, October 16th, 2009

You can do this as a solo effort with MindManager. You could invite a few people to your Mindjet Catalyst account to add their comments but they would mostly be MindManager users only. With MindMeister you can set up a map which can be edited by anyone as a no cost Wiki Map. If you want to edit the map below, you will need a free (and limited) MindMeister account.

There are customers for all the mind mapping applications but not all the potential customers can access all the applications or justify or need all the features of the more sophisticated ones. This is not about deciding which is best overall but which is best for your needs. Obviously I am interested in how MindManager stacks up against the rest.

Lets see what happens:

Mindjet Connect and the hidden web browser client invite

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

I was scratching my head and my Tablet PC for a while this evening trying to find the URL link for a Workspace, so I could investigate a comment someone had made about the MindManager browser client. I found it in the end. I thought I would write a note here for you and for me when I can’t find it again.

It is under the Connect Button in the top right corner of the Workspace Manager. Click it and you can Send Workspace Link by email. You can click the link in the unsent email and see your Workspace, maps and documents in a browser of your choice. MindManager Web uses Flash.

Mindjet Connect – What is it?

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Mindjet Connect summary MindManager map
Mindjet Connect is a great way of collaborating with MindManager users. The Web Browser client also allows non-MindManager Pro 7 license holders to interact with the maps stored in the workspaces. Gradually I am finding partners to work with: Associates in Ecademy, my new Virtual Assistance (can we manage the admin via a workspace and a few maps?) and a team building a event for 2009.

It takes a while to grasp what Mindjet connect is and how it all hangs together. Not everything has been obvious to me or some of my clients. So I have built a map to reinforce my own understanding and to help you up the learning curve.

Click the picture or this link to the Mindjet Connect Summary map. There are several clickable areas which take you through to the full details on the Mindjet web site.

What have been your experiences using Mindjet connect?

Latest version of MindManager 7 Pro and Mindjet Connect

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

The latest version of MindManager and the first release of Mindjet Connect were available from the Mindjet site yesterday. I am treating these as two separate entities for now.

MindManager Pro7 (version 72.E.374) is a service pack which has a Mindjet Connect client. Use MindManager’s check for update function or go here to get it.

You do not get access to Mindjet Connect until you subscribe. You can get a trial subscription here.

If you would like to test your trial with me send me an invite from Mindjet Connect.

Collaborating with MindManager – the next iteration

Friday, April 18th, 2008

I am now able to write about the Beta product from MindManager called Mindjet Connect.

Some of the features:

– Workspaces for different groups of people to share maps
– Simultaneous editing of maps
– Record of who, did what, when.
– Chat
– Whiteboard
– Application Sharing (not just MindManager)

My reactions to it :-

  • Long overdue – I still have my MindManager 2002 map server which did not take off. This will!
  • I would recommend the Beta for use by experienced MindManager users to collaborate. You get the rich functionality you are used to.
  • There are some important questions to be answered before general release.
  • No pricing information available but I expect to see small groups using it on Mindjet’s subscription servers and enterprises buying their own server. ( This is pure speculation on my part).
  • There are no significant changes to MindManager Pro 7. Mindjet Connect more a host than an add in (but who has, edited what, information, is added to the map).
  • You get a revision store.

To try it you will need to install a Beta version of MindManager which cannot be concurrent with an existing installation of MindManager 7.

If you would like to share maps and documents with me in the Beta please make contact. It’s best if you have a project or collaboration you wish to work with me on.

You may still be able to get Beta account in Mindjet’s Early Look Program

There is a longer summary in the MindMapping Software blog – Mindjet debuts beta version of shared workspace tool for MindManager

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