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A summary of the three TV Debates by Leader

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Just before I go off to vote here is my summary of each leaders’ statements in the three Election debates:

Gordon Brown – Labour

David Cameron – Conservative

Nick Clegg – Liberal Democrat

A combination of these debates and my interactions with the local candidates in Winchester has made my voting decision easy.  I had better go and do the deed now.

Do these mind maps help you?

The MindManager versus iMindMap Election Debate

Friday, April 30th, 2010

I am still a novice at using iMindMap, perhaps 40-60 hours on the job. I have been using MindManager most days since 1996.  So comparing the products is quite difficult for me.  I am pre-programmed to use MindManager.  Anyway I thought there is only way to see if iMindMap works for me and that is to give it the 90 minute debate test!  I covered the first priministerial debate with MindManager and the second with MindMeister.  Here is how iMindMap performed.

Once you get used to the Speed Mapping mode, it performs as well as  MindManager with some occasional blips but they could be operator error. Definitely more reliable than MindMeister (but it’s an online tool).  So recording the debate was relatively easy.  As with the other debates I set mains branches and people for 8 blank questions and the statements.  With the appropriate colour coding. I made a deliberate choice to use CAPITALS only.   I did not have the fluidity to make corrections on the fly as I do with MindManager.  Dragging branches is not the same.  No red shadow as per MindManager.  Then the real differences begin.

I deliberately did not want to replicate the linear layout of MindManager and choose the organic setting for Speed Mapping.  This leaves a considerable white space on the map. Good for reading on a A3 sheet but not for maximising the content in a browser screen.  So the result you see below took another hour or two of tweeking post debate to get the best I can achieve.  MindManager has the advantage of global settings that can be applied to topics with regard to vertical and horizontal spacing etc.  This allows you to make instant changes to the topic density on the map.

The result is definitely more organic than a MindManager map.

  • Is it easier to read?
  • Is it more memorable?
  • Is it more stimulating?
  • What do you think?

Third UK Election Debate – 29 April 2010 – BBC

Web Page Notes

1. The header,  footer and general layout are produced by a MindManager web export template Cabre created.

2. The iMindMap is an exported PNG image, converted to GIF, reduced to 90% of original size to speed up page loading and then added to the HTML.

3. The indented text outline is cut from the iMindMap web export of the map with some CSS editing to adjust the styles to work outside of an iframe.  This is a significant plus point of the iMindMap web export. The text on your map images can then be seen by Google et al.

So you may not be able to do this at home !)

Analysing the Strengths and Weaknesses of Mind Mapping Software Applications

Friday, October 16th, 2009

You can do this as a solo effort with MindManager. You could invite a few people to your Mindjet Catalyst account to add their comments but they would mostly be MindManager users only. With MindMeister you can set up a map which can be edited by anyone as a no cost Wiki Map. If you want to edit the map below, you will need a free (and limited) MindMeister account.

There are customers for all the mind mapping applications but not all the potential customers can access all the applications or justify or need all the features of the more sophisticated ones. This is not about deciding which is best overall but which is best for your needs. Obviously I am interested in how MindManager stacks up against the rest.

Lets see what happens:

Using the new Share function in MindManager 8.1 via Mindjet Catalyst

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

The latest version of MindManager 8.1 has a new button which Shares a map and allows you to edit a list of your Shared Content.

This afternoon I quickly created a map of the WinACC (Winchester Action on Climate Change) web site because I knew it would be useful to me and hopefully to some of their users. This is a good example of a map that works well in this new process.

Last week I published a map of Gordon Brown’s speech to the Labour Party Conference. It has some floating topics at the top of the map. Unfortunately these get displaced to the bottom in the shared version. I don’t want to attach them to the central topic because they are not part of the speech.

Some more experiments will reveal the best ways in which to use this new tool.

Download MindManager 8.1

MindManager 8.1 Service Pack what has changed

You do not need a Mindjet Catalyst account to use the Share option. Tweet from Michael Deutch MindjetYes, all MindManager 8.1 users can ‘share’ content with our new export. It’s faster and easier than before…”.

You can still create a Mindjet Player in a PDF file or as a Flash file SWF.

I am not a Mind Mapping Guru

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009


A short interview by Rod Sloane of me using his iPhone and AudioBoo to publish it. The interview took place at the Institution of Engineering and Technology at Savoy Place, London. I am a Chartered Engineer and Member of the IET.

A grand building. The BBC used to live here when radios were powered by steam.

With a quiet and comfortable members lounge.

Which overlooks the Thames by Waterloo Bridge

Excellent conference and meeting facilities

Using MindManager to store and link to Twitter Searches

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

My preferred Twitter client is Twhirl and it has a stored search tool but it does not do advanced searches. For instance I do not want to know what is happening on the highways and in the restaurants of Winchester, VA, USA. I want to see Tweets about Winchester, Hampshire, UK.

Twitter Search allows me to do this but I could not see a way to store the search like a group in Tweetdeck for instance. I could save it as a favourite in Firefox or IE, I suppose.

Then the obvious hit me between the eyes, store them in a MindManager map. I can have a private one on my desktop and publish the general ones for other to use on a web page.

This is my starter for ten of predefined Twitter Searches on a MindManager map.

A serious dashboard in MindManager

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

By which I mean a seriously big one. Michelle Thompson has published these articles in her blog, a “A Scrapbook album Dashboard in Mind Map Form using MindManager” and MindMapping a Scrapbook Album. Check out her blog Scrapability to find out more.

Inspiration to publish some of mine.

Summertime with MindManager – The PERFECT Presentation

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

“It’s summertime and the living is easy”. Not quite.

In my breakfast and evenings off, I go out mapping my friends talks and presentations.

This is Dexter Moscow’s PERFECT presentation last Monday to Petersfield Ecademy at the delightful 57 restaurant in Liss. It was most enjoyable (and Dexter seemed to be enjoying it as well). A great reminder plus some new insights into all those things you need to do or be aware of, particularly when trying to make an impression on a potential customer.

Click to get the big picture

Technical aside: MindManager 7.1 Pro worked very well on my HP2710p Tablet PC. Don’t install 7.2 on a Tablet PC if you want to use the ink mode. Too many ink features do not work.

Promoting MindManager and Mind Mapping with a display in my local library

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Today I set up a display in the window of Alresford Library, my home town. Being right next to Tesco Express means 100s of people walk past every day and my display is there for two weeks. Unfortunately the library is only open for 21 hours in the week.

I had some feedback from an IBM friend who said “I need to explain it more” and my neighbour said “Drag the school teachers down for a look”.

Here are some photos of the installation:

The Location

The front view

The inside view

Note: I have a blank mind map which I hope visitors to the library will add to.

Alresford is a commuter town for London, has many IBM residents and who knows who else will be visiting the steam railway – Watercress Line.

Mind Map of Presentation about Blogging & setting up WordPress

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

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