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Mindjet Mobile Tips – How to make things happen

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Last week someone said “You are keyboard man”.  I was trying to encourage a “mouse man” to use the keyboard to speed up their interactions with MindManager desktop at the time. Now I have to use my fingers in a different way on another instrument, the mobile version of Mindjet.

I struggle to remember the different taps, press and drag combinations I have to use to interact with the maps.  Here is my crib sheet for doing it.  Click the image to see a full size version or download the Mindjet Mobile Tips Map to your desktop or iPad or iPhone. There is a Mindjet app for Android but it does not behave like this.

Tips for Mindjet Mobile Apps on iPhone and iPad

Can you use Dropbox to share your maps and linked files?

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Do you wish to share map(s) and linked documents with other people using the Cloud to manage a project, event, writing a  report, developing a web site, etc.? Mindjet offer this possibility via Mindjet Web which stores both maps and files which can be linked.  Is Dropbox a viable alternative?

Dropbox allows you to share files and folders via shared folders and your Public folder. You can share to non-Dropbox users and Dropbox account holders. Those with accounts will be able to edit shared files and add files to shared folders. How can you use this cloud store with Mindjet  MindManager files? I investigated what happens when a map which has linked files and folders, attachments and URLs linking to files in my SkyDrive account is accessed by other users and the iPad.

I created a new folder (Publishing) in the local My Dropbox folder on my Windows PC. I created a map and saved it in this parent folder. I created some sub-folders and saved some existing documents there. Then I linked these by dragging and dropping from File Explorer to the map. I also added links to the folders. I added some attachments and hyperlinks to other files and web pages.

Then I shared the Publishing folder with another Dropbox account running on another PC. Once the folders and files had been synced to this PC’s My Dropbox folder everything worked as expected. The relative links (don’t use absolute) to files and folders opened, as did the hyperlinks to web pages and the attachments.

Test Dropbox with Mindjet MIndManager

This will also work if you put the Publishing folder into your Public folder, share the link and the person you have shared the link with downloads all the folders and files in the structure to their PC. However this is a one off process. Their files will not be synced with any changes that are made by you to those files. They would have to repeat the download manually.

Both Dropbox (viewer only) and Skydrive (viewer and and editor) will open MS Office files via their browser pages (not via the local Dropbox application). This can accessed by a right click on the file in the local Dropbox folder.  The url links on the map to the PowerPoints stored on SkyDrive open the presentations in a browser window.


There is an iOS Dropbox app and this can be accessed many other apps on the iPhone and iPad.  What happened when I accessed this map from my iPad using Mindjet and iThoughtsHD?  Both applications support access to Dropbox folders and other cloud file stores.


  • The links to files and folders do not work
  • The attachments are not accessible


  • The links to files and folders do not work
  • The last attached document in a topic is accessible. The second topic has two attachments but only one can be opened.

I cannot recommend sharing maps with document links and attachments via Dropbox on iOS.

Tips for collaborating with Mindjet applications

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

I have recently tried using Mindjet’s applications on a variety of devices in the hands of different people. It was a frustrating and disappointing experience. Some of this is due to my lack of knowledge of how the systems function. Some of it is due to Mindjet not meeting my expectation of a transparent and integrated collaborative working environment! Please feel free to add your tips in the comments. Here are my first ones:

  1. The iOS apps on iPad and iPhone are check in/check out editors. Mindjet Windows, Mac and Web do support simultaneous co-editing.  The implications are that when an iOS app opens a map in Mindjet Files, all other users lose the right to edit the master map. They may continue editing local cached copies and think they are doing useful work. But actually you need to stop because your edits will be difficult to incorporate in the master map when it is checked in from the iOS device. You will be offered this latest version to overwrite your cached version. And you can do the reverse, overwrite the latest version from the iOS device with your cached version. This will annoy the guy who finished editing on the iPad because their edits will be lost.
  2. On the iOS app the number in the circle next to the refresh symbol indicates a change is waiting to be uploaded to the server. I have just stopped my iPhone because it was not synchronising, restarted and now the Synchronising indicator is in a wait loop. I have no idea which file has not been synchronised.
  3. At the moment neither of my iPad nor my iPhone can access the folder on Mindjet Files but Mindjet Windows is displaying and editing folders. I can move quickly through all the folders and files in Dropbox on the iOS devices and can load a map. Consider using Dropbox or similar if you do not need the simultaneous co-editing and you can agree a simple protocol with other collaborators for asynchronous editing of files. e.g. add their name to the file name whilst editing it and delete their name when finished.

What tips or questions do you have for collaborating with Mindjet’s portfolio of applications?


I have an iPad. What should I do to exploit it with MindManager?

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

I’ve just bought an iPad.  It’s a new toy for me but how do I turn it into a productive tool.

I am taking  on the challenge of being a competent triple OS operator: Windows, Android and now iOS5 (and I still have my DOS floppies). What have I discovered in iOS 5 and the apps:

  • The magnifying glass, so I can edit words.
  • The off button (An Apple expert suggested I reboot it, to get two opening and imploding apps to work. They still don’t. (Cycle Deluxe and HootSuite)).
  • I have found the settings
  • I have struggled to remember all my passwords but I have a password protected nearly up to date MindManager map of them. 🙂
  • I have installed iThoughtsHD, Mindjet for iPad and connected it to my free Connect account.
  • I also have a DropBox account which ThinkingSpace uses on my Android phone.

The second screen on my iPad

iPad Screen - The set up so far

Now its time to reverse the process on this blog.  Many of you are the experts with this mix of technology. Please can you comment on this blog and display your knowledge and processes for exploiting it – thus educating me.  For instance:

  • How have you set yours up to interact with MindManager Windows?
  • How well does it work?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Any other suggestions not necessarily to do with MindManager.

Over to you!


Mindjet for iPhone and iPad – Version 1.0 – Map of relevant links

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Mindjet have recently released their own apps for the iPhone and iPad. The map below gives you links to where you can buy the apps and information about them. I have also provided links to Twitter and the search engines where you can begin to see the user’s reactions to these new applications. If you find any real reviews as opposed to reprints of Mindjet’s PR I would be pleased to add them to the map.

You can download the map, add your own links and refresh the Twitter map part to get the latest Tweets.

Mindjet for iPhone and iPad Extending mapping across platforms with new Mac, iPad & iPhone Products Extending mapping across platforms with new Mac, iPad & iPhone Products A Letter to Previous Mindjet iPhone Users The Mindjet Blog A Letter to Previous Mindjet iPhone Users The Mindjet Blog 10 iPad iPhone tips to get you mapping on the go! 10 iPad iPhone tips to get you mapping on the go! Google Google  mindjet iphone OR ipad - Twitter Search  mindjet iphone OR ipad - Twitter Search Mindjet for iPhone Mindjet for iPhone Bing Bing Say ‘Hello’ to our new iOS apps Mindjet for iPad and Mindjet for iPhone! Say ‘Hello’ to our new iOS apps Mindjet for iPad and Mindjet for iPhone! mindjet iphone OR ipad mindjet iphone OR ipad Yahoo! Yahoo! Download this map Download this map Mindjet Mobile Apps – Overview Mindjet Mobile Apps – Overview Mindjet for iPad Mindjet for iPad

Please add your comments on these new apps below. How does it compare to iThoughtsHD?

iPad mind mapping – iThoughtsHD – Will the world change?

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

I had a wide ranging chat with Craig Scott yesterday about his app iThoughtsHD and other mind mapping software.  It really is a new world when I can answer the question “Andrew, what is a good mind mapping app on the iPad?” I say “iThoughtsHD”. The questioner buys it for £5.99 and downloads it in front you.  Two minutes later they are using it.  That is a rather a different “sale” to MindManager on the PC or Mac desktop!  Here are Craig’s thoughts about his application on Visual Mapper: Mindmapping in a post-PC world

We did not know the answers to many of the questions we raised in our discussion, perhaps you can help?

Will iPad mind mapping apps eat the bottom end out of the desktop market or will it stimulate people to buy the extra functions of MindManager et al for their desktops?

Will the iPad produce more collaborative ventures than the desktop?  You have limited storage on the iPad,  so you must connect to some cloud storage e.g. Dropbox, at some point.

Craig knew of a private school where groups of  pupils were getting iPads. Will the platform and low cost of apps revolutionise the education process?  See what Fraser Speirs thinks

Does the Android Tablet have a chance against the iPad?  The mind mapping software on Android is not as prevalent as on the iPad.  I have Thinking Space on an HTC Wildfire.

What size is the cloud based mind mapping software user base?

Interesting times.  What do you think?

iThoughtsHD has released version 2

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

I don’t have an iPhone or an iPad but I know many people who do have and use iThoughts HD. They are always very complimentary about the product. Today one of those people, my younger brother as it happens, emailed me that they have released version 2 of iThoughts HD. Click the link to find out the details of the improvements around topic images, hyperlinks, text styles and width plus improvements to the notes view.

Why mention iThoughtsHD here, because it is compatible with MindManager files. You can share files via DropBox and other cloud services between the mobile device and your desktop or laptop.

Top 10 Blogs by Views in 2010

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Top Ten Blogs in Applications of MindManager During 2010 Applications+of+MindManager+Top+10 - Twitter Search.mmmp Applications+of+MindManager+Top+10 - Twitter Search.mmmp Top Ten Blogs in Applications of MindManager During 2010.mmap Top Ten Blogs in Applications of MindManager During 2010.mmap

The basis of the map is the GetClicky web stats package I run on the blog. The ranking is based on the number of views each blog had during 2010.  You can click the map and view the blogs.

No surprise that an iPad comparison was at No. 2 but why all the interest in OneNote and MindManager?

Since the beginning of the year I have been Tweeting the results.  The map was created using a News Feed Map Part using an RSS feed from a Twitter Search for Applications of MindManager Top 10. I replaced the “atom” with “rss” from the “Feed for this query” URL on the Twitter Search results and pasted this in to the new map part I created.  Twitter only picked up Nos. 1 to 7 (it only goes back so far) and a Google Twitter search only picked up the No. 10 (it has not indexed the more recent tweets. So 8-10 were added manually!  Click the Map Part Call Out to download and this map part.  You can download the map by clicking the Central Topic.

What will be popular in 2011?  Tablet PCs, iPad, Android, SharePoint, Catalyst ……….

MindManager and the iPad or iThoughts v Ink Mode

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

A friend @ibl let me have a little go on his iPad today.

I was impressed by:

  • Screen quality particularly when playing a video to a group of ten people.  Sound was good enough as well.
  • Stroking the applications – they purred!
  • Lack of multi-tasking was balanced by the immediacy of moving between sleeping applications.
  • He signed on to his office PC via GoToMyPC via 3G.
  • iThoughts was easy to manipulate and the virtual keyboard was easy to type on.

Not impressed:

  • He had a special stylus which mimiced your finger but the ink to text in the application we tested was not as good as Windows 7 or MindManager.
  • The form factor was too light, slim, cool & smooth. You would not loose weight or build muscle tone with iPad! 🙂

iThoughts v Ink Mode on a Tablet PC with MindManager

Well as I said the moving around and creating topics with iThoughts was as good as and almost as  fluid as using MindManager in Ink Mode.  The virtual keyboard was good but I don’t think this is as easy one handed as writing with a pen.  So for me ink mode in MindManager still wins for quiet use at meetings.  In a crowd mapping at a conference the iPad is as good.

So Mindjet please step up to the iPad and create an ink version of iThoughts.  The ink to text conversion could even be done on the Mac or PC.

Meanwhile I will have to wrestle with £700 on an iPad versus trading my HP 2730p up to a HP 2740p Tablet PC with touch screen, SSD and 8GB ram!