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Notes on MindManager Templates, Styles, Map Parts and Topic Style

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Just wrote this note for a client.  Thought I would share it with you.

  • Templates: Have content and style.  E.g. A standard index for a type of map to be used as the starting point for each map.  You can create a template from an existing map.
  • Styles: Apply topic and font style to map elements which are still in their default state.  (All) elements will have to be returned to their default state to apply a new style.  You can create a style from an existing map.  Check the map style sheet to make sure the styles you want saved are the default for the map.
  • Map Parts: Assemblies of topics with their style which can be saved from the current map and added to other maps from the Map Parts pane.
  • Topic Style: Created from an existing topic. Can then be applied to another topic on the same map.  Useful for highlighting or applying emphasis to a topic with shape and colours. Does not have an organiser like Templates, Styles  and Map Parts.  Will only work on one map. Can be saved in a Template and will be available in maps created from the template.

Please add your comments and questions on using these tools in MindManager.