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Using MindManager to track the promotion and the results for an event

Friday, May 9th, 2008

On Tuesday 22 April, I facilitated my first Open Space Technology event. It was attended by 29 people from Ecademy and their theme was “How can we work better together so that we all get more from Ecademy?”. The event was the result of three months of discussion between principally four people. Most of our discussion was on-line using Skype chat and conference calls, and using the Ecademy forums. Two of the people I have never met face to face. One of them attended the event. Apart from the obvious note taking during these on-line meetings, one of the uses for MindManager was to track the promotion of the event and results of that activity.

Use 1 – Monitoring Progress

Initially we had two dates and the map tracked those registering, those who said no or maybe and those that had paid, each linked to their Ecademy profile. I had a MindManager spreadsheet (not Excel range) in the map which noted how these numbers changed on a daily basis. It also showed the home page views for our host Ecademy club for the event.

Each promotional activity was tracked by linking to all the blogs and adverts for the event. Click the image below and you will see the map I shared on line with my colleagues. Each topic with an Ecademy icon clicks through to a page on the Ecademy web site,

MindManager map for monitoring promotions and their results for an event

Some things I learnt I would like to share with you.

– The MindManager spreadsheet does not work beyond column Z. Mindjet are aware and will fix this.
– Regardless of the bug next time I would use an Excel range for a large spreadsheet such as this. This would allow me to show the summary in one topic and the details in another.

I will publish some more ways in which I used MindManager with these events over the next few days.

Planning a meal with MindManager

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

An annual event for the local charity I work with called the Alresford Pigs Association is our progressive or safari supper. This year I offered to do a main course. My speciality is Chinese cooking. Below is the map I used to plan the menu and the shopping. I also used MindManager’s built in spreadsheet to see how I was doing against my budget of £42 including drinks. Providing it does not all get drunk I might make it under budget.

p.s. MindManager does not do the cooking.

Phew! They left me with a bottle of wine (very nice French White – Picpoul de Pinet from The Naked Grape) and a beer! Leaving me £3.50 under budget.

Mapping and rapidly publishing to the Internet is one of MindManager’s strengths.

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Last Thursday I attended Ecademy’s 10th Birthday Party at the Selfridge Hotel. The centre piece of the event was speeches by two of the founders of Ecademy, Thomas and Penny Power. I mapped both speeches in ink on my Tablet PC (an HP TC4400). Penny’s speech in ink is shown below.

Penny Power speaking to Ecademy's 10th Birthday Party.  MindManager mind map in ink on Tablet PC

This type of map is not a verbatim record of the speech but a key word reminder of what was said. Much like Tony Buzan described 30 years ago in his mind mapping book “Use Your Head“.

  • Those who attended will be able to jog their memory.
  • Those not present may see something of interest and contact the speaker or an attendee.
  • The speaker gets feedback from one member of the audience about what they heard.

And the finished map as blogged on Ecademy. You can click it.

Penny Power

There are two drawbacks to using MindManager to create clickable image maps. First Google is not indexing pictures by what you can see (quite a lot of text in this case) and MindManager uses the URLs for the alt text on the links not the topic text (which could be found by Google).

To make this map visible I really have to add the text outline below. Not very pretty but makes the point about the value of mind maps versus lists rather well.

1. Has a Leap Year Birthday

2. It’s a team

2.1 But a special mention for Glenn Watkins

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3. Committed to this world

4. My journey

4.1 Not a physiotherapist

4.2 Telesales course in a Monmouth

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4.3 Call to customer with cold

4.3.1 Sent them a packet of Ttunes

4.3.2 Got unexpected contract (the biggest that month)

4.4 Selling is about the relationship

5. Ecademy has a heart

6. Back 10 years
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6.1 3 x 0 to 5 year children

6.2 Pizza Express

6.3 Filled up with Lone Entrepreneurs

6.4 Sucked into the e-commerce Bubble

6.4.1 Valued at £22m

6.4.2 But

6.4.3 We could not sell out on our community

6.5 But then struggle to survive

6.5.1 Back to day job


7. Captain Plum
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7.1 Went to Vietnam

7.2 Then built a Big Business

7.3 One day in a restaurant he was served by

7.4 His parachute packer

8. Community

8.1 Support

8.2 Testimonial

8.3 Credibility

8.4 Recognition

9. Acceleration is good

9.1 But slow development is best

10. Ecademy is Organic

10.1 Much happens by Osmosis

11. Business Evolution

11.1 Growth by Collaboration

11.2 Candle

11.2.1 Flame

Where you need to be

11.2.2 Wax

What you need to burn brightly

12. Team

12.1 Julian Bond
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12.1.1 Web Site

12.2 Lesley Morrisey
See related topics and documents

12.2.1 Support

12.3 William Buist
See related topics and documents

12.3.1 BlackStar

12.3.2 Membership

12.4 Sophia Watkins
See related topics and documents

12.4.1 London Meetings & Administration

12.5 Kate Power
See related topics and documents

12.6 Jude Germain
See related topics and documents

12.7 Jamie Roy
See related topics and documents

12.8 Christine Clacey
See related topics and documents

13. Thomas Power Early Meetings

13.1 Pasta Suppers

13.2 Wine Bar

14. Advocacy

14.1 Dave Clark NRG
See related topics and documents

14.1.1 Advocating others

14.1.2 Brings you advocates

15. Institute of Networking
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15.1 Our objective

15.2 Chartered

16. Touch the keyboard

16.1 Power of Ecademy

16.2 Whispers

17. Me
See related topics and documents

17.1 I am not the Entrepreneur

17.2 I have a purpose

17.3 Thanks to

17.3.1 Parents

17.3.2 Thomas

17.3.3 Children

17.3.4 The Team