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Mindjet MindManager Road Show London

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

First it was good to meet a variety of virtual and real aquaintances. Bill Creekbaum, Director Product Management, Mindjet for breakfast. Then Chris Harman, Director NEWS Region, Mindjet; Rachel Reid & James Fletcher, Mindjet UK and several of their MindManager coaches. Plus my old MindManager user friend Doug Witt and my new ones Liam Hughes, Biggerplate and Adrian Griffith, Oval Business Solutions. Finally several of the attendees whose business cards I have or they have mine. I will reconnect with you next week or while on the train back from Birmingham to Winchester tomorrow.

What did I learn? A lot from Bill Creekbaum. I have posted my map of his presentation about “MM9 overview and Product demonstration” before I started mine! Bill took us enthusiastically through the new features of MindManager 9 and gave us some insight into the future rapid development programme for MindManager. We saw the new planning and presentation tools in MindManager 9 in some detail. We brainstormed our way to a plan for an Olympic Party and discovered Bill’s beer preferences on route. (I will be pleased to test those this evening). He showed how the new Silde mode can be used. A target for the 9.1 service pack was revealed as October. Local Mindjet Player file generation will return and there will be user demanded improvements to the slide and planning tools.

Emma Thomas from Creative SharePoint took us through their application of MindManager. It was great to hear another enthusiast talk about their benefits of using MindManager. Particularly applying it to web site and SharePoint structures to capture and give feedback on the user requirements of the client.

I had fun delivering my interactive session. They were impressed by Tablet PC and MindManager combination which allowed me to go from ink to a web page in 30 minutes. Then the audience choose to look at Inspiration and Management from four topics I proposed. It was good to hear of people using MindManager in personnel processes such as appraisal, recuritment and induction. During the management part, Adrian contributed his companies weekly process for planning based on having a map of each persons tasks, resources and issues for the week.

Chris Harman gave us the big picture and pricing changes. I think Mindjet is going to maintain its dominant role in business mind mapping sector and looks to become more relevant to the educational sector as well.

More about the Road Show tomorrow.

If you were there, what did you take away?

Design & Politics – Engaging the electorate

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Design and Politics - A conversation with Scott Thomas - MindManager mapYesterday I watched and listened on-line to a master class (presentation with conversations via a facilitator) on design for political campaigning given by Scott Thomas, the Design Director for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. I liked his empahsis on keeping it simple and engaging the electorate in the process, so they became the brand. His one question at a time process for helping people to register to vote was an excellent deviation from the norm.

You can see my outline of the hour here: Design & Politics – A Conversation with Scott Thomas – Design Director for the Obama ’08 Campaign.

I suggest you follow the links to Scott’s web pages and the Obama site to see his work in practice.

Some work to do on achieving Scott’s simplicity with my map.

Gordon Brown’s Labour Party Conference Speech in a mind map

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

I thought I would run an experiment today, listen to Gordon Brown’s conference speech on the television, map it and publish it. What would it say that the script and the video do not say?

My process was as follows:

  • Prepare web export template – minor edits to a clickable imagemap export I have used many times
  • Create a folder on my conferenceREACTION web space.
  • Tweet that am I doing it.
  • Start mapping and try to ignore other interruptions e.g. a tweet from Maurice asking if I was there?
  • During the speech I posted the map 3 or 4 times. Also added a bit of fill colour to topics and changed the background colour. Note to self – setup a webfolder next time.
  • When speech finished, posted map and tweeted again.
  • Added images and changed to split tree growth direction to get more content across the screen. The speech flip flops down the tree.

Linked to the map in a couple of blogs on Ecademy:

  1. A quick report on Gordon Brown’s speech. Please discuss
  2. Gordon Brown’s Conference speech analysed

And received some feedback:

  • “I didn’t watch Gordon Brown’s speech – but based on the excellent mind map that Andrew Wilcox has produced, I must say it lacks one big thing – VISION.”
  • “Mind map is cool. Did it take long to do? Obviously not too long.”
  • “It’s interesting to compare the relative small size of the ‘New Economic Model’ to the larger scale of the other (spending commitment) sections.”
  • “Thanks for the concise overview.”

How do you react to Gordon Brown’s Labour Party Conference Speech in a mind map?

Using MindManager on the Tablet PC in ink mode

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Michael Deutch has written this blog recently:

Touch Me: 10 Resources to Learn More about MindManager’s Touch Capabilities

To prompt discussion about using MindManager on the Tablet PC. For some reason that neither Michael or I can work out my comments are not being published. I have tried from different PCs & browsers. So here is my positive and critical criticism of this mode:

Michael, thank you for referring to my efforts with the Tablet PC and MindManager above.

I have to admit to being someone who has used MindManager Ink mode a few times a week since 2005 when MindManager X5 Tablet became available. It has gone through 4 versions of HPs Tablet PCs currently a 2710p but the TC1100 was the best!

I use it in these three modes:

First: for personal brainstorming. Often standing up and away from the office desk.

Second: for personal note taking and often producing the minutes at meetings.

Third: for recording and publishing events on the web. Frequently I work with teams of people like Maurice mentioned and linked in your blog, to produce a comprehensive record of public and private events. These range from individual speakers, to management meetings, to two day annual conferences, to a rock festival. Using MindManager for three days in a field and in the dark later in the day must be one of the extreme uses.

Using MindManager ink mode is much less instrusive to the meeting than using a keyboard and a more fluid recording process.

MindManager ink mode is a core tool for ConferenceREACTION and the web export is used to produce all the web sites.

BUT MindManager ink mode has been frustrating me since 2005. Why?

1. The eraser on the end of my stylus does not work in MindManager. It does in all other applications.

2. The colour of the ink is not the colour of the converted text. It becomes the default colour.

3. The ink to text conversion was comparatively good on release in 2005. Better than XPs TabTIP but Vista overtook it and Windows 7 streaks away into the distance.

4. The conversion of ink to graphic images is poor. Primary concern is the conversion of sketches but it also applies when you want to put an Ink mind map in a document or on a web page. Borders appear around the ink and there is a granularity not present in the native MindManager map.

5. The clicking the ink colour tool does not return the stylus to ink mode from eraser mode but clicking the ink thickness tool does.

6. The lasso tool (ink dragging) is often sluggish taking several seconds to settle into the new position.

7. The high CPU usage of MindManager in general and the extreme CPU usage e.g. > 60% CPU time when the stylus is applied to the screen. Not good for someone who inking all day! This halves the battery life of Tablet PCs.

8. That there has been no significant development of ink mode since 2005!

9. I would like the mode to be associated with the map. That is when I change from a map I am editing in ink mode to a map that was previously being edited in mouse mode I want the the mode to change to mouse mode.

Despite all the above I will continue to use MindManager Ink mode because it does a brilliant job. You can just do it in pictures.

3 Speakers – 3 Different MindManager maps

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

I am attending a monthly meeting of Entrepreneurs World. It has networking between entrepreneurs and people who can fund their activities: banks, venture capitalists and other entrepreneurs. At each meeting there is a speaker. Here are the maps of the three most recent ones and some technical notes for MindManager users.

What Ehud Furman did after got acquired by eBay

Note: I have hidden the lines from the central topic. You can use a no lines format option or make the lines the same colour as the background.

Uzair Bawany CEO Contact Recruitment talking about developing a recruitment business and the current environment

Note: I have post compressed (possibly a bit too much) this map image so it will load faster. MindManager produces a high resolution and therefore large JPEG file in the web exports unless you select no background in Web Export > Customise > Advanced Settings, where a smaller GIF will be produced. GIFs are great when there are no photos involved in the map but most photos will look as though they have been through an undesirable special effect if turned into a GIF.

JPEGs can be post compressed before upload to the server using on-line tools e.g. Chami or desktop tools e.g. Photoshop, Gimp or Unfortunately Microsoft Picture Manager only compresses when you resize to standard sizes. A clickable image map must remain the same size or the links will be in the wrong place.

John Viney talking about his life as a head hunter and his approach to investments

Note: This is two clickable image exports. The first creates the header, footer and top map. The second is added to the first by copy and pasting the exported index.html.txt file into the index.html of the first map. Make sure you set the index file name of the second export to something different to the first. I replaced index by parallel_interests in the example giving a file parallel_interests.html.txt and an parallel_interests.gif. This image must be uploaded with those produced by the first export and the edited index.html.

And I did use GIFs for both images in this export. The text is very clear and the images of John Viney slightly distorted.

Ehud FurmanJohn VineyUzair BawanyJohn Viney

Fastest session for me using MindManager

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

This evening I recorded a meeting for the Winchester Action on Climate Change which had about 20 attendees. It was the brainstorming to start a 3 year plan for CO2 reduction in Winchester. Target 7% per year! The content remains private for now but here are some interesting stats from a event recorder using MindManager.

I walked in with a parent map with some information on it e.g. the attendees but I did not have an agenda. During the meeting I created 6 maps using the Right Click Topic > Send to new map command. Two summarising introductory presentations and three to cover the brainstorms on Transport, Domestic and Business/Government/Organisations plus their group feedback.

I have just used the Multimap View > Combine All to combine all the maps in to one. The statistics say I have 993 words (perhaps 100 of those existed when I walked in the room) in 316 topics (40 were there already).

Not bad for a 105 minute meeting. 3 topics a minute on average proably 10 topics a minute at peak.

Tha facilitator was really impressed by what I did and the load it took of him. He could concentrate on leading the meeting not writing on flip charts. Although he did some flip charts to start with but then realised there was no point.

Now I have to tidy them up and publish them as a web site, Word document and a set of PowerPoint slides by Thursday 17:00. Plus do the day job.

All in an evening’s marketing and my bit for tackling climate change.

Is that a record breaker? It was definitely a personal best!

Recording and Publishing Events with MindManager

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

I have been in the last week recording and publishing two events. The first on Monday 17th was for Business Scene and their second London Connections event. About 500 people attended from a wide range of business networks. They listened to some short speeches, the main one being from an MP Mark Prisk – an upbeat response to the credit crunch, toured the 30 stands and networked. I worked with a photographer Andrew Sansom to create this record.

Business Scene London Connection index map event record mindmanager

The second event last Saturday was the SouthamptonGOGREENfair with my second MP of the week. Probably a few hundred passed through the event and the largest audience was for Alan Whitehead with about 40 people listening to his personal experience of installing various micro generators on his house.

Southampton Go Green Fair index map mindmanager

Both records were created using MindManager 8. Working in ink mode at the events to take notes and then later at my desk to create the web sites and clickable image maps. Some use was made of Microsoft Expressions and Notepad to tidy up and include some objects in the web pages. If only MindManager could include HTML in notes life would be a lot easier for me.

Click the images to visit the web sites.

All of this was done whilst enjoying this winters first cold.

Using the MindManager Sketch Tool for the Tablet PC

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Since MindManager version X5 there has been a Sketch Tool which Tablet PC users (or graphics tablet users with Vista) can use to add sketches to their maps. I often use this to make representations of speakers flip charts and slides when there are graphs.

At last week’s Ecademy London presentation on using body language and your voice to influence (or at least not give the game away) I used the tool to make a few cartoons.
Click the map to see the big picture of this presentation by Richard Newman and Christian Billet of UK Body Talk on Can You Walk the Talk?.

You won’t be able to see that there is some degradation of the sketch in conversion from the Ink to being part of the image map jpg but there is. If a higher quality sketch is required employ someone like my friend Simon Ellinias (see below) and use a drawing package like ArtRage2 export to jpg and include in the map.

Its easy to use the sketch tool in MindManager. Just make a triangle gesture in ink mode and the sketching window appears. If you were focussed on a topic it will a sketch in the topic otherwise a floating image. Once your sketch is complete you can resize it by selecting the topic and right clicking to get the resize option.

Please note Simon and I were talking about Tablet PCs when he drew this particularly second hand TC1100s. I was holding a TC 2710p at the time. Both are excellent mobile Tablet PCs.

Summertime with MindManager – The PERFECT Presentation

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

“It’s summertime and the living is easy”. Not quite.

In my breakfast and evenings off, I go out mapping my friends talks and presentations.

This is Dexter Moscow’s PERFECT presentation last Monday to Petersfield Ecademy at the delightful 57 restaurant in Liss. It was most enjoyable (and Dexter seemed to be enjoying it as well). A great reminder plus some new insights into all those things you need to do or be aware of, particularly when trying to make an impression on a potential customer.

Click to get the big picture

Technical aside: MindManager 7.1 Pro worked very well on my HP2710p Tablet PC. Don’t install 7.2 on a Tablet PC if you want to use the ink mode. Too many ink features do not work.

Producing event signs with MindManager

Monday, May 19th, 2008

I used MindManager to produce the signs I need for a recent Open Space event on an A3 Canon iX5000 printer. This proved to be a very effective way to do it. MindManager by default fills the printed page. Simple signs can be made using the Central Topic for the text and using the line and background colour to produce signs like the meeting location names.

Note each of these signs is the same width but because of the number of letters the width height ratio changes. Padding out with spaces or changing the topic margins can help.

Slightly more iconic signs can be produced using the image library. For instance the one Law of Open Space is you can use your feet.

For the Four Principles of Open Space I used a music festival as an analogy. 120,000 turned up for this one, it always finishes dead on time (they want to use the same field next year), queuing early is good – you start meeting people and the comic folk singer brings along an opera singer. The audience switched from mass morris dancing to Nessun Dorma. Photos mine, event courtesy of Fairport Convention. Here I placed the images in floating topics and arrayed them around the central topic.

But next time I will make them separate central topics and print them each on their own sheet of paper. They were too small on a big wall.

Or I could use the poster printing function in the print menu to produce a 10 foot banner like this one. Which is just an image and text in central topic with no shape.

You can see what happened at the event in maps, video and photographs at Open Minded Day 01.

I hope this give you some ideas for your events. Any questions, please ask.