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Gordon Brown’s Labour Party Conference Speech in a mind map

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

I thought I would run an experiment today, listen to Gordon Brown’s conference speech on the television, map it and publish it. What would it say that the script and the video do not say?

My process was as follows:

  • Prepare web export template – minor edits to a clickable imagemap export I have used many times
  • Create a folder on my conferenceREACTION web space.
  • Tweet that am I doing it.
  • Start mapping and try to ignore other interruptions e.g. a tweet from Maurice asking if I was there?
  • During the speech I posted the map 3 or 4 times. Also added a bit of fill colour to topics and changed the background colour. Note to self – setup a webfolder next time.
  • When speech finished, posted map and tweeted again.
  • Added images and changed to split tree growth direction to get more content across the screen. The speech flip flops down the tree.

Linked to the map in a couple of blogs on Ecademy:

  1. A quick report on Gordon Brown’s speech. Please discuss
  2. Gordon Brown’s Conference speech analysed

And received some feedback:

  • “I didn’t watch Gordon Brown’s speech – but based on the excellent mind map that Andrew Wilcox has produced, I must say it lacks one big thing – VISION.”
  • “Mind map is cool. Did it take long to do? Obviously not too long.”
  • “It’s interesting to compare the relative small size of the ‘New Economic Model’ to the larger scale of the other (spending commitment) sections.”
  • “Thanks for the concise overview.”

How do you react to Gordon Brown’s Labour Party Conference Speech in a mind map?

Using MindManager to store and link to Twitter Searches

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

My preferred Twitter client is Twhirl and it has a stored search tool but it does not do advanced searches. For instance I do not want to know what is happening on the highways and in the restaurants of Winchester, VA, USA. I want to see Tweets about Winchester, Hampshire, UK.

Twitter Search allows me to do this but I could not see a way to store the search like a group in Tweetdeck for instance. I could save it as a favourite in Firefox or IE, I suppose.

Then the obvious hit me between the eyes, store them in a MindManager map. I can have a private one on my desktop and publish the general ones for other to use on a web page.

This is my starter for ten of predefined Twitter Searches on a MindManager map.

How to get a better understanding of your social network with MindManager

Friday, April 10th, 2009

I have made the offer to my friends on Ecademy that they can book a 1 hour meeting with me on-line or face to face and tell me about their business. The meeting has several purposes:

  • To understand their business
  • To be able to recommend relevant contacts from my network
  • To offer any advice that I can give about their business
  • To produce a map of the business which gives the recipient a new view of it

I hope the process of watching the map grow and receiving the polished map enables the member of my network to advocate what I can do, to theirs.

This week I listened / interviewed Rahel Takle-Peirce of Ramech-Art about her business. She has consented to publishing the map. Click to see full size.

Normally I use RealVNC to share my desktop but something did not work this time. So I switched to using MindManager Web and giving her a “temporary” account and workspace in Mindjet Connect. This worked well and Rahel continued to edit the map after the hour had finished.

Rahel may have found another sales channel for her art as a result of this discussion.

A MindManager map of Simon Campbell CEO of ViaPost’s presentation to Entrepreneurs World

Monday, March 2nd, 2009
Last Wednesday I attended the Central London meeting of Entrepreneurs World. They provide a forum for entrepreneurs and investors to meet regularly. At their meetings there is a guest presenter and for this meeting Simon Campbell told us about ViaPost. This new product enables you post a document from your PC and have delivered to your addressee as printed paper for 27p!

Some notes about use of MindManager before you visit the full size page:

  • This is a modified clickable image export with the header and footer cut and paste from the static outline export.
  • I have also added three new customisable fields: Meta Tags for Alt Title,  Description and Keywords to make the web page more Google friendly. Read my tip: Adding Meta Tags to MindManager Web Exports
  • I must add another two: The meeting owner and their URL.  I am post export editing the HTML at the moment.

To see the full summary please click Simon Campbell ViaPost presents his story or the thumbnail to view the full clickable image.

Managing and giving access to document sets. Example Prince2

Friday, February 13th, 2009

How do you get an overview of a complex document set?


ProjectQualityPlan.rtf ProjectQualityPlan.rtf ProjectIssue.rtf ProjectIssue.rtf RequestforChangeForm.rtf RequestforChangeForm.rtf StagePlan.rtf StagePlan.rtf WorkPackage.rtf WorkPackage.rtf OffSpecificationForm.rtf OffSpecificationForm.rtf ProjectInitiationDocument.rtf ProjectInitiationDocument.rtf CommunicationPlan.rtf CommunicationPlan.rtf ExceptionReport.rtf ExceptionReport.rtf ProjectPlan.rtf ProjectPlan.rtf CheckpointReport.rtf CheckpointReport.rtf HighlightReport.rtf HighlightReport.rtf PostProjectReview.rtf PostProjectReview.rtf ProductChecklist.rtf ProductChecklist.rtf QualityLog.rtf QualityLog.rtf RiskLog.rtf RiskLog.rtf BusinessCase.rtf BusinessCase.rtf EndStageReport.rtf EndStageReport.rtf ProjectMandate.rtf ProjectMandate.rtf EndProjectReport.rtf EndProjectReport.rtf FollowonActionRecommendations.rtf

FollowonActionRecommendations.rtf IssueLog.rtf IssueLog.rtf ProductDescription.rtf ProductDescription.rtf LessonsLearnedReport.rtf LessonsLearnedReport.rtf ProjectApproach.rtf ProjectApproach.rtf ProjectBrief.rtf ProjectBrief.rtf AcceptanceCriteria.rtf AcceptanceCriteria.rtf

I developed this map back in 2003 when reviewing Prince2 and how it could be used at a Systems Integrator. Click the map and a RTF template document will download.

You will see a few highlighted documents. These did not exist in the Prince2 set in 2003 but were part of our project management system. It was easy to link to either company or client templates such as Permits to Work and live data such as Finance. This map can be on an intranet giving access to all employees to the current document set. With a simple document approval process (one or two people have the rights to post the current templates to the web site) it can be used to ensure that everyone uses the current version of the template.

You might have a set of documents you use for Customer Management or Accident Reporting or Recruitment or …………….. MindManager can be used to quickly gather together disparate sources of information and turn them in to a coherent process map. For instance in finance you may wish to show internal, accountancy best practice and HMRC (tax authority) documents in a set.

These documents were obtained from the PRINCE2 On-line Ordering and Downloads part of the Official PRINCE2 website in 2003. They are not the current set. A single zip file of all the documents could be downloaded from there in 2003. This is the current Prince2 web site. Now there are MindManager Add Ins such as Olympic’s QP2 which provide a complete management system for Prince2.

Cabre can work with you to create a customised map(s) for your project or company process which links to an existing or new document set. Please contact me to discuss.

A December Newsletter MindManager Style

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008
I like to write my newsletters in MindManager and distribute them as maps. Once upon a time I was able to copy and paste a clickable map web export in to an Outlook email but security levels no longer permit this. If you know the answer please tell me.
Now I send an email with the text content linked to a web page version. Click the map to load the clickable image map version my December Newsletter.

I also produced the PDF version with the player but this just shows the limitations of this export which is for simple maps only.

I have been following a friends instructions on how to do a mail merge in Outlook. Everything is going well until the merge bit. Then I only get 2 out of the 10 addresses in the trial batch being merged. Aagh! May be some of you will get it by Christmas.

Cabre December Newsletter map

Using MindManager to create a Financial Information Map

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

The map below is the one I use to get at all the tax and financial information I need to run my business. It contains links to government web sites and documents e.g. HMRC, VAT, PAYE. There are links to my company documents stored on my PC (they all link to a dummy document in this version) templates for dividends & minutes or the actual documents or copies of documents produced by submitting my VAT etc.

There are also topic alerts to remind me complete my next VAT Return or Corporation Tax.

There are links to my on-line banking sites. You will have noticed I blanked out the user names and passwords. The map I use only contains discrete reminders.

There is also a set of topics that maps out how to complete the PAYE processing required once a month. I can never remember where all that stuff is.

What is the benefit of this? One place to go to get at all my financial information and to add knowledge as I find it. If I could discover the way to get direct links in to my accountancy package they would be there to.

Click on the image to see a full size map. All the links to web sites can be clicked. You can download the MindManager map and some of the linked documents as a starter for ten for your financial dashboard.

A MindManager map with links to tax and finance web sites: HMRC, VAT, PAYE, Corporation Tax  Includes downloadable documents and and the orginal MindManager map

A map of travel web sites, timetables and maps created with MindManager

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

This map is one of many maps I use to organise my business and get to information I regularly need quickly. Other maps link to documents and folders on my disk drive as well as web pages. They are all linked off a central map with topics such as Marketing, Sales, Clients, Competitors, Web Site, Promotion, Suppliers etc. I have a number of useful links on the Finance map which I will publish next.

The web export that produces a clickable imagemap (click the picture to get there):

  • creates an image file, a clickable web page and a file with just the clickable image code which can be included in other web pages.
  • creates a sub-folder for the linked documents,
  • copies the linked documents to that folder
  • and modifies the web page links to point to the document’s new (relative) location.

This enables me to easily share a map and its linked documents by copying the clickable image, its html and the linked documents folder to a web server.

On the map you will see useful links for general travel in the UK, London and the bit of Hampshire I live in. If you want to use the map make the URL a favourite. MindManager users can download the map, delete the topics that are of no use to them and start adding their own.

The map download does not include the documents but the zip file created by the Pack and Go includes the map and documents. The topic links will work when you unzip the file.

Click this image to open the full screen and clickable map.

A MindManager map with links to travel web sites: train, plane, car hire, bus, underground. Includes downloadable timetables and maps

Mindjet Connect – What is it?

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Mindjet Connect summary MindManager map
Mindjet Connect is a great way of collaborating with MindManager users. The Web Browser client also allows non-MindManager Pro 7 license holders to interact with the maps stored in the workspaces. Gradually I am finding partners to work with: Associates in Ecademy, my new Virtual Assistance (can we manage the admin via a workspace and a few maps?) and a team building a event for 2009.

It takes a while to grasp what Mindjet connect is and how it all hangs together. Not everything has been obvious to me or some of my clients. So I have built a map to reinforce my own understanding and to help you up the learning curve.

Click the picture or this link to the Mindjet Connect Summary map. There are several clickable areas which take you through to the full details on the Mindjet web site.

What have been your experiences using Mindjet connect?

Summertime with MindManager – The PERFECT Presentation

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

“It’s summertime and the living is easy”. Not quite.

In my breakfast and evenings off, I go out mapping my friends talks and presentations.

This is Dexter Moscow’s PERFECT presentation last Monday to Petersfield Ecademy at the delightful 57 restaurant in Liss. It was most enjoyable (and Dexter seemed to be enjoying it as well). A great reminder plus some new insights into all those things you need to do or be aware of, particularly when trying to make an impression on a potential customer.

Click to get the big picture

Technical aside: MindManager 7.1 Pro worked very well on my HP2710p Tablet PC. Don’t install 7.2 on a Tablet PC if you want to use the ink mode. Too many ink features do not work.