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Helping Context Discovery to test a Blog Summarizing Tool

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Do you ever come across a long blog with tens or even hundreds of comments and think:”I wish someone would summarize this for me?”. Well it’s not someone but Context Discovery who can help. They have created a Summarize Blog Widget which Henry Lewkowicz emailed me this evening. It’s now installed on the single blog pages of Applications of MindManager. I could ramble on, get screen shots etc. and turn this into a long blog but I suggest you try it. My last blog I have an iPad. What should I do to exploit it with MindManager? received some attention.  Please try that.

When you have experimented with the above and maybe on other blogs as well, please come back here and leave a comment.

You can summarize any web site or Wikipedia entry with Web Summarizer. Context Discovery also have Context Organizer for Microsoft Office and Context Organizer for Mindjet MindManager.