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MindManager for the Mac – A little question worthy of its own blog entry.

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Greg recently asked on another post:

“Hi, we are considering purchasing a mind mapping software package for a small group of people. However, we use Mac‚Äôs. The review on MindJet for the Mac is not very good, lots of bugs, etc. Do you know of a competitor to MindJet for the Mac AND that import/export data in the Mindjet format?

Thank you!”

Difficult for me to answer because I don’t keep up to date with all mind mapping software products. Particularly those on the Mac because I don’t have one. ūüôĀ¬† So here is a bit of background and some hints.

MindManager Mac was first released in 2006 and was written from the ground up. It was not ported from the Windows version. This started life in the mid 90s. It still lacks many of the features found in the Windows version and Third Party Developers cannot produce add ins. It does have many features to integrate it with the Apple OS and applications.

When MindManager Windows users make that leap of faith to the Mac, they often install MindManager Windows in Parallels and run it alongside the Mac version, so they can continue to use the advanced functions they need. I would have to do this just to run the many (custom) web exports I use with MindManager Windows.  This raises a licensing issue.  You need two licenses one for Mac and one Windows and they are not transferable.  However I believe Mindjet Support do offer assistance in this area and occasionally Mindjet promote a Windows & Mac Combo.

As for bugs and problems, then the Mindjet Community is a good public list: MindManager V9. for Mac – Mindjet MindManager Community Topics.¬† I will let you distinguish between bugs, misunderstandings and “missing” functionality.

Are things going to improve in the near future?¬† Keep an eye on Mindjet’s Twitter stream for evidence of new versions and also the replies in¬†MindManager V9. for Mac – Mindjet MindManager Community Topics.¬† A MindManager 9 Mac update was released in June and amongst many things provided MindJet Connect integration.¬† See the MindManager 9 Mac Release Notes.¬† When will MindManager¬† 2012 Mac or equivalent appear? This comment in the Mindjet Community:¬† “When MM10 for Mac will Relise?” (sic) has the official response which I will summarise as “It’s commercially sensitive information which we don’t announce in advance”.¬† However based on recent product launches I would expect some blogs to start appearing on the Mindjet’s Conspire blog and they are not there yet.¬† Also Mindjet have offered free upgrades for licenses and upgrades purchased a few weeks before the release. Again this has not been announced.

Now to answer Greg’s question.¬† Do you know of a competitor to MindJet for the Mac AND that import/export data in the Mindjet format?

I don’t know of a Mac mind mapping software application that does this:

  • iMindMap 6 does have a MindManager File Import function but not Export. Don’t expect all the features and layout of the MindManager map to appear in the iMindMap version.
  • DropMind does not mention this feature on their web site
  • Vic Gee’s Master List has many more Mac applications

There are web based / cloud applications which do and can be used on the Mac:

The iPad has growing set of mind mapping applications and although not a solution to your desktop question iThoughtsHD imports and exports many different application’s file types.

If there are others hopefully this blog will attract more answers.

Based on what I know of other mind mapping applications on the Mac: if you need the functions in the MindManager Windows version run it in Parallels.  When Mindjet Mac meets your requirements get it.  Otherwise go to the Cloud or another vendor.