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A summary of the three TV Debates by Leader

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Just before I go off to vote here is my summary of each leaders’ statements in the three Election debates:

Gordon Brown – Labour

David Cameron – Conservative

Nick Clegg – Liberal Democrat

A combination of these debates and my interactions with the local candidates in Winchester has made my voting decision easy.  I had better go and do the deed now.

Do these mind maps help you?

Applying Context Discovery to the Election Debate Mind Maps

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

In my previous two posts you can see mind maps summarising the content of the UK Election TV Debates between the main party leaders Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg.  I have been waiting to find an application for Context Discovery with my online and one chinese meal in Soho friend, Henry Lewkowicz.  These maps seem ideal there is lots of content and it’s not easy to get an objective overview.  I installed Context Discovery Mindmanager option and this is what happened.

I exported the MindManager maps to MS Word. You can’t run Context Discovery on the map, it operates on documents and web pages linked to the map.  There is a new set of Context Discovery commands in the Add ins toolbar of MindManager which allow you to set the parameters such as how many Top Keywords and whether to include summaries.  You then select the linked topic, click the Insert Content command and the magic happens.

I thought there was some overlap between the two debates but the Context Discovery map seems to say otherwise.  Only “jobs” is in the top ten of both debates.  Note: the maps are my precis of their words and not a transcript.

Context Discovery Analysis of UK General Election Debates
Scroll to the right to see the keywords etc.

What does this map represent about the debates: is it the number of occurences of the keywords, the relevance to the title.  So here is an opportunity for Henry or anyone else to tell us what it means.