Tips for collaborating with Mindjet applications

January 9th, 2013

I have recently tried using Mindjet’s applications on a variety of devices in the hands of different people. It was a frustrating and disappointing experience. Some of this is due to my lack of knowledge of how the systems function. Some of it is due to Mindjet not meeting my expectation of a transparent and integrated collaborative working environment! Please feel free to add your tips in the comments. Here are my first ones:

  1. The iOS apps on iPad and iPhone are check in/check out editors. Mindjet Windows, Mac and Web do support simultaneous co-editing.  The implications are that when an iOS app opens a map in Mindjet Files, all other users lose the right to edit the master map. They may continue editing local cached copies and think they are doing useful work. But actually you need to stop because your edits will be difficult to incorporate in the master map when it is checked in from the iOS device. You will be offered this latest version to overwrite your cached version. And you can do the reverse, overwrite the latest version from the iOS device with your cached version. This will annoy the guy who finished editing on the iPad because their edits will be lost.
  2. On the iOS app the number in the circle next to the refresh symbol indicates a change is waiting to be uploaded to the server. I have just stopped my iPhone because it was not synchronising, restarted and now the Synchronising indicator is in a wait loop. I have no idea which file has not been synchronised.
  3. At the moment neither of my iPad nor my iPhone can access the folder on Mindjet Files but Mindjet Windows is displaying and editing folders. I can move quickly through all the folders and files in Dropbox on the iOS devices and can load a map. Consider using Dropbox or similar if you do not need the simultaneous co-editing and you can agree a simple protocol with other collaborators for asynchronous editing of files. e.g. add their name to the file name whilst editing it and delete their name when finished.

What tips or questions do you have for collaborating with Mindjet’s portfolio of applications?


Will ink take off on Windows 8 Tablet PCs?

December 7th, 2012

Ink has been available on Tablet PCs since Windows XP Tablet PC edition in 2002. Mindjet released an ink version of MindManager in 2004.  I think this tool has been under exploited except perhaps by artists (see these galleries on ArtRage and DeviantArt) and delivery men taking your signature. Will Windows 8 revitalise this functionality for business applications?

I have my doubts. Have you seen any native ink applications for Windows 8? Is the ink “keyboard” a useful alternative to the touch screen keyboard? Why does it have to take up half the screen. It’s not optimised for the stylus users. I liked the smaller pop up inkboard that Windows used to have.

I have enjoyed using MindManager’s ink mode since it was first released in 2004. It’s a quiet way of recording a boardroom style meeting. Ink does not intrude in the same way as either a traditional or virtual keyboard. It’s a fluid way of building the map. As the meeting wanders around the agenda or a comment on one item becomes relevant to another, I can easily add subtopics in different locations on the map.  I think it’s a powerful and under developed tool. Mindjet having only made minor improvements to their ink tool set since its release?

Yesterday at a Business Scene event sponsored by Dell I had the opportunity to see their new Tablet PCs. Neither have Wacom (pressure sensitive and very precise stylus) screens but they are making good use of Windows 8.

The Windows 8 RT XPS™ 10 Tablet is a light weight iPad sized slate which plugs into a keyboard docking station. Reminiscent of the HP TC1000 & 1100 both of which I enjoyed using between 2004 and 2008. I still have three TC1100s in my draw, so I can send a squad of MindManager inkers to events. No RT version of Mindjet as yet, so no immediate use to me. It is a tempting piece of kit. It only weighs 635g compared to the 1470g of the keyboard less TC1100, is a lot more powerful, has two cameras and I bet the battery lasts a bit longer even if it isn’t replaceable.

The rotating screen Ultrabook™ XPS™ 12 which folds into a slate and runs Windows 8 Pro.  It is useful to me because I can run Mindjet Desktop in Ink mode using my finger or a capacitive stylus (yuk!). Will it replace my HP 2740p, not yet.  I want a Wacom screen please (well maybe I should give the new touch screens a trial.  My address is ……).
Back to the original problem with Windows 8 and Mindjet 11: From Windows XP through to Windows 7 the virtual keyboard and ink pad have lurked at the edge of the screen waiting to be used. Run MindManager full screen in Windows 8 and you will find it difficult to call up the virtual keyboard in slate mode. And when you do, it occupies half the screen. Have you found a way to get the old floating keyboard or similar on Windows 8?Have you seen any applications where ink is taking off on a Windows 8 Tablet PC or any other OS for that matter?

Creating a Table Plan with Mindjet or MindManager

November 28th, 2012

Last Saturday I hosted a dinner for 60 at the local golf club for the Alresford Pigs Association (a charity I am in my last few weeks of chairing.  We help people not pigs by the way.).  On Friday I created the table plan. Five tables of 8 and two of 10.

I knew I could do this with Mindjet 11 or earlier versions of MindManager. I used table 5 as the central topic but you could use the title. All the other tables and title are floating topics.  The arrangement of tables and the doors approximates the actual layout. All topics have an area around them that cannot be overlapped by other topics. You may have to compromise.

I had all the names in two Excel spreadsheet columns (first name, surname). These can be copy and pasted direct to the map and form topics whose text is “first name surname”.  I had already allocated names to tables in the spreadsheet but you could paste the whole set in the map and then drag and drop to tables.  Letters in names have been replaced by #.

On Saturday afternoon one couple cancelled on a table of 8. A table of 10 had a couple dragged to another table. Print to A3 paper or poster print. Table plan done.

Formatting tips:

  • The Main Topic Handles are hidden with View > Detail > Show/Hide
  • Line Style has been set to: No line
  • Main and Sub Topic Shape has been set to: No line

Dining Table Plan Example

Download Table Plan Example Mindjet Map

This project was completed with Mindjet 11 for Windows. It will work with all previous versions of MindManager for Windows, Mindjet Web and, Mindjet and MindManager for Mac. The iPad and Android versions do not support floating topics but you could use the standard map arrangement.

Using a Graphics Tablet with MindManager or Mindjet Windows

November 6th, 2012

Once upon a time it was discovered that you could get MindManager to work in Ink mode (automatically enabled for Tablet PC users) for those with a graphics tablet e.g. Wacom Bamboo. A recent exchange of emails brought it all back to me especially when my correspondent found my blog of 2008 Can a Vista PC with a graphics tablet become a Tablet PC? on Ecademy.  What follows  may be valid for Vista, XP, 7 and 8; and MindManager 8, 9, 2012 and 11.

Try this first.  You can enable the Tablet PC tools in Windows via the Control Panel > Program and Features > Turn Windows Features on and off > Enable Tablet PC tools.  This is not present on my Tablet PC in Windows 8 but it might be for non-Tablet PC. The Snipping Tool in Tablet PC tool set can be used by anyone.  Restart MindManager and see if you have Ink mode.

This is worked for my correspondent. You need to be confident editing the Registry (backup first if not). Adding this entry to the Registry cannot cause any harm.

  • Open the Registry (Type “regedit” in the Run command in Start menu)
  • Go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Mindjet > Mindmanager7 > Settings (choose your current version of MindManager)
  • Right click Settings > select New > DWord (if Vista 32 bit, possibly QWord if 64 Bit)
  • Name the key: TabletPC
  • Press Enter twice, once to close the name editor, once to open the value
  • change the value to: 1
  • Restart MindManager

If this has worked, the Pen mode icon bottom right will be blue and when in Pen Mode there will be a new Task Pane called Tablet with gestures and help.

If you don’t get the Ink options the following may be useful:

  1. Right clicking the bottom toolbar and ticking the Pen Mode/Mouse Mode option?
  2. Right clicking on the Ribbon tabs, Customising the Ribbon and adding the Tablet tab?

If you try this please tell me what happened.

Mindjet 11 and Windows 8 – My experience

November 5th, 2012

I have just installed Windows 8 and added Mindjet 11 to the suite of applications. Here is my summary:


It works, Mindjet 11, Windows 8, Thoughts

It works

I am preparing this blog with Mindjet 11 running on Windows 8. My hardware is a HP 2740p Tablet PC which has a touch screen in addition to the Wacom Pen. I treated myself to a Solid State Drive (my best buy is a Kingston 256gb on Lambda-Tech n.b. resale value of old 256gb 1.8″ drive on eBay £60-100). The PC and Mindjet are now running much faster than on Windows 7 and the traditional drive.  For previous versions of MindManager, Nigel Goult at Olympic Limited has tested them and they work from version 4 upwards. Here are his results MindManager and Windows 8.

Mindjet 11

There is no difference to my experience. Nothing changes at the moment stick to Office 2010 32 bit. Mindjet state in this blog Update on Mindjet for Windows version 11 and Microsoft Windows 8 that a service pack will be released by the end of November. This will allow you to use Mindjet 11 with Office 2013. No information given about Office 2013 64bit.

Windows 8

What is my reaction to Windows 8:

  • Initially confused by the new UI
  • Started to use the touch screen and things got better
  • Started using the Windows keys on the keyboard
  • Found out how to switch between the new Start UI with it’s tiles and the old style desktop (press the Windows key)
  • The virtual keyboard and ink entry is in a new place (get the task bar up and tap the keyboard icon). Windows 8 apps automatically pop up the keyboard when you tap an entry field. Legacy ones like Mindjet 11 don’t. I liked it lurking at the edge of the screen.
  • The new apps that arrive installed (many more can be added for free e.g. Evernote, eBay, Skype) make the Tablet PC feel like an iPad with a PC bolted on the back. Lots of stroking and tapping!
  • Seeing photos of your friends as soon you install Windows 8 on the desktop is a bit scary. How does that happen? You need to have or set up a Microsoft account to install Windows 8. Your e-mail address immediately links you to stuff!
  • I am enjoying it. It’s much faster than Windows 7 on a rotating drive.


What will Mindjet do to exploit this new OS?

  • Upgrade the Tablet PC tools?
  • Introduce a free tile app?
  • Introduce a low cost version for Windows 8?
Like you I will just have to wait and see.

Ribbon Customisation in Mindjet 11

October 29th, 2012

It’s another new feature of the latest version of MindManager now called Mindjet 11. Mindjet say in their release notes “Modify existing menus or create your own customisable ribbon menu. Users can keep most-used commands visible for easy access and improved productivity. Right click on the ribbon menu to see the customise ribbon option in the context menu.”

Here is what I discovered:

Right clicking a ribbon brings up this window –

Customise Ribbon - Mindjet 11 (was MindManager) - Adding new Ribbons and editing existing ones

My first attempt was to remove the Sharepoint Items from the Map Data group on the Insert ribbon. This was not possible. Michael Deutch answered my request for help in the Mindjet Community post “Why are the options to Add and Remove greyed out in the Customize Ribbon pane?“. This is what you can do:

  • Remove groups from an existing Ribbon e.g. Map Data from the Insert Ribbon
  • You can add groups to an existing Ribbon e.g. Tablet > Ink (which includes Insert Sketch) to the Insert Ribbon
  • You can create a new Ribbon e.g. Presentation and populate this with the predefined groups e.g. Zoom and/or add a New Group to which you can add individual commands.
  • Finally you can reset the Ribbons to their default settings.

You can’t:

  • Remove or add commands to an existing group.

How could I use this functionality:

  • Adding Tablet commands to existing Ribbons
  • Creating new Ribbons with all the tools I use for exporting to Word and the Web
  • Create a new Ribbon for Presentations or Project Management

Will this new feature be of any use to you?

Don’t forget you can customise the Quick Acces Toolbar as well.

New feature of Mindjet 11 – The Hidden from View Indicator

October 22nd, 2012

Mindjet 11 for Windows has several new features (see the Mindjet for Windows® Release Notes for them all). This is a review of what I call the Hidden from View Indicator and Mindjet calls the Filter Overlay. It is a pink box which appears in the bottom left hand corner of your map window to tell you if:

  • the map is Filtered,
  • is using the Show Branch Alone or
  • is using Show/Hide to hide specific map objects.

Let me show you how this works in practice. This is my map:

Mindjet / MindManager Filter Overlay Base map for experiment

If I now apply a Filter e.g. Show Priority 1 most of the map disappears and the indicator is in the bottom left corner. Filters are very useful for focusing on certain topics in the map and controlling what is exported to Word, the web etc.

Mindjet / MindManager Filter Overlay - Filter indicated

Next lets see what happens with Show Branch Alone. I use this feature when presenting or facilitating a discussion with Mindjet to focus the audience on the current topic. If the discussion goes on for a while you can forget you have used this tool, so the indicator will be a big help.

Filter Overlay - Show Branch Alone

Finally Show/Hide which I use to hide things my audience don’t need to see or all the Notes icons in the map included at the beginning of a Word export as in this map. Spot the missing Notes icon:

Mindjet / MindManager - Filter Overlay - Show / Hide

Of course you can have all three applied at the same time.

Mindjet / MindManager Filter Overlay - All three applied

You can minimise the indicator or overlay to icons only by clicking the minus sign in the box.

Hope you found that useful?

Using the new Mindjet for Windows – AutoCalc Function

October 8th, 2012

Mindjet 11 for Windows now includes an AutoCalc function. This allows you to perform a few statistical rather than mathematical operations on the topic properties of subtopics and display the results in the topic properties of the parent topic (easier to see below!). You can display the sum, average, count, maximum and minimum values.

You cannot perform arithmetic functions e.g. price x quantity or price + tax or price – discount. Use the Mindjet Spreadsheet or Insert Excel Range to display these type of calculations.

The basics are:

  • Create a parent topic and the subtopics the calculation is to be based on.
  • Apply AutoCalc to the parent topic, create the value and calculation type.
  • Edit the subtopic properties to add values and see the result.
  • Add more properties and edit value names if required.

The map below expands graphically on the above:

Using Mindjet's AutoCalc Function

"Download Download Using Mindjet's AutoCalc map

Evernote and MindManager Integration: Browser, Map Parts, RSS Feeds

October 2nd, 2012

Whenever Graham Wilson asks a question it sparks me into doing some research as to what MindManager can do. Sunday’s question was “How do you integrate Evernote with Mind Mapping?“. There is not a simple answer but a variety of tools you can employ.

  1. Evernote tool in Mindjet WebThere is an Evernote Export from Mindjet Web (was Connect). Select a topic, click the Evernote tool, select the approriate options and you could have a topic, subtopics and links from a map as an outline in an Evernote note and a link back to the Mindjet Web map.
  2. You can drag and drop or copy and paste Evernote urls to a Mindjet 11 for Windows (or its MindManager predecessors) map or copy and paste for Mindjet Web.
  3. Open Evernote in Mindjet’s (MindManager’s) built in browser and use the paste function to create a dashboard of your Evernote notes. If you saved this in Mindjet (Cloud) Files, you could access the map from Mindjet Web or the mobile apps. You can also save it in Dropbox and read it in a MindManager compatible web or mobile app.  I could create an Evernote dashboard in Mindjet and add alarms, resources, task info to the Evernote Topic on the map.

    Here is a short video showing the adding of Evernote Note’s to a map. Best viewed full screen:

    Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

  4. With Public Evernotes you can use an RSS feeder to get Evernotes on to a MindManager map. See Tips and tricks on using Connect with Evernote in the Mindjet Community and look at the Related Items below.  It you don’t tell anyone else the public Evernote URL it’s fairly private.

Is there an opportunity for an add in developer to do more?  Or has it already happened?

Mindjet Applications 2010-2012 (Mastermind Specialist Subject)

September 24th, 2012

In order to explain to myself, my clients and those of you who follow this blog, I thought I would try to display in a mind map what has been happening over the last 2 years. Great preparation for appearing on the BBC’s Mastermind quiz show with the specialist subject “Mindjet Applications 2010-2012” (click Mastermind if you do not understand what I am alluding to).

Here is my first draft showing all the applications (tell me if I have missed something, please) and the routes for maps to flow between them. Click the map to see full size.

Mindjet Applications 2010 - 2012 with data flows: MindManager, Connect, Catalyst, Mac, Windows, iOS, SharePoint, Android, Cloud, Web, On-premise Server, Action, Connect SP, MindManager Explorer for SharePoint

And now with the relationships removed

Mindjet Applications 2010 to 2012 no data flows

And finally for today’s situation with the data flows back:

Mindjet Applications 2012 Mindjet 11 (was MindManager) info graphic showing how the mobile apps, cloud file server, desktop PC and Mac applications, browser client, SharePoint on-premise server share data (maps)

All very easily done from the same map using Power Filter and the Show/Hide functions to display relevant parts of the map.

Please download a copy of the Mindjet Applications 2012

Hope you find this useful.  Any comments will be very welcome.

A couple of Mindmanager 2012 to Mindjet 11 differences noted whilst doing this:

  • The Export Image on the Quick Access Toolbar is correct now (it used to show a PDF symbol!) 🙂
  • There is a warning that you have Filtered the map and are using Show/Hide in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.