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Importing from Word to MindManager

Monday, November 15th, 2010

I just noticed a comment on someone else’s blog about creating mind maps from documents.  MindManager has been able to open or import Word documents for a decade. You can use either the File > Open and select the Word document type or File > Import > Word. For this import to be effective the Word document must have the following styles in it:

  • Title becomes Central Topic Text
  • Heading Level 1 becomes Main Topic Text
  • Heading Level 2 becomes Sub Topic Text and Levels 3 onwards become Sub Sub Topics etc.
  • Body or Normal becomes Topic Notes

Make sure the Word document uses these styles before importing.

I have used this to import tender and contract documents.  Important elements can be copied from the notes and in to topics or call outs. Relationships between call outs and topics can be added to show where the document has conflicting information. Call outs to highlight sections of concern or where there are major cost implications or  links to related documents, emails and contacts can be added.

This process will increase your understanding of the document and can be shared with the supplier of the document to demonstrate your thoroughness in reading their document.

Using MindManager in the writing process

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Tom Evans uses mind mapping and MindManager to assist him in writing books. He is passing these applications of mapping to everyone in his blog particularly in these two articles:

If you do have a book inside you and we all do, then Tom is getting excellent testimonials. Friends who have attended his courses have been very positive.