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Increase the height of the ink input field to write extra lines

Friday, November 25th, 2011

You can write more than one line in the ink input feld of a topic when using MindManager in ink mode. Always start your writing at the top left corner of the box not on the line.  If you write the second part of your “sentence” above the first it becomes the first part of the sentence when converted to text.

Tablet PC - Two lines of ink in MindManagerTo make it easier to write multiple lines, increase the Height of the ink input field in the MindManager Options. Something between 90 and and 120 allows me to enter 2 or 3 lines.

MindManager Tablet PC options
Thanks to Maurice Poole for asking the question yesterday.

If you have any other questions about MindManager Ink mode settings, please ask them in the comments.

Optimising your travel plans with MindManager

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Every fortnight for the next few weeks I will be travelling on Monday morning from Alresford in Hampshire to Mortlake in London. If you have ever watched the University Boat Race you will have heard the name. I have to be there at about 09:30. I will be comming back at 14:30ish.

I don’t want to drive and I started to look at the various routes and modes of transport I could use to get there. I knew the train fare would be more expensive from Winchester than Alton. I knew I could get lifts to Winchester and the bus back. I knew the bus times would be awkward. So I started to map it out.

I used a technique Nick Duffill introduced me to many years ago called Funnel Timeline. It’s a core process for using Results Manager. You place the objective on the right and start working back from their.

My objective is to be in Mortlake for 09:30 on Monday morning. I have a five minute walk from the railway station to the event. I used app on the iPad to get the train times and prices. It works a lot faster than the browser version on my PC. I used the local bus timetables. I have a friend who gives me lifts to Winchester railway station when I need them. He leaves at 0625 every day! And my wife can drop me off in Winchester on her way to work.

You can see the conclusions by clicking on the Alresford to Mortlake by 0930 map below.

Alresford to Mortlake by 0930 - the optimised route and times

And for those who have no idea where I ma talking about, here is a map showing the driving route.

View Larger Map

Helping Context Discovery to test a Blog Summarizing Tool

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Do you ever come across a long blog with tens or even hundreds of comments and think:”I wish someone would summarize this for me?”. Well it’s not someone but Context Discovery who can help. They have created a Summarize Blog Widget which Henry Lewkowicz emailed me this evening. It’s now installed on the single blog pages of Applications of MindManager. I could ramble on, get screen shots etc. and turn this into a long blog but I suggest you try it. My last blog I have an iPad. What should I do to exploit it with MindManager? received some attention.  Please try that.

When you have experimented with the above and maybe on other blogs as well, please come back here and leave a comment.

You can summarize any web site or Wikipedia entry with Web Summarizer. Context Discovery also have Context Organizer for Microsoft Office and Context Organizer for Mindjet MindManager.

I have an iPad. What should I do to exploit it with MindManager?

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

I’ve just bought an iPad.  It’s a new toy for me but how do I turn it into a productive tool.

I am taking  on the challenge of being a competent triple OS operator: Windows, Android and now iOS5 (and I still have my DOS floppies). What have I discovered in iOS 5 and the apps:

  • The magnifying glass, so I can edit words.
  • The off button (An Apple expert suggested I reboot it, to get two opening and imploding apps to work. They still don’t. (Cycle Deluxe and HootSuite)).
  • I have found the settings
  • I have struggled to remember all my passwords but I have a password protected nearly up to date MindManager map of them. 🙂
  • I have installed iThoughtsHD, Mindjet for iPad and connected it to my free Connect account.
  • I also have a DropBox account which ThinkingSpace uses on my Android phone.

The second screen on my iPad

iPad Screen - The set up so far

Now its time to reverse the process on this blog.  Many of you are the experts with this mix of technology. Please can you comment on this blog and display your knowledge and processes for exploiting it – thus educating me.  For instance:

  • How have you set yours up to interact with MindManager Windows?
  • How well does it work?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Any other suggestions not necessarily to do with MindManager.

Over to you!


The MindManager Topic Notes Editor: Time for a big change?

Monday, October 17th, 2011

The Topic Notes editor has remained virtually unchanged for a decade.  A format painter (copier) has been added in MindManager 2012 and way back in 2002 the ink tools were added.  Nothing else has happened.  I met Blaine Mathieu Chief Products Officer at the Mindjet Revolution Roadshow, a few days ago.  After a short discussion, he invited me to send him an email on this matter. Here are my thoughts and your chance to help me write that email to encourage Mindjet to be evolutionary and well as revolutionary!

I have used the Notes editor to create hundreds of web sites: the notes become web pages.  Until last week I used it to create the Cabre web site but I had to do too much post processing to include bits of HTML for videos etc. and had other issues around site management not to do with the Notes Edtor. I have switched to WordPress with MindManager content where required.   The ConferenceREACTION web site is currently produced with MindManager but will switch to WordPress soon.  It’s a pity because all the content is produced with MindManager.

With the Word export I use Topic Notes to create the paragraphs in “Introduction to MindManager” (to be transferred to new web site),  a 20 page  booklet with 50 plus images in it.  I started with Mindmanager X5 and I will updated it to the sixth edition 2012 shortly.

So why change?

It lacks:

  • Word wrapping: you have to use tables.
  • The tables are unstable when they get big (more than 5 rowsish) and if you use cell merge.
  • You cannot include HTML, only links. So no embedded videos, maps or other “gadgets” e.g. mail list capture, twitter streams etc.
  • You cannot resize large images to suitably sized images as you add them to the Notes (or Topics) thus preventing map bloat!
  • It is difficult to manage the formatting in the notes to get the correct format in Word. If you transfer the MindManager Topic Notes format to Word, you can’t (easily) use the Word Styles to manage the formating.

Please add to this list by commenting below.

What would I like to see

Three and half editors:

  1. Keep it simple i.e.the current one.  For simple note taking
  2. A Word editor which uses the style selected for the Word export. Perhaps it opens a Word window and saves the file as an attachment to the map visualised in the Notes pane.  you can support this idea in Mindjet’s User Voice – Editing Topic Notes with Word.
  3. An HTML editor. Something like the ScribeFire for Firefox.  It’s great for editing and storing frequently used HTML fragments.  With the option of using Micrsoft Expression?  You can support this idea in Mindjet’s User Voice – HTML Notes Editor 

3.5 An editor for creating WordPress content. That is one which creates clickable image maps and other content that can be directly exported to my WordPress blog(s). I will write about this seperately.  One respected internet commentator Graham Jones said in his newsletter last weekend: “In my view, though, there is only one way to go: WordPress.” Repeating my dream: Just imagine if Mindjet had developed the HTML editor they had in early versions of MindManager we would be using MindPress now!

 There, that’s this week’s rant (so far) off my desk (chest).  Please add your thoughts here and in Mindjet’s User Voice.

What do you think about Multiple Hyperlinks in MindManager 2012 topics?

Friday, October 14th, 2011

I am not keen.  Today I was updating the hyperlinks on a map. It happened that I had set View > Show/Hide > Hyperlinks to off. I was merrily dragging links from my Cabre web site on to a map that already had all the topics I wanted.  It was going to be a visual index on the web site.  Halfway through the process I realised my web page names were causing some problems.  So I changed them and redragged the links to the map.

After posting the clickable web export of the map into the web page I tested it and found it did not work.  I had already been scratching my head a lot today about various web site issues and this one seemed to be an unecessary problem. I have created hundreds of clickable image maps in the last decade and they normally work.

When I looked at the image map html code more closely I saw the problem. The URLs were pointing at a local network URL etc. Where did that come from?  I went back to the map and set View > Show/Hide > Hyperlinks to on.  No Cabre favicons only a figure of 8 link!  The penny dropped multiple hyperlinks per topic.  The local URLs were from when I tested the site on my local PC.  They were followed by all the URLs I had subsequently dropped on the topic.   The first URL in the list is used by the web export.

This disrupts my long standing and very effective way of working.  Please Mindjet can I have switch in the Options of the next service pack to turn this feature off?

On a more general note I don’t get having multiple links per topic. How do you know what they are without their page title or your topic text?  Some web sites uses numerical page names which have no hint of the content and many are longer than you will be able to see on the Manage Hyperlinks screen even when you mouse over.

I know there are many MindManager users who have been begging for this feature for years. What do you think?

Using MindManager to prepare for an interview

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011
MindManager map of questions and keyword answers for an interviewToday I was interviewed by Chantal Cooke from Passion for the Planet about Mind Mapping and Mind Mapping software for her digital radio station. Chantal sent me an email with an outline of the interview, so I could prepare my thoughts.  I copied and pasted the questions to a  MindManager Map and inked my responses to them in keywords / phrases. Click the map to see full size.

I think this really helped me answer the questions and made my responses sound professional.  I was not looking at the map during the interview.  You will have to wait until November to hear the result and the actual content.

MindManager 2012 – Installation – My Story

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

It feels like Mindjet always launch their new products on a day when I am already committed to something else.  Today I thoroughly enjoyed hosting a meeting in the Hampshire countryside for  18 “associates”.  It was a virtually “unplugged venue”, in fact someone had to leave because they were so desperate to download a large file from a client and review it!  Today my committment to Mindjet versus my committment to the event was won by the event. Although I did try very earlyy this morning to see if I could find a download.

I have just downloaded MindManager 2012 Professional (11pm). I have MindManager 9 installed and I need it to continue to work as a desktop client for my Mindjet Catalyst workplaces. Let’s see what happens.

  • Microsoft C++ gets an update as well.
  • I better turn off all the Microsoft Applications and MindManager 9 first.
  • It thinks my organisation is HP. My problem: I have just transferred to a “new” Tablet PC, an HP 2740p (touch and stylus). I need to change the organisation in my PC set up somewhere.
  • The install is running.
  • It’s installed. I wish it’s icon was different to MindManager 9 in the Task Bar as need both.
  • Restarting Outlook because the installation said features would not be working until Outlook is restarted.
  • Starting MindManager 2012 Professional.
  • Ah the “Getting Started” pane has appeared.  A new feature for new users. (To be investigated later)
  • The My Maps shortcuts and folder have been imported from MindManager 9
  • My Quick Access Toolbar settings have not.
  • An existing map with a linked Excel range is working.

Enough for tonight, I will add more to my experience of installing MindManager 2012 Professional tomorrow as comment to this blog.  Please add comments about your experience of Installing MindManager 2012 Professional.


Overview of Mindjet’s new product launch for 22 September 2011

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

These maps are my notes plus a few personal comments  and questions. Come back again at the end of tomorrow and I will provide some links to relevant information.

My personal recommendation to you is, if you have MindManager 9 and  particularly if you have an older version is order the upgrade now. It’s £79 plus VAT, it will be £99 from the 22nd September. If you don’t have MindManager 9 Windows, buy it now for £199 plus VAT with a free upgrade to MindManger Professional 2012 because from the 22nd it will be £299 plus VAT.  Please contact me for more information on how to order. 🙂

Click the maps to see full size images:

Overview of the Release

There are two new products:

  1. Mindjet MindManger Professional 2012 (Windows desktop application)
  2. Mindjet Connect (Cloud based collaborative workspace with mobile access)

MindManager Professional 2012

This replaces MindManager 9 for Windows. There are two significant previously paid for add ins: Power Markers and Sharepoint Integration incorporated in the product. Plus the Project JetPack templates, a new brainstorming mode, 2×2 matrix analysis and enhanced task management.

Mindjet Connect

This replaces Mindjet Catalyst. There is a free version offering basic facilities to individuals and collaborative groups. The subscription Business version provides features for larger groups and for storing maps and files in a folder and sub-folder structure with different access rights.


Really Simple Project Management

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Perhaps a 15 years ago I attended a project management course. The one thing that sticks in my memory is the really simple project management system we were shown. It went like this:

  • Write all the activities and their owners on to a Post-it® Note.  You could complicated things by using different colour Post-it® Notes for different people.
  • Really Simple Project Management - 4 Zone BoardCreate a board with four boxes:
    • To do
    • In Progress
    • Complete
    • Attention Required
  • Now add the Post Post-it® Notes to the To Do box in the 4 box board.  Do I need to explain what to do next? ……. No.
  • Everything in the top 3 boxes are deemed to be in control.  Whenever an item appears in the “Attention Required” box, everyone in the project team gives it their attention.

Now assuming the Post-it® Notes don’t fall off (best to use the real thing on a suitable surface), you will have a clear overview of the state of the project otherwise known as a dashboard.

Really Simple Project Management Guide
Here is how you can replicate the process with MindManager:Please download this map and read the instructions.There are some hints at the bottom of the map about how you can make the process more complicated if you need to.

Really Simple Project Management Hard StyleIn addition here are two MindManager templates to download for a Really Simple Project Map.