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Tips for collaborating with Mindjet applications

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

I have recently tried using Mindjet’s applications on a variety of devices in the hands of different people. It was a frustrating and disappointing experience. Some of this is due to my lack of knowledge of how the systems function. Some of it is due to Mindjet not meeting my expectation of a transparent and integrated collaborative working environment! Please feel free to add your tips in the comments. Here are my first ones:

  1. The iOS apps on iPad and iPhone are check in/check out editors. Mindjet Windows, Mac and Web do support simultaneous co-editing.  The implications are that when an iOS app opens a map in Mindjet Files, all other users lose the right to edit the master map. They may continue editing local cached copies and think they are doing useful work. But actually you need to stop because your edits will be difficult to incorporate in the master map when it is checked in from the iOS device. You will be offered this latest version to overwrite your cached version. And you can do the reverse, overwrite the latest version from the iOS device with your cached version. This will annoy the guy who finished editing on the iPad because their edits will be lost.
  2. On the iOS app the number in the circle next to the refresh symbol indicates a change is waiting to be uploaded to the server. I have just stopped my iPhone because it was not synchronising, restarted and now the Synchronising indicator is in a wait loop. I have no idea which file has not been synchronised.
  3. At the moment neither of my iPad nor my iPhone can access the folder on Mindjet Files but Mindjet Windows is displaying and editing folders. I can move quickly through all the folders and files in Dropbox on the iOS devices and can load a map. Consider using Dropbox or similar if you do not need the simultaneous co-editing and you can agree a simple protocol with other collaborators for asynchronous editing of files. e.g. add their name to the file name whilst editing it and delete their name when finished.

What tips or questions do you have for collaborating with Mindjet’s portfolio of applications?


Will ink take off on Windows 8 Tablet PCs?

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Ink has been available on Tablet PCs since Windows XP Tablet PC edition in 2002. Mindjet released an ink version of MindManager in 2004.  I think this tool has been under exploited except perhaps by artists (see these galleries on ArtRage and DeviantArt) and delivery men taking your signature. Will Windows 8 revitalise this functionality for business applications?

I have my doubts. Have you seen any native ink applications for Windows 8? Is the ink “keyboard” a useful alternative to the touch screen keyboard? Why does it have to take up half the screen. It’s not optimised for the stylus users. I liked the smaller pop up inkboard that Windows used to have.

I have enjoyed using MindManager’s ink mode since it was first released in 2004. It’s a quiet way of recording a boardroom style meeting. Ink does not intrude in the same way as either a traditional or virtual keyboard. It’s a fluid way of building the map. As the meeting wanders around the agenda or a comment on one item becomes relevant to another, I can easily add subtopics in different locations on the map.  I think it’s a powerful and under developed tool. Mindjet having only made minor improvements to their ink tool set since its release?

Yesterday at a Business Scene event sponsored by Dell I had the opportunity to see their new Tablet PCs. Neither have Wacom (pressure sensitive and very precise stylus) screens but they are making good use of Windows 8.

The Windows 8 RT XPS™ 10 Tablet is a light weight iPad sized slate which plugs into a keyboard docking station. Reminiscent of the HP TC1000 & 1100 both of which I enjoyed using between 2004 and 2008. I still have three TC1100s in my draw, so I can send a squad of MindManager inkers to events. No RT version of Mindjet as yet, so no immediate use to me. It is a tempting piece of kit. It only weighs 635g compared to the 1470g of the keyboard less TC1100, is a lot more powerful, has two cameras and I bet the battery lasts a bit longer even if it isn’t replaceable.

The rotating screen Ultrabook™ XPS™ 12 which folds into a slate and runs Windows 8 Pro.  It is useful to me because I can run Mindjet Desktop in Ink mode using my finger or a capacitive stylus (yuk!). Will it replace my HP 2740p, not yet.  I want a Wacom screen please (well maybe I should give the new touch screens a trial.  My address is ……).
Back to the original problem with Windows 8 and Mindjet 11: From Windows XP through to Windows 7 the virtual keyboard and ink pad have lurked at the edge of the screen waiting to be used. Run MindManager full screen in Windows 8 and you will find it difficult to call up the virtual keyboard in slate mode. And when you do, it occupies half the screen. Have you found a way to get the old floating keyboard or similar on Windows 8?Have you seen any applications where ink is taking off on a Windows 8 Tablet PC or any other OS for that matter?

Creating a Table Plan with Mindjet or MindManager

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Last Saturday I hosted a dinner for 60 at the local golf club for the Alresford Pigs Association (a charity I am in my last few weeks of chairing.  We help people not pigs by the way.).  On Friday I created the table plan. Five tables of 8 and two of 10.

I knew I could do this with Mindjet 11 or earlier versions of MindManager. I used table 5 as the central topic but you could use the title. All the other tables and title are floating topics.  The arrangement of tables and the doors approximates the actual layout. All topics have an area around them that cannot be overlapped by other topics. You may have to compromise.

I had all the names in two Excel spreadsheet columns (first name, surname). These can be copy and pasted direct to the map and form topics whose text is “first name surname”.  I had already allocated names to tables in the spreadsheet but you could paste the whole set in the map and then drag and drop to tables.  Letters in names have been replaced by #.

On Saturday afternoon one couple cancelled on a table of 8. A table of 10 had a couple dragged to another table. Print to A3 paper or poster print. Table plan done.

Formatting tips:

  • The Main Topic Handles are hidden with View > Detail > Show/Hide
  • Line Style has been set to: No line
  • Main and Sub Topic Shape has been set to: No line

Dining Table Plan Example

Download Table Plan Example Mindjet Map

This project was completed with Mindjet 11 for Windows. It will work with all previous versions of MindManager for Windows, Mindjet Web and, Mindjet and MindManager for Mac. The iPad and Android versions do not support floating topics but you could use the standard map arrangement.

What were you using MindManager for over the Summer (or Winter)?

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

It’s been a while since I posted and that’s because it’s was the summer in England! Well it was rather a damp summer. It feels like my cricket games were evenly split between those that were called off the day before, those where we had a few overs and then ran for cover, and few matches which were completed in pleasant sunshine (I missed the 30 deg C game). Now it’s the first full week back in the office and I wondered what I (and you) had been using MindManager for over the holiday period?


There’s my quick list.  What did you use MindManager for in the last couple of months?

My topics and comments in the Mindjet Community

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

One day I thought I would analyse what subjects I had been commenting on and initiating in the Mindjet Community.  I have dragged and dropped 120 of them on to this map.  Some repeat frequently e.g. about licenses on more than one PC or Mac. Many are unique. Some require a common answer e.g. a hyperlink to the Mindjet Download Archive and the Technical Support page.

I have grouped the threads. Publishing, Editing, Licensing and User Interface have the most threads.  But I have not attempted to answer many of the Mobile and Connect issues except where I have the same problem, they are for Mindjet to resolve.

Perhaps a quick review by you will spot a bug you have as well or maybe there is a solution to something that has blocked your use of Mindjet’s products.

I have published in three formats:

  • Immediately below – The Flash Viewer – which will probably take a while to load.
  • Then further down, you can download the map.
  • And finally a clickable text outline. Produced with a customised web export which you can scroll down (which means the search engines will know something about the threads I have been commenting on 🙂 )

Mindjet Community Topics Andrew Wilcox has commented on

1. Collaboration

1.1 Templates etc.

1.1.1 Sharing MapParts for more users in a bureau Network

1.1.2 Is the Package Folder function available in Mac and Connect

1.2 Sharing

1.2.1 Sharing and collaborating online (Connect vs Catalyst)

1.2.2 How do I share Mind Maps with attachments

1.3 Document Management

1.3.1 Lock down the map from copying

1.4 Connect

1.4.1 I have an account but no personal folder

1.4.2 Tips and tricks on using Connect with Evernote

1.4.3 Can I change the Connect task date format

1.4.4 Can you copy or move topics between maps

1.4.5 Why does Connect not offer a bulk export function for backups

2. Customisation

2.1 Map Markers

2.1.1 adding new icons to libraries

2.1.2 Add definition or description to a topic

2.1.3 Duplicate Tag Text not permitted in different Tag Groups

2.2 Background

2.2.1 How to add a logo

3. Editing

3.1 Formatting

3.1.1 Topic Balloon size formatting

3.1.2 Anybody use a virtual yellow sticky note mapping look

3.1.3 Being able to freeform move subtopics around

3.1.4 Is there a way to manually adjust the position of topics so they stay where you want them on a map

3.1.5 Aufzählungszeichen Bullets

3.1.6 Hiding tags

3.1.7 Wordwrap on topic boxes

3.2 Hyperlinks & Attachments

3.2.1 How do you get a hyperlink to appear in a new window

3.2.2 OneNote hyperlinking does not work

3.2.3 Rename Hyperlinks

3.3 Linked Maps

3.3.1 Single map view

3.3.2 can i create a new Linked map in a Linked map

3.3.3 Automatic update between linked main map and sub map

3.3.4 how do I import one mindmap into another

3.3.5 Linking Maps & Retaining Third Level Visibility & Gant Chart Functionality

3.3.6 Hyperlink lost after SaveAs

3.3.7 Is it possible to embed a mindmap

3.4 Connect

3.4.1 Text notes disappear

3.5 Topic Notes

3.5.1 MM2012 removes leading spaces in text notes

3.5.2 Problem during notes editing in Connect

3.5.3 Problem with encoding when map is based on a Word doc

3.6 Styles

3.6.1 Set boundary style as a default style

4. Files and Folders

4.1 Management

4.1.1 Importing directory hierarchy in version 12

4.1.2 Editing Windows folder names and hierarchies within MM maps

4.2 Importing

4.2.1 Not importing Word document correctly

4.3 Map Formats

4.3.1 Cannot open previous created maps in MindManager 2012

4.3.2 How do I open a .xmind file

4.3.3 Import from a mpp file (Ms Project)

4.3.4 Mindjet data files

4.3.5 Import Freemind maps

5. Grumpy Old Men

5.1 Poor Application Performance

5.1.1 Mindmanager.exe (2012) consumes 10%CPU when IDLE!

5.1.2 Mindmanager pen mode freezes after short use

5.1.3 Slow response time for everything inside a mmap

5.1.4 Start Menu Taskbar icon trouble

5.1.5 Password protected map opens without entering a password!

5.2 Web Sites

5.2.1 I can’t find the Technical Support form on the Mindjet web site via the menu

5.2.2 Why do you not Tweet the news of your partners

5.3 Mindjet’s relationship with others

5.3.1 Why do you not Tweet the news of your partners

6. Importing/Exporting

6.1 Excel

6.1.1 Importing map topic and sub-topics from Excel

6.2 File formats

6.2.1 Save Mindjet Mindmaps as .mm on Ipad

7. Knowledge Management

7.1 Connecting maps without clouds

8. Licensing and Downloads

8.1 Use

8.1.1 Is Floating License possible

8.1.2 About user licence.

8.1.3 Power of old license

8.1.4 Single user license and changing computers

8.1.5 MM8MM9 and MM2012 installed on the same computer

8.1.6 Old Mindmanager license not compatible with current download

8.1.7 I need to get our license key which I lost.

8.1.8 Safe to remove MindManager 9 and Project Jetpack after MindManager 2012 upgrade

8.1.9 License when running two operating systems (Windows 7, Windows 8) on the same computer Can I use the same license key

8.1.10 reinstalling Mind Manager X5 Pro

8.1.11 Install on second computer


8.2.1 Where can I download version 8

8.3 Connect

8.3.1 Can ́t buy Connect Business for 1 or 2 user

8.4 Mac or PC

8.4.1 Change the License to a Mac License

9. Mobile

9.1 Android

9.1.1 cannot see attachment in the existing map created using PC

9.1.2 How to open interactive pdf with Android device

9.1.3 How do I export from Mindjet Android to Mind Manager viewer

9.2 IPad

9.2.1 Down loading maps to my IPad

9.2.2 Problem with links on Mindjet for iPad

9.2.3 Problem with links on Mindjet for iPad

9.2.4 How to delete a (sub)topic

10. Project Planning & Task Management

10.1 Outlook

10.1.1 Outlook Sync of tasks how to avoid synchronizing e.g. color of category, priority,…

10.2 MS Project

10.2.1 Microsoft Project Dates Importing Incorrectly

10.2.2 Fix to fully export to MS Project

10.2.3 Import from a mpp file (Ms Project)

10.3 Connect

10.3.1 Can I change the Connect task date format

10.4 General

10.4.1 Todo list over sevaral mindmaps using database

10.4.2 Numbered, hierarchical WBS Structure

10.4.3 Tasks Assignment to Multiple People

10.4.4 The resources field

10.4.5 Can I change the Connect task date format

11. Publishing

11.1 Exporting

11.1.1 Embedding Attachments into Word or HTML Export

11.1.2 Multi-User Access

11.1.3 MM2012 export to excel

11.1.4 Make setting default values for Export settings easier to do

11.1.5 Exporting notes

11.2 Printing or PDF

11.2.1 How do I make my map bigger for printing purposes

11.2.2 export to PDF of a big map (500 Mo) never completed…

11.2.3 Export as mindjet player (PDF) error

11.2.4 PDF not displaying mindmap styles

11.2.5 export to PDF of a big map (500 Mo) never completed…

11.2.6 Export to Mindjet Viewer (PDF or SWF) does not fit to screen.

11.3 Presenting

11.3.1 power point presentation

11.3.2 slide management

11.4 Sending

11.4.1 MM2012 crashes when trying to send topic to word

12. User Interface

12.1 Templates

12.1.1 How do you get your most used map templates to the top of the list

12.2 Viewing

12.2.1 Bringing already open map to front instead of opening 2nd copy

12.2.2 Single map view

12.2.3 Auto Center Map on Click

12.2.4 How can I view a relationship in iOS if one end is collapsed

12.3 Restoring your Quick Access Toolbar Settings

12.3.1 Personal settings lost after Mind Manager update

12.3.2 Quick Access Toolbar

12.4 Customisation

12.4.1 Icons adding new icons to libraries

12.5 Keyboard Shortcuts

12.5.1 Task Pane Tabs & Shortcuts

12.5.2 Where are the keyboard shortcuts

12.6 Memory

12.6.1 Out of memory but not much open

13. Wish List

13.1 MindManager Windows

13.1.1 Linking Sub-topics possible

13.1.2 I would like to add an Outlook Distribution List to a map

13.1.3 Notes zoom to fill screen, rather than open panel, when in presentation mode

13.1.4 Aufzählungszeichen Bullets

13.1.5 Tips and tricks on using Connect with Evernote

13.1.6 Drawing lines freehand

13.1.7 Browser integration

13.1.8 MindJet for Writers

13.2 Vision

13.2.1 Insert Table function inside Notes on Vision

How to manage shared resources for teams of MindManager users

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

MindManager Package Folder Types: Images, Background Images, Icons, Shapes, Map Parts, Templates, Themes, Marker Lists, Web Export TemplatesDo you want to share any of the following between team members or versions of MindManager?

  • A set of brand images you want everyone to use.
  • Map Markers for use at specific types of meetings.
  • A watermark that includes a copyright date.
  • Images of your products or people.
  • A set of questions you ask every new client.
  • A web export template which is constantly refined.

The Package Folders tool enables you to do this. Either for yourself, if you are running a couple of versions of MindManager (not sure if this function extends to Mac and Connect) or across a team by placing resources in network, Dropbox, Skydrive etc. folders.  To use the tool open this pane: File > Options > Package Folders

Selecting the resource type and location of your MindManager Package Folders
Your options:

  • Name – descibe the folder e.g. “Brand Logos”
  • Path – select the location of your package folder. It might be a folder in a mapped network drive or a Dropbox sub-folder. If you have sub-folders they will appear in the Task Panes and Template Organiser without adding them individually.
  • Resource Type – You can have everything in one folder but the Task Panes and Template Organiser will only show the relevant files.

MindManager Package Folders in the image Task PaneOnce added the new folders will appear in your Task Panes and Template Organiser. Last week I added a Dropbox folder. Later that week I took some pictures of the Royal Yacht with a mobile phone and saved them in Dropbox. They were available short afterwards to add to a map.  For example this is useful for data gathering during site surveys with a mobile device. Then writing a report back at the office using a standard report map template which exports to Word.


  1. When a resource e.g. an image is added to a folder, if the folder is open in MindManager, you will need to refresh the folder to see it. Right click the folder and Refresh.
  2. Web Export templates only work with one version of MindManager. (see Resolving problems with customised web exports in MindManager 9)

Using Dropbox to share structured knowledge with MindManager

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Do you have a requirement which goes something like this:

  1. You want to share information with a closed group of people
  2. It’s less than 2GB of files but this could grow with the size of the group
  3. They need to be able to access it on and off line.
  4. Anyone in the group can add files to the store but you will look after the indexing
  5. Only some members of the group use MindManager

Had you thought about using Dropbox with MindManager’s web export?

Here is how:

  1. Get a Dropbox account, create and share two folders with the group e.g.
    1. Web site
    2. New files
      You will have to invite them and all that malarky but this will give you extra storage.  The folders will appear in your My Documents folder in the  My Dropbox folder.
  2. Create a map which links to all the files you want to share with the group.
    Do not use multiple hyperlinks, they are not supported in the web exports.
  3. Export the map using the web export. If all the text and explanations is in topic text you just need the Clickable Image export, if you add topic notes use the Static Outline or Dynamic Templates or Simple Outline or One Page.
  4. Export the map to the Dropbox folder web site. I suggest changing the name of the Root export filename in Customise > Advanced settings to something relevant.  A mini web site will be created with a folder called LinkedDocuments with all the linked files in it. Your original documents will remain where they where, these are copies by default. Other folders are created for the more sophisticated web exports to support the styles, images etc. used in the export.
  5. Give the group the link to the root export file and the web site will appear.
    e.g test-site 
    I have saved the web export to the Public Folder in Dropbox.
  6. Ask the group to add new files to the New files folder.
  7. Link the new files to the map and re-export.
Note: You cannot share local files via the PDF Viewer and Flash export. If you just have hyperlinks to web pages on the map then you could also store them in Dropbox and save updated versions.

Obviously there are many other file management systems out there but this may be enough for your needs.  Similar processes may be possible with Microsoft’s Skydrive and Google sites.

Could you use this?

Mindjet Connect Keyboard Shortcut Keys – Spot the Difference

Monday, February 27th, 2012

There are a few differences to ones I have been used to with MindManager since 1996:

Function MindManager 2012
and all the previous versions
Mindjet Connect
Fit Map to Window Ctrl-F5 Shift-F5
Toggle Level of Detail Ctrl-D Ctrl-Shift-D
Focus on Topic F3 Shift-F3

Have you spotted any other differences?

You can find a list of all the keyboard shorcuts in Connect Help:

Home (Help) > Using Mindjet Connect Vision > Using maps and files > Mapping in Mindjet Connect Vision > Keyboard shortcuts

I have asked Mindjet why on the Mindjet Community thread “Why are shortcut keys not consistent across applications?

Show/Hide Tool – Implications and Uses

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

On the View ribbon in the Detail section there is a tool called Show/Hide. It operates on objects like: hyperlinks, notes, relationships etc.

Show/Hide tool on the View Ribbon in MindManager 2012


Show/Hide Dropdown showing options in MindManager 2012

The full list is in the drop down where you can enable and disable various objects from being visible in the map.

Why would you hide them?

  • To declutter the map
  • To enable you to focus on certain objects
  • Because you need them for creating the map but not when it is exported to Word or the Web. e.g. Comments or Notes Icons.
  • Remember not to confuse people by sending them maps with relevant items turned off e.g. Notes Icons in a book map. They may not know about this tool.

Hiding some objects does have side effects which are reasonable after you have thought about them for a moment.

Here are the ones I can think of if you hide the object:

  • Relationships, Call Outs and Floating Topics – You cannot add a new ones. The tools are greyed out on the ribbon.
  • Hyperlinks – You cannot click on the link anymore. You can hide them for web export to declutter and the topics will still be clickable. If you select the topic and type Ctrl-j the link will work.
  • Attachments – Similar to hyperlinks and Ctrl-Shift-t will open the management panel.
  • Icons – You can still Power Filter using them.
  • Tag Group Names – If you are only using one group for instance “Departments”, you don’t need to repeat it on every topic with tag text.

Do you have any more uses or implications for the Show/Hide feature?

Tips for formatting and splitting topics

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Inspired by receiving a reply from the HMRC (UK Tax) as a continuous string of text punctuated but not paragraphed.

A few tips for formatting topics:

  1. Splitting Text: You can split the text in a topic into topics or sub topics using the context menu (Right click) > Split Topic or short cut keys:
    • Select the text to move to the new topic then Shift-Alt-Down for new topic or Shift-Alt-Right for a subtopic.
    • Select the topic then Ctrl-Alt-Enter to create a new topics. Ctrl-Alt -Insert will produce subtopics.  I thought this would be for each word or at each punctuation remark but it was that not definite. Experiment!
    • Useful for splitting a list of words: “red, blue, green, yellow” or a piece of text from an email or document for analysis and comment.
  2. Topic Width: You can drag the left and right hand blue edges of a selected topic to increase or decrease its width.  If you want to apply this width to the other topics in the map, Right click > Format Topic > Map Theme > Save in Default Theme for This Map.
  3. Line Breaks: Shift-Enter will insert a line break in topic text. Useful for formatting the Central Topic and lists or paragraphs in topics.
  4. Seeing all the options: Right click the topic > Use Font or Format Topic to see all formatting options.  Or use the little dropdown box in the Ribbon Sections for Font or Object Format.

Do you have any more?