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Things I do to speed up my use of MindManager

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Here are some quick things I do to speed up my use of MindManager:

  1. Add frequently used functions to the Quick Access Toolbar by right clicking > Add to Quick Access Toolbar.You can order and group them by right clicking the QAT > Customise Quick Access Toolbar
  2. Declutter your menus and ribbons by disabling any Add Ins (this includes some that come with the application) you don’t use.  File > Options >Add Ins. e.g. most users don’t have Microsoft Project installed and can’t use the import and export.
  3. If your PC or the app crashes improve your chances of recovering the file by File > Options > Save: Tick – Always create a backup copy & I have Auto Recover set to 5 minutes.
  4. MindManager files are zip files (try copying and then changing a .mmap to .zip and look inside).  I use  File > Options > Save: Compression on saving: Super Fast.  This will increase file sizes.
  5. I like to have MindManager reopen all the maps I was working on when I closed it.  File > Options > General > Reopen last open local maps on startup
  6. If you are not using Mindjet Connect disable the Sign in on startup.  File > Options > Mindjet Connect
  7. Use the My Maps Task Pane to organise your maps into Projects, Clients, Administration groups. Attach frequently accessed folders.
  8. Create a master map which links to frequently used maps, folders and files.
  9. If you can’t see something on a map which you expected to be there: Try removing the filter or View > Detail > Show/Hide to turn the object type back on!
  10. My favourite short cuts keys are: Ctrl-f5 (to centre and fill the window), Ctrl-d (select a topic to toggle level of detail), Ctrl-t (to toggle the Notes view) and f3 (select a topic, f3 centres it and closes down other topics’ sub-topics)

My topics and comments in the Mindjet Community

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

One day I thought I would analyse what subjects I had been commenting on and initiating in the Mindjet Community.  I have dragged and dropped 120 of them on to this map.  Some repeat frequently e.g. about licenses on more than one PC or Mac. Many are unique. Some require a common answer e.g. a hyperlink to the Mindjet Download Archive and the Technical Support page.

I have grouped the threads. Publishing, Editing, Licensing and User Interface have the most threads.  But I have not attempted to answer many of the Mobile and Connect issues except where I have the same problem, they are for Mindjet to resolve.

Perhaps a quick review by you will spot a bug you have as well or maybe there is a solution to something that has blocked your use of Mindjet’s products.

I have published in three formats:

  • Immediately below – The Flash Viewer – which will probably take a while to load.
  • Then further down, you can download the map.
  • And finally a clickable text outline. Produced with a customised web export which you can scroll down (which means the search engines will know something about the threads I have been commenting on 🙂 )

Mindjet Community Topics Andrew Wilcox has commented on

1. Collaboration

1.1 Templates etc.

1.1.1 Sharing MapParts for more users in a bureau Network

1.1.2 Is the Package Folder function available in Mac and Connect

1.2 Sharing

1.2.1 Sharing and collaborating online (Connect vs Catalyst)

1.2.2 How do I share Mind Maps with attachments

1.3 Document Management

1.3.1 Lock down the map from copying

1.4 Connect

1.4.1 I have an account but no personal folder

1.4.2 Tips and tricks on using Connect with Evernote

1.4.3 Can I change the Connect task date format

1.4.4 Can you copy or move topics between maps

1.4.5 Why does Connect not offer a bulk export function for backups

2. Customisation

2.1 Map Markers

2.1.1 adding new icons to libraries

2.1.2 Add definition or description to a topic

2.1.3 Duplicate Tag Text not permitted in different Tag Groups

2.2 Background

2.2.1 How to add a logo

3. Editing

3.1 Formatting

3.1.1 Topic Balloon size formatting

3.1.2 Anybody use a virtual yellow sticky note mapping look

3.1.3 Being able to freeform move subtopics around

3.1.4 Is there a way to manually adjust the position of topics so they stay where you want them on a map

3.1.5 Aufzählungszeichen Bullets

3.1.6 Hiding tags

3.1.7 Wordwrap on topic boxes

3.2 Hyperlinks & Attachments

3.2.1 How do you get a hyperlink to appear in a new window

3.2.2 OneNote hyperlinking does not work

3.2.3 Rename Hyperlinks

3.3 Linked Maps

3.3.1 Single map view

3.3.2 can i create a new Linked map in a Linked map

3.3.3 Automatic update between linked main map and sub map

3.3.4 how do I import one mindmap into another

3.3.5 Linking Maps & Retaining Third Level Visibility & Gant Chart Functionality

3.3.6 Hyperlink lost after SaveAs

3.3.7 Is it possible to embed a mindmap

3.4 Connect

3.4.1 Text notes disappear

3.5 Topic Notes

3.5.1 MM2012 removes leading spaces in text notes

3.5.2 Problem during notes editing in Connect

3.5.3 Problem with encoding when map is based on a Word doc

3.6 Styles

3.6.1 Set boundary style as a default style

4. Files and Folders

4.1 Management

4.1.1 Importing directory hierarchy in version 12

4.1.2 Editing Windows folder names and hierarchies within MM maps

4.2 Importing

4.2.1 Not importing Word document correctly

4.3 Map Formats

4.3.1 Cannot open previous created maps in MindManager 2012

4.3.2 How do I open a .xmind file

4.3.3 Import from a mpp file (Ms Project)

4.3.4 Mindjet data files

4.3.5 Import Freemind maps

5. Grumpy Old Men

5.1 Poor Application Performance

5.1.1 Mindmanager.exe (2012) consumes 10%CPU when IDLE!

5.1.2 Mindmanager pen mode freezes after short use

5.1.3 Slow response time for everything inside a mmap

5.1.4 Start Menu Taskbar icon trouble

5.1.5 Password protected map opens without entering a password!

5.2 Web Sites

5.2.1 I can’t find the Technical Support form on the Mindjet web site via the menu

5.2.2 Why do you not Tweet the news of your partners

5.3 Mindjet’s relationship with others

5.3.1 Why do you not Tweet the news of your partners

6. Importing/Exporting

6.1 Excel

6.1.1 Importing map topic and sub-topics from Excel

6.2 File formats

6.2.1 Save Mindjet Mindmaps as .mm on Ipad

7. Knowledge Management

7.1 Connecting maps without clouds

8. Licensing and Downloads

8.1 Use

8.1.1 Is Floating License possible

8.1.2 About user licence.

8.1.3 Power of old license

8.1.4 Single user license and changing computers

8.1.5 MM8MM9 and MM2012 installed on the same computer

8.1.6 Old Mindmanager license not compatible with current download

8.1.7 I need to get our license key which I lost.

8.1.8 Safe to remove MindManager 9 and Project Jetpack after MindManager 2012 upgrade

8.1.9 License when running two operating systems (Windows 7, Windows 8) on the same computer Can I use the same license key

8.1.10 reinstalling Mind Manager X5 Pro

8.1.11 Install on second computer


8.2.1 Where can I download version 8

8.3 Connect

8.3.1 Can ́t buy Connect Business for 1 or 2 user

8.4 Mac or PC

8.4.1 Change the License to a Mac License

9. Mobile

9.1 Android

9.1.1 cannot see attachment in the existing map created using PC

9.1.2 How to open interactive pdf with Android device

9.1.3 How do I export from Mindjet Android to Mind Manager viewer

9.2 IPad

9.2.1 Down loading maps to my IPad

9.2.2 Problem with links on Mindjet for iPad

9.2.3 Problem with links on Mindjet for iPad

9.2.4 How to delete a (sub)topic

10. Project Planning & Task Management

10.1 Outlook

10.1.1 Outlook Sync of tasks how to avoid synchronizing e.g. color of category, priority,…

10.2 MS Project

10.2.1 Microsoft Project Dates Importing Incorrectly

10.2.2 Fix to fully export to MS Project

10.2.3 Import from a mpp file (Ms Project)

10.3 Connect

10.3.1 Can I change the Connect task date format

10.4 General

10.4.1 Todo list over sevaral mindmaps using database

10.4.2 Numbered, hierarchical WBS Structure

10.4.3 Tasks Assignment to Multiple People

10.4.4 The resources field

10.4.5 Can I change the Connect task date format

11. Publishing

11.1 Exporting

11.1.1 Embedding Attachments into Word or HTML Export

11.1.2 Multi-User Access

11.1.3 MM2012 export to excel

11.1.4 Make setting default values for Export settings easier to do

11.1.5 Exporting notes

11.2 Printing or PDF

11.2.1 How do I make my map bigger for printing purposes

11.2.2 export to PDF of a big map (500 Mo) never completed…

11.2.3 Export as mindjet player (PDF) error

11.2.4 PDF not displaying mindmap styles

11.2.5 export to PDF of a big map (500 Mo) never completed…

11.2.6 Export to Mindjet Viewer (PDF or SWF) does not fit to screen.

11.3 Presenting

11.3.1 power point presentation

11.3.2 slide management

11.4 Sending

11.4.1 MM2012 crashes when trying to send topic to word

12. User Interface

12.1 Templates

12.1.1 How do you get your most used map templates to the top of the list

12.2 Viewing

12.2.1 Bringing already open map to front instead of opening 2nd copy

12.2.2 Single map view

12.2.3 Auto Center Map on Click

12.2.4 How can I view a relationship in iOS if one end is collapsed

12.3 Restoring your Quick Access Toolbar Settings

12.3.1 Personal settings lost after Mind Manager update

12.3.2 Quick Access Toolbar

12.4 Customisation

12.4.1 Icons adding new icons to libraries

12.5 Keyboard Shortcuts

12.5.1 Task Pane Tabs & Shortcuts

12.5.2 Where are the keyboard shortcuts

12.6 Memory

12.6.1 Out of memory but not much open

13. Wish List

13.1 MindManager Windows

13.1.1 Linking Sub-topics possible

13.1.2 I would like to add an Outlook Distribution List to a map

13.1.3 Notes zoom to fill screen, rather than open panel, when in presentation mode

13.1.4 Aufzählungszeichen Bullets

13.1.5 Tips and tricks on using Connect with Evernote

13.1.6 Drawing lines freehand

13.1.7 Browser integration

13.1.8 MindJet for Writers

13.2 Vision

13.2.1 Insert Table function inside Notes on Vision

Managing a deceased estate with a checklist and hyperlinked MindManager map

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Sometime in your life you have to manage the affairs of someone who has died. Which is what I am doing now. I thought I would share my general checkmap and links with you. I have another specific one for tracking the estate I am the executor for. The hyperlinks are for those in the UK. If I have missed anything please tell me!

Executor General Executor General.mmap Executor General.mmap pa04-eng.pdf pa04-eng.pdf HMRC Return of Estate Information Inheritance Tax not expected.pdf HMRC Return of Estate Information Inheritance Tax not expected.pdf Probate Notice of Issue.pdf Probate Notice of Issue.pdf Probate Application Form.pdf Probate Application Form.pdf Probate Acknowledgement of Service.pdf Probate Acknowledgement of Service.pdf Funeral.mmap Funeral.mmap Probate Fees pa03-eng.pdf Probate Fees pa03-eng.pdf Probate Application for a Search.pdf Probate Application for a Search.pdf IHT 205 Guidance Notes - iht206-2006-1.pdf IHT 205 Guidance Notes - iht206-2006-1.pdf Probate Claim Form.pdf Probate Claim Form.pdf

My basic tips for using MindManager to manage information

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Assuming you are using the PC version:

  • Select a topic > right click > Send to new map: to break large maps in to smaller linked ones.
  • Drag and drop maps (and other files) from File Explorer to existing maps.
  • Drag and drop hyperlinks from your browser.
  • For instance a map containing your favourite web pages can be linked to from many other maps.
  • Use Linked Maps or Multimap view to print, export and combine theses linked maps.

Can you get your files back if MindManager or your PC crashes?

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Yes. A long term client just called after MindManager had misbehaved with just this question.  Nothing was lost because it seems she followed my advice from many years ago and the Auto Recovery pane appeared when she restarted MindManager.

You need to set something in the Options first.

Click File > Options > Save

Tick the AutoRecover box and I set the time to 5 minutes.

If you are working on many big maps you might want to change the Compression on Saving to SuperFast. If you are running out of disk space then Maximum Compression could be better.

On this screen there is also the Always create a backup copy .BAK before saving. I tick that box as well. It creates a copy of your map in the same folder with a .BAK extension. You can revert to if you decide your work since you last saved was: pointless, a mess, no longer valid after the conversation with the client etc. Don’t save (but you could save a copy), just close the map, go the folder and remove the .BAK extension to get your original map back.

In extremis you will find MindManager’s temporary map files in this directory or similar:

Hope this helps.  There are some other options tips in the Related Items below.

Mindjet Connect Keyboard Shortcut Keys – Spot the Difference

Monday, February 27th, 2012

There are a few differences to ones I have been used to with MindManager since 1996:

Function MindManager 2012
and all the previous versions
Mindjet Connect
Fit Map to Window Ctrl-F5 Shift-F5
Toggle Level of Detail Ctrl-D Ctrl-Shift-D
Focus on Topic F3 Shift-F3

Have you spotted any other differences?

You can find a list of all the keyboard shorcuts in Connect Help:

Home (Help) > Using Mindjet Connect Vision > Using maps and files > Mapping in Mindjet Connect Vision > Keyboard shortcuts

I have asked Mindjet why on the Mindjet Community thread “Why are shortcut keys not consistent across applications?

Managing your Project Portfolio with MindManager

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

In the early 90s, I was one of 4 project managers in a 50 person systems integrator.  I used MindManager to rapidly access the 10-20 projects I was responsible for.

I had a top level map with links to individual project maps on the RHS and links to general info on the LHS e.g. expenses, holidays, project manager’s weekly meeting minutes, the resource Microsoft Project plan for all projects.

Each project map linked to the project plan, requirements, project folder, active correspondence in Outlook, specifications, drawings, etc.

I used MindManager to map management of the project within the IT and quality system’s rules to suit myself. I  marked it up (priority, completeness), added actions and reminders, and structured it (i.e. most important project at the top, not ordered by project no.) to give me a state of play picture.

When I was  tapped on the shoulder, I could get to the relevant file to answer the bosses or engineer’s question in a few alt tabs (to get to MindManager if it was not the foreground program) and about three clicks.

I am still doing this today to run Cabre.

What techniques have you been using for a long time with MindManager?

Thanks to Chuck Frey for asking a question in the Yahoo MindManager Group which inspired this blog.

How do you use My Maps in MindManager?

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Do you use the My Maps tab on the right hand side of the MindManager user interface? I do.

Map shortcuts allow you organise collections of related maps.
Folder shortcuts gives you access to maps in your existing folders.

My Maps tab - folders and mapsThis is my general approach:

  • Map Shortcuts – collection title types
    • Index maps
    • Current projects, clients, product development
    • To do
    • Recurring presentations
  • Folder Shortcut
    • Projects
    • Clients


  • Both
    • Right click to remove, rename etc.
    • e.g. Use rename to
      • Add index numbers prior to the name to force the sorting by priority
      • Add the client name before the project folder name
  • Maps
    • Maps can appear in more than one folder
  • Folders
    • Sub-folders are not visible
    • Right click to open the folder in Windows Explorer to see all files and sub-folders

To make both sections work effectively you will need to cull the old folders and maps you no longer use. (I did some of that before taking the screenshot 🙂 )

Consider moving clients, projects etc to archive folders with Windows Explorer and link the parent archive folder to the Folders section in MindManager. Remember moving map locations can disrupt links from and to maps. All maps and files with relative links in a folder structure will work when they are all moved to a new location e.g a project with files and sub-folders.

Before you embark on organising your My Maps tab consider doing the all above in a master map. You can link folders, maps and files. You can show folders and sub-folders in a hierarchal structure. You mark the links and then filter the map.

Either way you have to be disciplined about it.

How do you do it?

The MindManager Options I change from the default values

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

MindManager has a range of settings which are accessed via the File tab > Options. Here are the ones I change, most are applicable to previous versions of MindManager. Click OK whenever you change a page of settings.

  1. General
    • I tick Reopen last open maps on start up but if like a cleanstart use the Open document on startup: to point at your dashboard map.
    • I raise the Recently used files list: to its maximum 15
    • I untick Enable online help. Normally the built in help is enough
  2. Edit
    • I untick Auto-balance new main topics.  It disconcerts me when main topics start moving.
  3. Save
    • I tick Prompt for Map Properties on first save  Just I ever want to add some meta tags to the map and it shows you whether you are identified as the author etc. of the map.
    • I Always create a backup copy .BAK before saving maps. Self preservation in a hostile environment.
    • I Save Autorecover info every 5 minutes. As above.
    • I set Compression on saving to Super Fast. Disc space is less of problem these days and you don’t want to be held up by the auto recover save every 5 minutes.
  4. User Information
    • Fill it in. It is automatically transferred to map properties. Note it will not overwrite information that is in a template map e.g. Mindjet’s
    • I have never found out where the web site and logo information are used. They could be incorporated in a web export.
  5. Spelling
    • If your text is being incorrectly corrected the Autocorrect Options are in here. 🙂
  6. Topic Alerts
    • If you don’t want your Topic alerts synchronised with Outlook untick.
  7. Add-ins
    • Turn off the ones you don’t use, including those that come with MindManager. eg MPX and MS Project Export

Hope you find that helpful.  Do you have any recommendations or questions?

Speeding up MindManager 9 and previous versions

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Here are my tips for reducing the time it takes to load and to speed up MindManager.


  • Options > Add Ins > Disable all those you do not use
  • Options > Catalyst > Disable if you do not use it as your main mode of use
    On my PC, MindManager was ready to use after 27 seconds if Catalyst with sign in is enabled on start up and 18 seconds disabled.
  • Disconnect from any databases and SharePoint Servers you are not using.


  • Choose a start up map strategy.  Your choices are:
    • Options > Save reopen last open local maps on startup (My preference)
    • Options > General > Open document on startup
      • New
      • Existing e.g. your current project or personal dashboard
    • Or do not open a map on start up
  • Add your favourite maps and folders to the My Maps pane. Cull unused maps and folders.
  • Reduce the number of folders in your Library pane.  MindManager refreshes the links everytime you open this pane.
  • Options > Spelling – Disable check spelling as you type
  • Options > Turn off any visual effects you do not need
  • Close maps which you are not using and have these characteristics:
    • Hundreds of topics
    • Attachments
    • Map parts: Outlook, Excel, News Feeds, Web Services, Sharepoint, Databases
    • Catalyst maps

Do you have any more suggestions?