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The MindManager Brainstorm Test

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Many of you will be using MindManager to brainstorm, mind storm or word storm. I wonder how quick you are at it?

Take this test and then publish your results by commenting on this blog.

Normal brainstorming rules apply:

  1. Don’t argue with yourself as you enter the words
  2. Try to use single words. Perhaps word pairs but not sentences! It will slow you down.

Here is how I would like you to proceed:

  1. Make sure you can see a clock with a second hand.
  2. Clear your mind.
  3. Pick your topic and think about it for 30 seconds. For this speed test I suggest it is something you have been thinking about recently or are currently working on and not a brand new topic.
  4. Start the clock. You have three minutes.
  5. Open a new MindManager map and enter the Central Topic
  6. Start entering your words as Main Topics. Don’t organise them or add Sub-Topics. Main Topics only.
  7. Stop when three minutes have elapsed. Count the Words and Topics entered. Hint: MindManager Button > Prepare > Properties > Statistics
  8. Publish your result as a comment in this blog.

I will publish my result and my tips for this process in a couple of days.

If you want a more elaborate test. Record how many topics and words after 60s, 120s & 180s. Just put a marker in the map and count them at the end of the test. I wonder if there is a trend that one third is more productive than another.

If you are not a MindManager users but you do the test, please publish your results and the application you used.

Have fun.

MindManager 8 – Tips, Tricks and Work Arounds

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

In the Cabre Community I am starting to assemble small tricks and tips which will help you get more out of MindManager 8. It also covers how to deal with things that do not behave quite as I expected. You can join the community and post your own tips and tricks or just ask questions.

My first two are:

1. The default owner for all the map templates is Mindjet. To save you changing this in every map when it is saved visit this tip.

2. MindManager 8 has a new set of images etc. If you want to continue using the old ones this tip will be useful.

Of course most of the tips I previously gave for MindManager 7 are valid for MindManager 8.

Using MindManager’s Map Part – File Explorer to find lost folders

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

I just “lost” some folders when I moved them from one disc to another. In Windows Explorer you cannot see the folder “organigram”. You can only see the the contents of one folder at a time. So hunting for the lost folders was getting a bit frustrating.

Then I remembered the MindManager – File Explorer map part. It also maps folders. My process was:

  • Open a new map
  • Open Map Parts > File Explorer
  • Add an All Folders part
  • Browse to the parent directory where you think they are “lost”
  • The folder structure is added to your map.
  • You can spot folders that have folders in them. They have plus signs!

Thanks MindManager now I have found where I “hid” the MindManager 2002 icons! Next time I must take more care dragging and dropping.