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Ribbon Customisation in Mindjet 11

Monday, October 29th, 2012

It’s another new feature of the latest version of MindManager now called Mindjet 11. Mindjet say in their release notes “Modify existing menus or create your own customisable ribbon menu. Users can keep most-used commands visible for easy access and improved productivity. Right click on the ribbon menu to see the customise ribbon option in the context menu.”

Here is what I discovered:

Right clicking a ribbon brings up this window –

Customise Ribbon - Mindjet 11 (was MindManager) - Adding new Ribbons and editing existing ones

My first attempt was to remove the Sharepoint Items from the Map Data group on the Insert ribbon. This was not possible. Michael Deutch answered my request for help in the Mindjet Community post “Why are the options to Add and Remove greyed out in the Customize Ribbon pane?“. This is what you can do:

  • Remove groups from an existing Ribbon e.g. Map Data from the Insert Ribbon
  • You can add groups to an existing Ribbon e.g. Tablet > Ink (which includes Insert Sketch) to the Insert Ribbon
  • You can create a new Ribbon e.g. Presentation and populate this with the predefined groups e.g. Zoom and/or add a New Group to which you can add individual commands.
  • Finally you can reset the Ribbons to their default settings.

You can’t:

  • Remove or add commands to an existing group.

How could I use this functionality:

  • Adding Tablet commands to existing Ribbons
  • Creating new Ribbons with all the tools I use for exporting to Word and the Web
  • Create a new Ribbon for Presentations or Project Management

Will this new feature be of any use to you?

Don’t forget you can customise the Quick Acces Toolbar as well.

Installing Mindjet 11 and issues I encountered

Friday, September 21st, 2012

This is what happened when I installed Mindjet 11 to upgrade MindManager 2012.

  1. Had to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Full.  It takes a while to download, make a cup of coffee.
  2. Main installation process worked normally.
  3. My Quick Access toolbar settings from MindManager 2012 were maintained! 🙂 As were My Maps.  But my Themes, Templates and Map Parts were not copied to Mindjet 11.
  4. The Mindjet Connect connection was transferred and became my Mindjet Files.
  5. Files created by previous versions of MindManager are not opened in Mindjet 11 after installation.  e.g. Open Windows File Explorer > Double click MindManager file and it opens in MindManager 2012.  I have not had to manually make the association before.In Windows 7 > Control Panel > Default Programs > Set Associations for.mmap to Mindjet 11.  Now clicking MindManager files opens them in Mindjet 11.Oddly all other MindManager 11 file types e.g. .mmas .mmat have been associated with Mindjet 11.

I will add more “discoveries” to this blog via comments.  Please add your own as well.  And don’t forget to tell Mindjet about them via the Technical Support form or the Mindjet Community.