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Ribbon Customisation in Mindjet 11

Monday, October 29th, 2012

It’s another new feature of the latest version of MindManager now called Mindjet 11. Mindjet say in their release notes “Modify existing menus or create your own customisable ribbon menu. Users can keep most-used commands visible for easy access and improved productivity. Right click on the ribbon menu to see the customise ribbon option in the context menu.”

Here is what I discovered:

Right clicking a ribbon brings up this window –

Customise Ribbon - Mindjet 11 (was MindManager) - Adding new Ribbons and editing existing ones

My first attempt was to remove the Sharepoint Items from the Map Data group on the Insert ribbon. This was not possible. Michael Deutch answered my request for help in the Mindjet Community post “Why are the options to Add and Remove greyed out in the Customize Ribbon pane?“. This is what you can do:

  • Remove groups from an existing Ribbon e.g. Map Data from the Insert Ribbon
  • You can add groups to an existing Ribbon e.g. Tablet > Ink (which includes Insert Sketch) to the Insert Ribbon
  • You can create a new Ribbon e.g. Presentation and populate this with the predefined groups e.g. Zoom and/or add a New Group to which you can add individual commands.
  • Finally you can reset the Ribbons to their default settings.

You can’t:

  • Remove or add commands to an existing group.

How could I use this functionality:

  • Adding Tablet commands to existing Ribbons
  • Creating new Ribbons with all the tools I use for exporting to Word and the Web
  • Create a new Ribbon for Presentations or Project Management

Will this new feature be of any use to you?

Don’t forget you can customise the Quick Acces Toolbar as well.

Installing Mindjet 11 and issues I encountered

Friday, September 21st, 2012

This is what happened when I installed Mindjet 11 to upgrade MindManager 2012.

  1. Had to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Full.  It takes a while to download, make a cup of coffee.
  2. Main installation process worked normally.
  3. My Quick Access toolbar settings from MindManager 2012 were maintained! 🙂 As were My Maps.  But my Themes, Templates and Map Parts were not copied to Mindjet 11.
  4. The Mindjet Connect connection was transferred and became my Mindjet Files.
  5. Files created by previous versions of MindManager are not opened in Mindjet 11 after installation.  e.g. Open Windows File Explorer > Double click MindManager file and it opens in MindManager 2012.  I have not had to manually make the association before.In Windows 7 > Control Panel > Default Programs > Set Associations for.mmap to Mindjet 11.  Now clicking MindManager files opens them in Mindjet 11.Oddly all other MindManager 11 file types e.g. .mmas .mmat have been associated with Mindjet 11.

I will add more “discoveries” to this blog via comments.  Please add your own as well.  And don’t forget to tell Mindjet about them via the Technical Support form or the Mindjet Community.

iPad mind mapping – iThoughtsHD – Will the world change?

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

I had a wide ranging chat with Craig Scott yesterday about his app iThoughtsHD and other mind mapping software.  It really is a new world when I can answer the question “Andrew, what is a good mind mapping app on the iPad?” I say “iThoughtsHD”. The questioner buys it for £5.99 and downloads it in front you.  Two minutes later they are using it.  That is a rather a different “sale” to MindManager on the PC or Mac desktop!  Here are Craig’s thoughts about his application on Visual Mapper: Mindmapping in a post-PC world

We did not know the answers to many of the questions we raised in our discussion, perhaps you can help?

Will iPad mind mapping apps eat the bottom end out of the desktop market or will it stimulate people to buy the extra functions of MindManager et al for their desktops?

Will the iPad produce more collaborative ventures than the desktop?  You have limited storage on the iPad,  so you must connect to some cloud storage e.g. Dropbox, at some point.

Craig knew of a private school where groups of  pupils were getting iPads. Will the platform and low cost of apps revolutionise the education process?  See what Fraser Speirs thinks

Does the Android Tablet have a chance against the iPad?  The mind mapping software on Android is not as prevalent as on the iPad.  I have Thinking Space on an HTC Wildfire.

What size is the cloud based mind mapping software user base?

Interesting times.  What do you think?

Upgrading to MindManager 9 from previous versions tips

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

If you are running a previous version of MindManager, here are some precautions I take when installing a new version:
Note: I have been running the Beta and MindManager 8 in parallel for several weeks and I am being more cautious than the average user upgrading generally needs to be.

  • Download a copy of MindManager 9 Windows
  • Backup your PC – So you can restore if required.
  • Make a copy of your existing MindManager AppData folder if running the beta
  • Export a copy of the Mindjet registry entry
  • Take a screen shot of your Quick Access Toolbar layout. You only get the default few after installation.
  • Export this key from your registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mindjet\MindManager\8\User Interface\BCGRibbonBar-59398  Substitute 8 with 7 if required. Not valid for 6 and less.
  • If you have MindManager 8 for SharePoint or installed the SharePoint add in with the Beta take a copy of the SharePoint URLs.
  • Close all the MS Office applications and Internet Explorer.  Outlook can be processing for some time after closure. Ctrl-Alt-Esc will reveal what applications and processes are running.
  • Install MindManager 9

I hope you do not need to access any of the backups I just suggested but………..

After installation you should find:

  • Your Map Parts, My Maps: Map Shortcuts & Folder Shortcuts, Library Images, Package Folders, Map Markers, Map Templates, Map Styles, Marker Lists have all contain your custom items and the revised or new items that come with MindManager 9.
  • You will have to install any third party addins after the supplier has issued a MindManager 9 version e.g. Results Manager, Power Markers, etc.  This may take a few days or weeks to happen.
  • Note: JCVGantt Pro is not being updated to work with MindManager 9.  Some of the functionality is built in to MindManager 9.  You can continue running your MindManager 8 or 7 license to make use of JCVGantt Pro. Remember JCVGantt Pro can run standalone and will import MindManager .mmap or MS Project .mpp files.
  • Your option settings are all as they were, where still valid.
  • When I upgraded from the Beta version of the SharePoint Add In I lost the SharePoint URLS in the Options settings but I think that was a self inflicted glitch.

Which means most of the hard work is done.

  • But the Quick Access Toolbar just shows a few default buttons. You have two choices now:
    • Mouse or pen activity: Recreate the Quick Access Tool Bar by right clicking ribbon tools. If you want them to be in the same order as before, refer to your screen shot or open MindManager 7 or 8.  This is also an opportunity for a tidy up.  For MindManager 8, Mindjet recommended being conservative with the total number of Quick Access Toolbar buttons.  I will take a more liberal approach and see if it survives.
    • Scary registry stuff not for the faint hearted or those that know nearly nothing or less than nothing about the registry.  YOU ARE DOING THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK:
      • Close MindManager 9
      • Export this key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mindjet\MindManager\9\User Interface\BCGRibbonBar-59398 to somewhere safe. You might want it back.
      • Open the old registry key with Notepad ++ or similar and change the version 7 or 8 to 9.  Save. Cross your non-mouse fingers and run.
      • Your old Quick Access Toolbar tools will appear when you restart MindManager.
      • BUT many of the File options including Export to Web, Word etc. do not have a Quick Access Toolbar equivalent in MindManager 9.  Which means they could be lurking disruptively in your imported toolbar.  If you are unhappy about this like me, please tell Mindjet. That is not the lurking but the unavailable bit.

Good luck with your upgrade.  Remember it is £79 plus VAT in the UK until 30 September 2010 and then rises to £99 plus VAT.  Please, contact me if you would like to order an upgrade.

Win a MindManager 9 Windows License – Survey and Question

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

MindManager 9 Logo

Complete the short survey and answer the crucial question to get a chance of winning a MindManager 9 Windows license worth £199 plus VAT. Competitions close 10:00 BST Friday 27 August.  This competition is open to all readers of this blog.

Click here to complete the survey and enter the competition

I am running other competitions on:

Download MindManager 9 Windows Free Trial

Applying Context Discovery to the Election Debate Mind Maps

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

In my previous two posts you can see mind maps summarising the content of the UK Election TV Debates between the main party leaders Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg.  I have been waiting to find an application for Context Discovery with my online and one chinese meal in Soho friend, Henry Lewkowicz.  These maps seem ideal there is lots of content and it’s not easy to get an objective overview.  I installed Context Discovery Mindmanager option and this is what happened.

I exported the MindManager maps to MS Word. You can’t run Context Discovery on the map, it operates on documents and web pages linked to the map.  There is a new set of Context Discovery commands in the Add ins toolbar of MindManager which allow you to set the parameters such as how many Top Keywords and whether to include summaries.  You then select the linked topic, click the Insert Content command and the magic happens.

I thought there was some overlap between the two debates but the Context Discovery map seems to say otherwise.  Only “jobs” is in the top ten of both debates.  Note: the maps are my precis of their words and not a transcript.

Context Discovery Analysis of UK General Election Debates
Scroll to the right to see the keywords etc.

What does this map represent about the debates: is it the number of occurences of the keywords, the relevance to the title.  So here is an opportunity for Henry or anyone else to tell us what it means.

Analysing the Strengths and Weaknesses of Mind Mapping Software Applications

Friday, October 16th, 2009

You can do this as a solo effort with MindManager. You could invite a few people to your Mindjet Catalyst account to add their comments but they would mostly be MindManager users only. With MindMeister you can set up a map which can be edited by anyone as a no cost Wiki Map. If you want to edit the map below, you will need a free (and limited) MindMeister account.

There are customers for all the mind mapping applications but not all the potential customers can access all the applications or justify or need all the features of the more sophisticated ones. This is not about deciding which is best overall but which is best for your needs. Obviously I am interested in how MindManager stacks up against the rest.

Lets see what happens: