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The MindManager versus iMindMap Election Debate

Friday, April 30th, 2010

I am still a novice at using iMindMap, perhaps 40-60 hours on the job. I have been using MindManager most days since 1996.  So comparing the products is quite difficult for me.  I am pre-programmed to use MindManager.  Anyway I thought there is only way to see if iMindMap works for me and that is to give it the 90 minute debate test!  I covered the first priministerial debate with MindManager and the second with MindMeister.  Here is how iMindMap performed.

Once you get used to the Speed Mapping mode, it performs as well as  MindManager with some occasional blips but they could be operator error. Definitely more reliable than MindMeister (but it’s an online tool).  So recording the debate was relatively easy.  As with the other debates I set mains branches and people for 8 blank questions and the statements.  With the appropriate colour coding. I made a deliberate choice to use CAPITALS only.   I did not have the fluidity to make corrections on the fly as I do with MindManager.  Dragging branches is not the same.  No red shadow as per MindManager.  Then the real differences begin.

I deliberately did not want to replicate the linear layout of MindManager and choose the organic setting for Speed Mapping.  This leaves a considerable white space on the map. Good for reading on a A3 sheet but not for maximising the content in a browser screen.  So the result you see below took another hour or two of tweeking post debate to get the best I can achieve.  MindManager has the advantage of global settings that can be applied to topics with regard to vertical and horizontal spacing etc.  This allows you to make instant changes to the topic density on the map.

The result is definitely more organic than a MindManager map.

  • Is it easier to read?
  • Is it more memorable?
  • Is it more stimulating?
  • What do you think?

Third UK Election Debate – 29 April 2010 – BBC

Web Page Notes

1. The header,  footer and general layout are produced by a MindManager web export template Cabre created.

2. The iMindMap is an exported PNG image, converted to GIF, reduced to 90% of original size to speed up page loading and then added to the HTML.

3. The indented text outline is cut from the iMindMap web export of the map with some CSS editing to adjust the styles to work outside of an iframe.  This is a significant plus point of the iMindMap web export. The text on your map images can then be seen by Google et al.

So you may not be able to do this at home !)

Printing with MindManager

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

A recurring frustration with MindManager is that users cannot produce print outs with the font sizes that match those shown in the Format Font ribbon or pop up pane. The rule you have to remember in printing with MindManager is that it will fill the sheet you print it to. The printed font depends upon:

  • The sheet size A4 A3 Letter etc.
  • The size of the margins
  • The aspect ratio of your map and the sheet orientation (landscape or portrait) e.g. Wide and short maps will have smaller text on a portrait sheet compared to a landscape sheet

What action can you take to increase the font size on the printed map?

  • Split the map up into several maps: Select a topic > Right click > Send to new linked map
  • Print main topics: Print range > Primary selected topic
  • Use the poster printing option “Scaling” in the Print Map pop up
  • Decrease the margins, remove the border and, header and footer
  • Alter the aspect ratio
    • Change the default width of your topics.  Wide topics work well in landscape, narrow in portrait: Right click a topic > Format Topic > Size and Margins >Adjust Preferred width > Style > Save as New Style Default
    • Adjust topic width manually: Drag the edges of the topic.
    • Use the Tree Growth Direction to tuck sub topics under their parent topic
    • Reduce the inter topic spacing: Select parent or central topic, Right Click > Format Topic > Subtopics Layout > Distance from parent and Distance between siblings. Click Style (bottom right of this window) and Save as New Style Default
    • You have more control over Main Topic position if you drag them by the pin where the line from the Central Topic joins the Main Topic
Printing with MindManager

Use Print Range and Scaling to control printed font size

Print set up with MindManager

Use Page Setup (Map Print) to remove header, footer, border and adjust margins

Adjusting topic width in MindManager

Use Format Topic > Size and Margins to adjust topic width

A MindManager map of Simon Campbell CEO of ViaPost’s presentation to Entrepreneurs World

Monday, March 2nd, 2009
Last Wednesday I attended the Central London meeting of Entrepreneurs World. They provide a forum for entrepreneurs and investors to meet regularly. At their meetings there is a guest presenter and for this meeting Simon Campbell told us about ViaPost. This new product enables you post a document from your PC and have delivered to your addressee as printed paper for 27p!

Some notes about use of MindManager before you visit the full size page:

  • This is a modified clickable image export with the header and footer cut and paste from the static outline export.
  • I have also added three new customisable fields: Meta Tags for Alt Title,  Description and Keywords to make the web page more Google friendly. Read my tip: Adding Meta Tags to MindManager Web Exports
  • I must add another two: The meeting owner and their URL.  I am post export editing the HTML at the moment.

To see the full summary please click Simon Campbell ViaPost presents his story or the thumbnail to view the full clickable image.