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Using the Multimap View to combine a group of MindManager maps in to one map

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

If you have a map which is linked to other maps or you create one as in the video below, you can combine these maps in to one new map. It’s simple select the index or parent map, open the Multimap view and use the Combine All command. Once combined you may wish to remove “duplicate main topics” using a Right Click > Remove Topic command. I hope this video makes this clear.

Any questions?

Context Organiser analyses “The Coalition: our programme for government”

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

How did I do it? Firstly the original web site “Programme for Government” appeared for a while and then dissappeared. I planned to link to each section to a MindManager map and analyse it. It may be back by now.

The alternative route was to download the PDF version, paste the content in to Word, delete the index and create a document which could be analysed by Context Organiser. I linked my Word version to the map and ran Context Organiser. It is an easy process and produced the map you see a clip of to the right.  The options are available in a right click drop down menu on a linked topic after installing Context Organiser for Mindjet MindManager.

After some formatting to suit a one page web export, I created this web page The Coalition: our programme for government.

Now you can see a one page overview of a 36 page document.

It is of any use?

The MindManager versus iMindMap Election Debate

Friday, April 30th, 2010

I am still a novice at using iMindMap, perhaps 40-60 hours on the job. I have been using MindManager most days since 1996.  So comparing the products is quite difficult for me.  I am pre-programmed to use MindManager.  Anyway I thought there is only way to see if iMindMap works for me and that is to give it the 90 minute debate test!  I covered the first priministerial debate with MindManager and the second with MindMeister.  Here is how iMindMap performed.

Once you get used to the Speed Mapping mode, it performs as well as  MindManager with some occasional blips but they could be operator error. Definitely more reliable than MindMeister (but it’s an online tool).  So recording the debate was relatively easy.  As with the other debates I set mains branches and people for 8 blank questions and the statements.  With the appropriate colour coding. I made a deliberate choice to use CAPITALS only.   I did not have the fluidity to make corrections on the fly as I do with MindManager.  Dragging branches is not the same.  No red shadow as per MindManager.  Then the real differences begin.

I deliberately did not want to replicate the linear layout of MindManager and choose the organic setting for Speed Mapping.  This leaves a considerable white space on the map. Good for reading on a A3 sheet but not for maximising the content in a browser screen.  So the result you see below took another hour or two of tweeking post debate to get the best I can achieve.  MindManager has the advantage of global settings that can be applied to topics with regard to vertical and horizontal spacing etc.  This allows you to make instant changes to the topic density on the map.

The result is definitely more organic than a MindManager map.

  • Is it easier to read?
  • Is it more memorable?
  • Is it more stimulating?
  • What do you think?

Third UK Election Debate – 29 April 2010 – BBC

Web Page Notes

1. The header,  footer and general layout are produced by a MindManager web export template Cabre created.

2. The iMindMap is an exported PNG image, converted to GIF, reduced to 90% of original size to speed up page loading and then added to the HTML.

3. The indented text outline is cut from the iMindMap web export of the map with some CSS editing to adjust the styles to work outside of an iframe.  This is a significant plus point of the iMindMap web export. The text on your map images can then be seen by Google et al.

So you may not be able to do this at home !)

Using your MindManager map to present in a browser

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

For more than a decade MindManager has had a Presentation Web Export which produces a set of linked pages.  The pages display sections of the map.  Its useful when you want to leave a presentation on the web for people to find.  The header and the footer mean they can find you to.

However when presenting to a live audience: remote or in the room, you do not need the clutter of a header and footer.  You want the map to be maximised on the screen, so the text can be read (today’s challenge for a client).

I have edited the Presentation template to produce a no header, no footer map which fills the sceen version. Here is the result.

An HTML Presentation from a MindManager Map

An HTML Presentation from a MindManager Map

Tip: press F11 to get rid of all the browser clutter.

Converting tables (spreadsheets) into MindManager Maps

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Have you ever been frustrated about adding a table of data to your MindManager map? There it is all nicely arranged. It could be a list of meeting attendees e.g. Ecademy 12th Birthday Party. You can copy and paste it (just the attendee table) on to a map but the result is not what I want. Each row gets concatenated into one topic.

Here is how I process it in Word to produce the map I want. Paste part of this attendee list as unformatted text in to Word or use a simple two column table with a few rows of data.

Then Insert > Table > Convert text to table

Now you have a tabulated set of data. In this case the Name column comes with some excess baggage. Use search and replace to remove the guff. Delete any columns you do not need.

Select the Name column apply Heading 1 style
Select the Organization column apply Heading 2 style

You could have Location as the Heading 2 style or make it a sub-sub-topic with Heading 3 style. I also added Ecademy Meeting in Title style.

Open a new map in MindManager.

Select the table contents in Word and then click the MindManager button in Add-Ins. Hey presto.

Alternatively save the Word document and the import in MindManager. Ecademy meeting becomes the central topic. You can also copy and paste Spreadsheets in to Word and process them similarly.

Do you have a better way?

Some little known changes in MindManager 8.2

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Lars Jensen from Mindjet revealed the following in the Yahoo MindManager User Group forum. Thought you might like to know about these. With my comments.

  • Windows 7: Now supports new file dialogs and DPI adjustments. (I am not sure what that means)
  • Timer: Moved from a separate window to the status bar.
    Tools > Timer adds timer to bottom of screen

    n.b. The Twit Cleaner is very useful if you have a mass of people you no longer want to follow in Twitter.

  • Map background: Added “Watermark” tiling option, which create a staggered, rotated background without having to prepare it specially in an external image editor.

    I spent “hours” creating and angled “Draft ” picture the other day in a picture editor. Here are a couple of pictures you could add to a Status folder in your Background Images folder.

  • Map background: Can now drag & drop images onto background image preview within Background Properties dialog. (I don’t get this one)

  • MindManager Options (Edit): Added options to preserve scale when copying and replacing topic images. You can set Copy images at full size and Paste images at same scale.

  • Built-in Browser: Ctrl+click now opens hyperlink or attachment in external browser, regardless of Built-in Browser settings. (That works 🙂 )

  • Text Marker context menu: Added Quick Filter and Find Next/Find Previous (to match icon markers). Right click on a Marker to see this menu.

  • Quick Filter context menu: Added “Remove Filter” item for convenience. Right click on a Marker to see this menu.

  • Mini View: Clicking outside the “viewable area” rectangle now scrolls map to the click point. (View Ribbon > Zoom > Mini View – Mine only works in the viewable area rectangle)
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Revised document history shortcuts to be compatible with Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer (i.e. Back = Alt+Left; Forward = Alt+Right). (Can’t find this)

  • Keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+N opens a new default map without the Template Chooser dialog. (That works 🙂 )
  • Date & Time: Added keyboard shortcut to insert without dialog (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T). (That works 🙂 )

It is a useful set of changes. Please can someone enlighten me on the ones I do not get.

Using 6 of the MindManager Short Cut Keys in Presentations

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

This two minute video will show how the following short cut keys work.

Using Short Cut Keys in Presentations with MindManager

Fit map to screen

Centre focused topic

Hide all except topic branch in focus
Show All

Centre map and collapse all topics

Toggle Level of Detail

F11 or Ctrl-T
Open or Close the Notes Pane
Use Ctrl-Shft-PgDn to move to next note
Use Ctrl-Shft-PguP to move to previous note

I regularly use these in presentations.

Do you have any other favourites?

What will you start, stop, continue & investigate in 2010?

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Create your own MindManager map which looks something like this and add topics.

Using MindManager to Mock Up Web Sites

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Last night I went to a 80s party orgainised by the Like Minded Companies, a bunch of businesses that jointly sponsor the event and invite their friends, clients and suppliers. They are always very eclectic evenings. Last nights highlight for me was the discussion with the fiancee of someone I met at a VizThink evening several months. I won’t bore you with the details but you might get the gist of the conversation about an information system requirement we discussed from the mock up I prepared with MindManager this morning.

Hot Spots

Two maps

  1. Africa – A map as the background image. With a floating topic for Cairo linked to the second web export. Exported as a clickable image map
  2. Cairo – Map with notes exported using the static outline template.

Will this get beyond this stage, who knows!

MindManager Training Opportunities

Friday, December 4th, 2009

In December I am running the following events:

Cabre MindManager Master Class
09:00 -12:00 9th Dec – Holborn, London, UK
Classroom session covering 3 or 4 topics selected by the attendees
Fee £146 excluding VAT including refreshments

Cabre MindManager Workshop

18:00 – 20:00 15th Dec- Winchester, Hampshire, UK
Informal session. 30 mins networking. l hour Q&A. 30 mins cool down!
You can join this session on-line via Mindjet’s conference tool.
Fee £30 inc VAT and a refreshment. Pay by cash, cheque or electronic transfer.
Online £30 inc VAT in UK. Excluding VAT elsewhere. Pay via PayPal or Credit Card

One to One On-Line Training
At any mutually convenient time
Fee normally £87 plus VAT where applicable
Christmas offer £67 plus VAT until 23rd December 2009 when you quote this code: “Santa Claus is coming to town”

Please email or call 07813 211451 for more information.