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Mindjet MindManager Road Show Birmingham

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Well my social network worked last night.  Three sources recommended the same pub “The Wellington” and one of them, Roger Vanstone met us there and took Bill Creekbaum and I to his favourite Indian restaurant the “Al Faisal“. Suprisingly we were back in the hotel by 11pm.

It was short walk from the hotel to the Raddisson Blu, the Road Show venue. Very helpful staff and a nice well lit room. Pity they did not notice the projector was set to low brightness.  I fixed that for the second half.

Again a long term friend appeared Maurice Poole who has worked for me in the ConferenceREACTION team. Also Mike Hodkinson who I have met at previous events and online.  Very nice also to get compliments from a couple of members of the silent majority who read what I write in the forums and on this blog (note to self you don’t need to add a link here because they are here:) ).

Back to content. As far as I can tell Bill’s presentation was the similar to yesterday’s but we had two longer discussions. One about the Gantt chart view addressing the concerns of the audience.  Those that attended now have a much better understanding of why MindManager 9 did not meet some of our expectations. The good news is planning tasks within a day will be possible in MindManager 9.1. Today’s project challenge was planning a party for the Pope’s visit to Birmingham on Sunday.  Did we get to the emailing the Pope an invitation stage?

We were also enlightened about how to remove the offset in the slide view. Just drag the left or right hand edge of the frame across, similar to adjusting the topic width but the width remains the same.  I also discovered that hiding topics in the map does not hide them in the slide. If you want to hide topics, do it in the slide views.  The short keys work in slide view e.g. Ctrl-F5 to fill the slide with the map snippet.

Again my general understanding of SharePoint was improved by the presentation of James Hoggett of Contact and Code.  Several big businesses are using it for their intranet sites and James showed us a few home pages.  MindManager Explorer for SharePoint looks as though it will add great dashboarding capability to individuals and teams who want quick access to relevant and important items from MindManager.  James noted that the MindManager Add In was the easiest he had come across to integrate with an exisiting SharePoint Server.

Using the Tablet PC, the web export and share tool to publish meeting notes part of my presentation, generated many questions during the session and at lunch.  Again this group choose Inspiration and Project Management from my four offered topics.  I used the hyperlinks to the map sharing sites to give the audience an appreciation of what is available to inspire them.  I will publish the full map after the last road show.

On my way home now.  Why is the standard of the Virgin first class service on the London Birmingham route not repeated on the Birmingham Winchester route?  No WiFi, no snack, no free beer and typically they ran out of hot drinks (free) for a while.  Thank goodness the power socket worked.

See you in Manchester on Tuesday at the Mindjet MindManager 9 Road Show.

Mindjet MindManager Road Show London

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

First it was good to meet a variety of virtual and real aquaintances. Bill Creekbaum, Director Product Management, Mindjet for breakfast. Then Chris Harman, Director NEWS Region, Mindjet; Rachel Reid & James Fletcher, Mindjet UK and several of their MindManager coaches. Plus my old MindManager user friend Doug Witt and my new ones Liam Hughes, Biggerplate and Adrian Griffith, Oval Business Solutions. Finally several of the attendees whose business cards I have or they have mine. I will reconnect with you next week or while on the train back from Birmingham to Winchester tomorrow.

What did I learn? A lot from Bill Creekbaum. I have posted my map of his presentation about “MM9 overview and Product demonstration” before I started mine! Bill took us enthusiastically through the new features of MindManager 9 and gave us some insight into the future rapid development programme for MindManager. We saw the new planning and presentation tools in MindManager 9 in some detail. We brainstormed our way to a plan for an Olympic Party and discovered Bill’s beer preferences on route. (I will be pleased to test those this evening). He showed how the new Silde mode can be used. A target for the 9.1 service pack was revealed as October. Local Mindjet Player file generation will return and there will be user demanded improvements to the slide and planning tools.

Emma Thomas from Creative SharePoint took us through their application of MindManager. It was great to hear another enthusiast talk about their benefits of using MindManager. Particularly applying it to web site and SharePoint structures to capture and give feedback on the user requirements of the client.

I had fun delivering my interactive session. They were impressed by Tablet PC and MindManager combination which allowed me to go from ink to a web page in 30 minutes. Then the audience choose to look at Inspiration and Management from four topics I proposed. It was good to hear of people using MindManager in personnel processes such as appraisal, recuritment and induction. During the management part, Adrian contributed his companies weekly process for planning based on having a map of each persons tasks, resources and issues for the week.

Chris Harman gave us the big picture and pricing changes. I think Mindjet is going to maintain its dominant role in business mind mapping sector and looks to become more relevant to the educational sector as well.

More about the Road Show tomorrow.

If you were there, what did you take away?

Turning Ideas Into Accessible Information – Plans for the Road Show

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Turning Ideas Into Accessible Information an outline MindManager map for the interactive sessionThe Mindjet MindManager 9 Road Show is on in London and Birmingham on Thursday and Friday, and next Tuesday in Manchester. I am very pleased to be running a 30 minute session titled “Turning Ideas Into Accessible Information”.

The map is the outline of the session (there are more subtopics to prompt me). I would like it to be an interactive session. I am looking to the audience to pose questions for which I can produce an example to demonstrate how MindManager can be applied successully to solve the problem.  (Rabbit popping out of hat comes to mind)

If you are coming or not what questions would you ask of me?

Strengths and Weaknesses of MindManager 9

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Back in October 2009 I created a MindMeister Wiki Map (anyone can edit) about the Strengths and Weaknesses of Mind Mapping Software.  Soon after a sub map for Mindjet was added.  Today I have added a new node to that map for MindManager 9, plus some initial thoughts.  Please add yours. 

My other thought is why don’t Mindjet have a free wiki map tool?

A overview of MindManager User Groups

Friday, August 13th, 2010

I am sure I have done this before but its time for a new one.  This overview links to a survey about MindManager user groups on line and some research for potential user group meetings in the UK. Everyone is welcome to complete the survey especially as you can answer a question which may win you a MindManager 9 Windows license.  You will find the survey below the map.

MindManager User Groups - Cabre, Ecademy, Facebook, Linkedin, Mindjet, MindMUG, Ning, Twitter, Xing, Yahoo mindmanager mindmanager!/group.php?gid=142311349126932!/group.php?gid=142311349126932!/group.php?gid=2365288441&ref=ts!/group.php?gid=2365288441&ref=ts User Group Overview User Group Overview!/mindjet?v=info&ref=ts!/mindjet?v=info&ref=ts

MindManager 9 Windows video and related videos

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

I will let it speak for itself.

New Outlook Query Functions in MindManager 9

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

MindManager Outlook QueriesI have just given some of these a test:

I liked

  • Inserting topic links for each of my recent (added) contacts.

This could spook you

  • It added links to 30 Recent Unread Emails. That was only going back to 15:21. It’s now 22:05!

There are nine queries, each of which can be customised e.g. 100 Recent Unread Emails or perhaps 5 for Richard Maybury because he knows how to manage them.

The query edit covers items such as:

  • Folder
  • Sorting
  • Number of Results
  • Subject Contains
  • Category
  • Date
  • Mail Status

Looks like Outlook turns into a database with MindManager as a visual dashboard for Customer Relationship Management, Project Communications, Task Management …………

Some personal expansion on the MindManager 9 news

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Power Performance

  • Faster map loading while using fewer system resources
  • Yes this is a big improvement for power hungry Tablet PC users.  In my experience MindManager 9 no longer uses CPU time when idling.  If you have live topic connections to MS Office / SharePoint this may not be true (Must test).

    When you ink the CPU time does not go through the roof, just up the stairs.

    CPU time is less when using the keyboard and mouse compared to MindManager 8.

    Integrated Gantt Chart & Resource Planning

  • Synchronized project timelines displayed alongside your map
  • Now fully integrated in the product.  No need to buy JCV Gantt, if all you want is a Gantt chart.  For the slightly more serious Project Managers who were trying to avoid MS Project, you have lost the spreadsheet costing, resource costs and the ability to have the apps on two different screens.

    Hold on to MindManager 8 and JCVGantt if you do not want to lose these features. There is no plan to allow JCV Gantt to interact with MindManager 9.

    Slide Presentation Mode

  • Create interactive slide presentations in MindManager so you can present your ideas and capture feedback at the same time
  • It’s another way to use your maps in presentations.  Understand and invest some time in practising the process and it will give another dimension to presentations and print outs.

    Dynamic Outlook Dashboards

  • View and organize Outlook emails, contacts, notes, tasks or meetings within your map, without having to switch applications
  • Must check this out.

    Enhanced Usability and Interface

  • Utilization of Office 2010 usability and interface best practices make using MindManager with Microsoft applications even easier
  • I am not a grumpy old man.  I like the new Microsoft 2010 UI.  It’s slightly retro!

    I have some dissapointments but I will leave those until I get my hands on a pre-release copy.  You never know Topic Alerts might come back!

    More to come when I get a moment.

    MindManager 9 appears to be scheduled for release August 10

    Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

    My lips are sealed but others are publically saying:

    Mindjet web site:

    New in MindManager Version 9

    Power Performance

  • Faster map loading while using fewer system resources
  • Integrated Gantt Chart & Resource Planning

  • Synchronized project timelines displayed alongside your map
  • Slide Presentation Mode

  • Create interactive slide presentations in MindManager so you can present your ideas and capture feedback at the same time
  • Dynamic Outlook Dashboards

  • View and organize Outlook emails, contacts, notes, tasks or meetings within your map, without having to switch applications
  • Enhanced Usability and Interface

  • Utilization of Office 2010 usability and interface best practices make using MindManager with Microsoft applications even easier
  • A PR release says:

    MindManager version 9 for Windows will be generally available on August 10

    I expect to tell your more and give my assessment of the new release soon.

    In the meantime upgrades to and new purchases of MindManager 8 Windows qualify for a free upgrade to MindManager 9 when it is released.  You can purchase these from Cabre

    Eligible products:

  • MindManager 8 for Windows, new licenses
  • MindManager 8 for Windows, upgrades from MindManager 7
  • MindManager for SharePoint, new licenses
  • Note:

  • Upgrades from MindManager 6 or earlier are no longer available from Mindjet but I may be able to help you.
  • Customers who purchase MindManager for SharePoint during this period are eligible to receive a free upgrade to MindManager, Version 9 for Windows and MindManager Explorer for SharePoint. MindManager Explorer for SharePoint will be available as an add-on to MindManager Version 9
  • Mindjet MindManager 8 Review in The Institution of Engineering and Technology

    Saturday, July 10th, 2010

    I am a Chartered Engineer and member of the IET.  So I was pleasantly surprised to see a Review of MindManager 8 in the fortnightly magazine E&T which is also published on-line.

    It’s a good review, highlighting MindManager’s strengths and its percieved (high) price weakness versus the competition.  Pity it is 2 years after it was released.  I like the last two paragraphs.  Fortunately I am way past the 30 day trial, I did that in 1998.   I don’t feel anything like a BP submersible, still trying to plug some of the leaks but I have been to the depths.  I know my friends Nick Duffill of Harport Consulting and Nigel Goult of Olympic Limited have been deeper and are still drilling.   Ok double space problems in notes don’t compare to millions of barrels of oil but they are  irritating if it’s your principal daily application.

    This article inspires me to re-publish something I wrote for the predecessor of the E&T magazine on using MindManager for Project Management.  I never quite forgave the IEE (as it was then) for having all my MindManager maps redrawn by their in-house graphic artist!  It was written for them in 2003 and updated in 2007.  This version of “MindManaging Your Projects” has my original mapwork. I will re-export the map which I used to write the article and publish it as a blog.  Should take 5 minutes!

    p.s. One of the best benefits of membership of the IET is using the Members Lounge at the IET Savoy Place, London. If you would like a chat about anything, contact me and I will be pleased to bring you in as my guest.  Just descend the stairs at the north western end of Waterloo Bridge and cross over at the traffic lights or walk through the park from Embankment tube.  Don’t go through the entrance door on the right it takes you in to Second Life!