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10 Things to do with MindManager over Christmas and the New Year

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008
  1. Make your Christmas present list (Tip: Look at the map you made last year first)
  2. Record all the Christmas presents your family receive and who sent them (Tip: Use Task resources).
  3. Plan the Christmas lunch particularly and the period in general (Bad News: MindManager only works in hours not minutes)
  4. Make your New Years resolutions (Note: See Tip 1)
  5. Plan your must watch TV (Tip: Scrape info of BBC web site or similar)
  6. Play Family Brainstorm (Tip: Great use of wide screen TV)
  7. Map out the things you did not get for Christmas but will buy for yourself in the sales (Tip: Woolies is a mess. Don’t there.)
  8. Index your LP, CD and Cassette collection prior to selling on eBay (Note: This is for nostalgia not making any money)
  9. Research your 2009 holidays (Tip: Drag and drop links and prices from web sites. Note: Conflict with 10))
  10. Pause for some thoughts about how you could make the world a better place in 2009

Please note:

  • I have done some but not all of the above.
  • Some of these maps will have conflicting content. A master map may also be useful.

Have a great Christmas break and all the best for 2009.


p.s. Please substitute Christmas with your preferred festival.

A December Newsletter MindManager Style

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008
I like to write my newsletters in MindManager and distribute them as maps. Once upon a time I was able to copy and paste a clickable map web export in to an Outlook email but security levels no longer permit this. If you know the answer please tell me.
Now I send an email with the text content linked to a web page version. Click the map to load the clickable image map version my December Newsletter.

I also produced the PDF version with the player but this just shows the limitations of this export which is for simple maps only.

I have been following a friends instructions on how to do a mail merge in Outlook. Everything is going well until the merge bit. Then I only get 2 out of the 10 addresses in the trial batch being merged. Aagh! May be some of you will get it by Christmas.

Cabre December Newsletter map

Mindjet Connect and the hidden web browser client invite

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

I was scratching my head and my Tablet PC for a while this evening trying to find the URL link for a Workspace, so I could investigate a comment someone had made about the MindManager browser client. I found it in the end. I thought I would write a note here for you and for me when I can’t find it again.

It is under the Connect Button in the top right corner of the Workspace Manager. Click it and you can Send Workspace Link by email. You can click the link in the unsent email and see your Workspace, maps and documents in a browser of your choice. MindManager Web uses Flash.