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Upgrading from MindManager 6 to 8

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

A friend has just updated from MindManager 6 to 8. I gave her these quick tips to alleviate some of the transition pain from drop down menus to ribbons.

  • Right clicks on items e.g. topics produce drop downs. As do the tiny triangles and the “down right” arrows on the ribbon.
  • Right click favourite commands on ribbon and Add to Quick Access bar
  • Right click ribbon and minimize
  • Right click ribbon name bar to un-minimize

10 Things to do with MindManager over Christmas and the New Year

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008
  1. Make your Christmas present list (Tip: Look at the map you made last year first)
  2. Record all the Christmas presents your family receive and who sent them (Tip: Use Task resources).
  3. Plan the Christmas lunch particularly and the period in general (Bad News: MindManager only works in hours not minutes)
  4. Make your New Years resolutions (Note: See Tip 1)
  5. Plan your must watch TV (Tip: Scrape info of BBC web site or similar)
  6. Play Family Brainstorm (Tip: Great use of wide screen TV)
  7. Map out the things you did not get for Christmas but will buy for yourself in the sales (Tip: Woolies is a mess. Don’t there.)
  8. Index your LP, CD and Cassette collection prior to selling on eBay (Note: This is for nostalgia not making any money)
  9. Research your 2009 holidays (Tip: Drag and drop links and prices from web sites. Note: Conflict with 10))
  10. Pause for some thoughts about how you could make the world a better place in 2009

Please note:

  • I have done some but not all of the above.
  • Some of these maps will have conflicting content. A master map may also be useful.

Have a great Christmas break and all the best for 2009.


p.s. Please substitute Christmas with your preferred festival.

Planning a meal with MindManager

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

An annual event for the local charity I work with called the Alresford Pigs Association is our progressive or safari supper. This year I offered to do a main course. My speciality is Chinese cooking. Below is the map I used to plan the menu and the shopping. I also used MindManager’s built in spreadsheet to see how I was doing against my budget of £42 including drinks. Providing it does not all get drunk I might make it under budget.

p.s. MindManager does not do the cooking.

Phew! They left me with a bottle of wine (very nice French White – Picpoul de Pinet from The Naked Grape) and a beer! Leaving me £3.50 under budget.