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Using MindManager to write a script and be the teleprompter (Part 2)

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

The second phase was to convert the script in to keywords or prompts.

I used Insert > Parent Topic to add a dummy topic before each of the script topics. I marked each script topic with an map marker and then started to add keyword or prompt topics. I emphasised the key benefit keywords with a blue backgrounds.

This is the final map.

Then I filtered it with the Power Filter to hide all the script topics. This was the map I used to make the final recording which is viewable below.

The next stage is just to learn the script and not have the prompt. Perhaps I should do shorter videos or do them in scenes and bolt them together afterwards. From a video process viewpoint I will also turn off the autofocus and the auto white balance, and wear a darker shirt.

Using MindManager to enable others to understand your business

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

One of my services is to produce maps which make understanding a business easy for a client, supplier, partner or investor. Here are a few examples. Click the pictures to see a full size version. Another click will take you to the web site.

First a toolkit from the acting profession for business people to use produced for The Performance Business

The second one describing the place of BetXTech in the betting supply chain.

And thirdly a map describing the process of buying equipment at auction.

I have also prepared maps for directors of one business to use at a presentation to the directors of another business. They took two large maps on A2 sheets one which described the values and aspirations of their business, and the second which should how the two organisations could partner effectively. Which reminds me I must ask if their offer was accepted.