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First Anniversary Index of Applications of MindManager

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Its been bugging me for a few days that I can’t see an index of my blogs. I am hoping that someone will point me to a useful Blogger add-in after this posting. In the meantime I have constructed a few with MindManager by dragging and dropping titles and links via a Google search.

Applications of MindManager Index Map

You can view the index:

  1. As a large clickable image map
  2. By downloading the Mindjet Player PDF
  3. By viewing the Mindjet Player Flash Page
  4. As a text linked outline
  5. And I only just thought of this, you can download the MindManager map.

The clickable image map shows the original map full scale but I replaced the standard jog file with a gif so it loads faster.
The PDF file alters the formatting and produces a very large file.
The Flash is also big which is why I put it on a separate page.
I need to write a version of the outline template so it is fit for the purpose of adding linked text to a blog. The styles and structure make it too complicated at the moment. Use view source to see what I mean.

The easiest way has got to be publishing it as map and letting you download it. It is also bar far the smallest file size.

A map of the Applications of MindManager blogged so far

Monday, June 16th, 2008

I have been wondering what to blog next. So I thought I will look at the index on my blog. Well I have not found the whole index in Blogger yet so I decided I had better construct one of my own to make sure I don’t blog about something different.

Here it is the index of my blogs so far. Split into eight categories

Applications of MindManager