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Using MindManager to facilitate the reading of business plans

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Over the last week I have produced twenty maps to illustrate a business plan for a start up business. What an interesting exercise. First to produce maps which summarise the following paragraphs of text in a few words using the connectivity and relationships MindManager maps provide you with. Secondly to supply the maps and manage the editing process.

Summarising means taking out all but the keywords. Will the audience (venture capitalists and angel investors) understand them. The business owner had a problem with working from 1 o’clock round to 11 o’clock. They saw 11 o’clock as the starting point. Not sure whether my suggestion “Look at the central topic, relax, where do your eyes go next?” worked.

I supplied the maps and pictures via a web site created with MindManager. My index map for all the maps became the web site. A page for each section of the business plan displayed the picture of the map plus links to the original MindManager map file and the print quality picture file.

Now I have to a wait a little while to see whether my work has worked on the investors. I will comment on this post as I get information.