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Collaborating with Mindjet Catalyst: It can be expensive!

Monday, January 10th, 2011

A client with a single user Mindjet Catalyst account asked me “How can I collaborate with other users in the same Workspace”. The answer is you can’t until you have a multi-user account.

Let me paint a scenario of several small businesses cooperating to work on a project. They all have individual Catalyst accounts and some of the larger business even have multi-user accounts (but not enough for this team). The only way they can all be in the same workspace is for someone in the group to purchase extra licenses for the whole project team. A rather large incremental cost for this project which lasts six weeks (and you have to buy an annual license) which immediately puts this group at a disadvantage compared to a larger consultancy which has all the disciplines required and sufficient multi-user license.

I think Mindjet are missing an opportunity here to service the SME professional market with a simple amendment to their product:
“Any license holder can access any other accounts workspace (with permission).”
Surely this would stimulate the collaborative MindManager user market and encourage more users to buy an account and licenses? For example: “You can only be on this project if you have a Catalyst license”.

Alternatively I could buy a multi-user license Catalyst account and resell seats to groups when they require the space. Anyone interested? Note: I expect this against the Terms and Conditions of a Catalyst license.

What do you think about this situation?

p.s I have just realised it is the same problem for large businesses. A large contractor wins work with a large company. Who pays the bill for increasing the number of licenses on one of their Catalyst accounts so they can collaborate?

Analysing the Strengths and Weaknesses of Mind Mapping Software Applications

Friday, October 16th, 2009

You can do this as a solo effort with MindManager. You could invite a few people to your Mindjet Catalyst account to add their comments but they would mostly be MindManager users only. With MindMeister you can set up a map which can be edited by anyone as a no cost Wiki Map. If you want to edit the map below, you will need a free (and limited) MindMeister account.

There are customers for all the mind mapping applications but not all the potential customers can access all the applications or justify or need all the features of the more sophisticated ones. This is not about deciding which is best overall but which is best for your needs. Obviously I am interested in how MindManager stacks up against the rest.

Lets see what happens:

Sharing MindManager maps via Mindjet Catalyst

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Mindjet have launched Catalyst today. This is a new collaboration and publishing tool for MindManager users. It builds on the previous Mindjet Connect product. Existing users get a seamless transfer to the new product (I did).

A new feature of Catalyst is an easy process for sharing maps with non-users via a browser. A click on the share button creates a copy or snapshot of a map from your workspace. This is made available for anyone to read and download (if you choose). The readers see the map in a full screen window (best to press F11 or View > Full Screen on your browser menu) which has a toolbar with zoom, open and close branches and print the map buttons.

For instance here is a map of useful travel planning links to train and bus timetables, hire car companies, hotels, traffic jam monitors etc.

MindManager Map of Travel Web Sites

Shared via AddThis

This will be a brillaint way to share some types of maps with your colleagues, collaborators, clients and suppliers.

Some caveats:

  1. Links to documents on your PC are not available to sharers. You will have to upload them to your Catalyst Workspace (I need to test this) and link them or host them on a web server.
  2. Tables and images in Notes are not visible.
  3. The format of the map is simplified. e.g. line thickness and colour in not applied.