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3 Speakers – 3 Different MindManager maps

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

I am attending a monthly meeting of Entrepreneurs World. It has networking between entrepreneurs and people who can fund their activities: banks, venture capitalists and other entrepreneurs. At each meeting there is a speaker. Here are the maps of the three most recent ones and some technical notes for MindManager users.

What Ehud Furman did after got acquired by eBay

Note: I have hidden the lines from the central topic. You can use a no lines format option or make the lines the same colour as the background.

Uzair Bawany CEO Contact Recruitment talking about developing a recruitment business and the current environment

Note: I have post compressed (possibly a bit too much) this map image so it will load faster. MindManager produces a high resolution and therefore large JPEG file in the web exports unless you select no background in Web Export > Customise > Advanced Settings, where a smaller GIF will be produced. GIFs are great when there are no photos involved in the map but most photos will look as though they have been through an undesirable special effect if turned into a GIF.

JPEGs can be post compressed before upload to the server using on-line tools e.g. Chami or desktop tools e.g. Photoshop, Gimp or Unfortunately Microsoft Picture Manager only compresses when you resize to standard sizes. A clickable image map must remain the same size or the links will be in the wrong place.

John Viney talking about his life as a head hunter and his approach to investments

Note: This is two clickable image exports. The first creates the header, footer and top map. The second is added to the first by copy and pasting the exported index.html.txt file into the index.html of the first map. Make sure you set the index file name of the second export to something different to the first. I replaced index by parallel_interests in the example giving a file parallel_interests.html.txt and an parallel_interests.gif. This image must be uploaded with those produced by the first export and the edited index.html.

And I did use GIFs for both images in this export. The text is very clear and the images of John Viney slightly distorted.

Ehud FurmanJohn VineyUzair BawanyJohn Viney

How to get a better understanding of your social network with MindManager

Friday, April 10th, 2009

I have made the offer to my friends on Ecademy that they can book a 1 hour meeting with me on-line or face to face and tell me about their business. The meeting has several purposes:

  • To understand their business
  • To be able to recommend relevant contacts from my network
  • To offer any advice that I can give about their business
  • To produce a map of the business which gives the recipient a new view of it

I hope the process of watching the map grow and receiving the polished map enables the member of my network to advocate what I can do, to theirs.

This week I listened / interviewed Rahel Takle-Peirce of Ramech-Art about her business. She has consented to publishing the map. Click to see full size.

Normally I use RealVNC to share my desktop but something did not work this time. So I switched to using MindManager Web and giving her a “temporary” account and workspace in Mindjet Connect. This worked well and Rahel continued to edit the map after the hour had finished.

Rahel may have found another sales channel for her art as a result of this discussion.

Challenging and Varied MindManager Applications

Friday, March 6th, 2009

I have had a wide range of requests and activities in the last fortnight:

  • An old friend from school (35 years ago) has asked can he write a book with MindManager and create timelines (with JCVGantt). Yes.
  • A local friend has asked about training and other applications in a county government organisation.
  • I have been providing maps for someone else’s email newsletter and web site.
  • Discussions around the use of Outlook, Outlook Folders and MindManager for a project management company.
  • Providing a map for a cricket club fixture card to give an overview of things you can do as a member on our web site.
  • And I have been planning and managing a meeting of the Alresford Pigs Association – Duck Race Committee. Must publish the minutes and update the MindManager generated web site.

Of course I will be pleased to take on any other challenges you care to discuss with me.

Who are the potential users of MindManager during the Credit Crunch

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

This hopefully short period of global financial upheaval has a variety of effects. One aspect is that some people are getting incredibly busy dealing with the fall out and others may be less busy now but need to plan for the future. Some obvious examples of the busy people are Human Resources and Insolvency Practitioners. Other who have been made redundant will be planning their future, perhaps realigning themselves.

Here is my brainstorm about this issue.

Who do you feel needs the extra help MindManager can give them during this period?

I remember when I first used mind mapping 14 years ago it was to map out the business I had just joined. I had moved from the centre of Unilever in The Netherlands to Anchor Foods in Swindon. I had worked for Unilever for 17 years and understood the people, culture and processes. Anchor Foods was at the far end of the New Zealand Dairy Board and I knew nothing about them. I used mind mapping during all my induction meetings to create a picture of how this business worked, what my role as Chief Engineer was, the relationships and the priorities of the business. When you walk into a new situation, you need to quickly assess what is happening and what to do. Creating maps and being able to see a big picture made me much more comfortable with the situation. Have you had a similar experience?

Using MindManager to facilitate the reading of business plans

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Over the last week I have produced twenty maps to illustrate a business plan for a start up business. What an interesting exercise. First to produce maps which summarise the following paragraphs of text in a few words using the connectivity and relationships MindManager maps provide you with. Secondly to supply the maps and manage the editing process.

Summarising means taking out all but the keywords. Will the audience (venture capitalists and angel investors) understand them. The business owner had a problem with working from 1 o’clock round to 11 o’clock. They saw 11 o’clock as the starting point. Not sure whether my suggestion “Look at the central topic, relax, where do your eyes go next?” worked.

I supplied the maps and pictures via a web site created with MindManager. My index map for all the maps became the web site. A page for each section of the business plan displayed the picture of the map plus links to the original MindManager map file and the print quality picture file.

Now I have to a wait a little while to see whether my work has worked on the investors. I will comment on this post as I get information.

A map of travel web sites, timetables and maps created with MindManager

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

This map is one of many maps I use to organise my business and get to information I regularly need quickly. Other maps link to documents and folders on my disk drive as well as web pages. They are all linked off a central map with topics such as Marketing, Sales, Clients, Competitors, Web Site, Promotion, Suppliers etc. I have a number of useful links on the Finance map which I will publish next.

The web export that produces a clickable imagemap (click the picture to get there):

  • creates an image file, a clickable web page and a file with just the clickable image code which can be included in other web pages.
  • creates a sub-folder for the linked documents,
  • copies the linked documents to that folder
  • and modifies the web page links to point to the document’s new (relative) location.

This enables me to easily share a map and its linked documents by copying the clickable image, its html and the linked documents folder to a web server.

On the map you will see useful links for general travel in the UK, London and the bit of Hampshire I live in. If you want to use the map make the URL a favourite. MindManager users can download the map, delete the topics that are of no use to them and start adding their own.

The map download does not include the documents but the zip file created by the Pack and Go includes the map and documents. The topic links will work when you unzip the file.

Click this image to open the full screen and clickable map.

A MindManager map with links to travel web sites: train, plane, car hire, bus, underground. Includes downloadable timetables and maps

The First Part of a Book Review – Time Management for Dummies

Monday, September 29th, 2008

time management for dummies hyperlinks links to applications and web pages mentioned in the textTen days ago I sat down with Clare Evans at the Guoman Tower Hotel. We have been living parallel lives on Ecademy occasionally interacting but never really getting to know much about each other. Now we have 90 minutes of face to face insights and I have volunteered to publish some maps of her new book Time Management for Dummies.

Its a comprehensive book covering a wide range of time management issues. There are a few helpful chapters focussed on home workers and small businesses. I recently exchanged messages with an ex-Lehman Brothers employee on Ecademy. More and more of us will be running our own business or at least considering our employed position as our personal business.

The book is full of useful tips “Focus on important tasks not just urgent ones” and processes such as the Wheel of Life, for improving your time management.

Here is the first map, the links mentioned in the book plus some extras. I am trialling the scary: Rescue Time, it records and graphs the web sites and applications you are using on your PC!

Time Management for Dummies – The Links

Using MindManager to enable others to understand your business

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

One of my services is to produce maps which make understanding a business easy for a client, supplier, partner or investor. Here are a few examples. Click the pictures to see a full size version. Another click will take you to the web site.

First a toolkit from the acting profession for business people to use produced for The Performance Business

The second one describing the place of BetXTech in the betting supply chain.

And thirdly a map describing the process of buying equipment at auction.

I have also prepared maps for directors of one business to use at a presentation to the directors of another business. They took two large maps on A2 sheets one which described the values and aspirations of their business, and the second which should how the two organisations could partner effectively. Which reminds me I must ask if their offer was accepted.