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Can you embed the MindManager Universal File Export aka HTML 5 Interactive Map in your web page?

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

MIndManager 2017 for Windows and 10 for Mac include an HTML5 export. This produces a web page that can be hosted and shared with everyone you would like to view the map. I and I guess many others would like to show the map within the frame of their blog or web site. Here is how to do it (I am writing this before I have actually done it!).

Things not to do:

  1. Don’t copy and paste the code into your WordPress page in Visual or Text mode. The edit page will freeze.

This works:

  1. Upload the html file to WordPress Media library and copy the full file URL.
  2. Use the iFrame plugin to implement this shortcode in the Text edit mode: [iframe src=""]
  3. And Hey Presto your map appears. I wonder if there are ways you can control window size, map zoom and level of detail in the export?

But perhaps it would be better to have a map display post template without all the clutter of the normal blog layout. Something which top and tails the export as produced by MindManager: MindManager 2017 and 10 Overview

BlogSummarizer a new way of accessing and summarising blog content

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

My friend Henry Lewkowicz at Context Discovery has been working on the automatic extraction of knowledge summaries from a variety of sources including Wikis & Word docs and now Blogs. On the right hand side of this blog you will now see a BlogSummarizer widget.  First select a keyword (they are automatically extracted from the blog) and then click Knowledge Map or Keyword Search.

Knowledge Map – A new window will open with a map whose central topic is the keyword and the branches are the secondary keywords.  Keep on clicking to dive deeper.

Keyword Search – Shows a map of the blogs with that keyword. Click the plus sign at the end of each topic to reveal a blog summary.  This allows you to quickly review the entries before visiting a specific blog by clicking Source.

The maps can be exported for you to continue your research in application which suits you.

The best thing is to select a keyword and give it a go.

I have already given Henry some feedback:

  • Some of the primary keywords need hiding e.g. MindManager in the Applications of MindManager are redundant and the blog owner needs to be able to hide them.
  • I think anything that is a link should be a consistent colour. Some are blue some are black.  Don’t miss the black ones like I did!

What would you change or add or improve?

Visit these sites to try BlogSummarizer on your blog or WebSummarizer to get summaries of other web sites.

BlogSummarizer - Relevance MattersWebSummarizer - relevance matters

How to summarise a blog with MindManager

Monday, January 31st, 2011


Every now and again you see a blog and realise that would be a good template for a MindManager map which you could use to develop your business.  Today I came across yet another such map from my friend Richard White – The Accidental Salesman.  I first heard Richard speaking about story telling to Petersfield Ecademy back in January 2005.  Here is how I processed Richard’s blog “How to Sell Thin Air” in to this.

"How to Sell Thin Air" - MindManager Map

Conversion to MindManager Map

You could just copy and paste from the blog. It produces a reasonable map but you will have to drag and drop text to be subtopics of the main topics or into the Main Topic Notes.

I copied the blog content to a Word document. Then I added the Title style to the Title (not the date and the intro), the Heading Level 1 Style to the headings and saved the document.

Import the Word document to MindManager and hey presto!  The title is the Central Topic and the headings are the Main Topics.  The text has become the Topic Notes.

Creating the Summary

Open a Main Topic – Notes Pane, take the keywords from the text or use your own and add as Subtopics to the Main Topics.

Then I added relationships to show the flow of information proposed in the blog.

Plus a few icons from the Simplico free icon set.

There it is a template with the notes from the original blog which I can use to think about Cabre’s services and solutions.

Would you like a copy?

Click the thumbnail image or “How to Sell Thin Air” and you will find a full size image and links to Richard’s original blog, to download the MindManager map and a PDF of the image.

This next web page also contains all the notes from the map further down the page.  I must get round to publishing the web export template I have created for doing this.  Anyone interested?

Thanks again to Richard

For publishing great information about selling and allowing me to use it in this example

First Anniversary Index of Applications of MindManager

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Its been bugging me for a few days that I can’t see an index of my blogs. I am hoping that someone will point me to a useful Blogger add-in after this posting. In the meantime I have constructed a few with MindManager by dragging and dropping titles and links via a Google search.

Applications of MindManager Index Map

You can view the index:

  1. As a large clickable image map
  2. By downloading the Mindjet Player PDF
  3. By viewing the Mindjet Player Flash Page
  4. As a text linked outline
  5. And I only just thought of this, you can download the MindManager map.

The clickable image map shows the original map full scale but I replaced the standard jog file with a gif so it loads faster.
The PDF file alters the formatting and produces a very large file.
The Flash is also big which is why I put it on a separate page.
I need to write a version of the outline template so it is fit for the purpose of adding linked text to a blog. The styles and structure make it too complicated at the moment. Use view source to see what I mean.

The easiest way has got to be publishing it as map and letting you download it. It is also bar far the smallest file size.

Mind Map of Presentation about Blogging & setting up WordPress

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Blogs David Bell 26-06-08