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Collaborating with MindManager – the next iteration

Friday, April 18th, 2008

I am now able to write about the Beta product from MindManager called Mindjet Connect.

Some of the features:

– Workspaces for different groups of people to share maps
– Simultaneous editing of maps
– Record of who, did what, when.
– Chat
– Whiteboard
– Application Sharing (not just MindManager)

My reactions to it :-

  • Long overdue – I still have my MindManager 2002 map server which did not take off. This will!
  • I would recommend the Beta for use by experienced MindManager users to collaborate. You get the rich functionality you are used to.
  • There are some important questions to be answered before general release.
  • No pricing information available but I expect to see small groups using it on Mindjet’s subscription servers and enterprises buying their own server. ( This is pure speculation on my part).
  • There are no significant changes to MindManager Pro 7. Mindjet Connect more a host than an add in (but who has, edited what, information, is added to the map).
  • You get a revision store.

To try it you will need to install a Beta version of MindManager which cannot be concurrent with an existing installation of MindManager 7.

If you would like to share maps and documents with me in the Beta please make contact. It’s best if you have a project or collaboration you wish to work with me on.

You may still be able to get Beta account in Mindjet’s Early Look Program

There is a longer summary in the MindMapping Software blog – Mindjet debuts beta version of shared workspace tool for MindManager

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