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MindManager Macro’s can save you lots of time

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Stop reading this if you are a Mindjet Web, Mac or Mobile user, it’s applicable for Windows users only.

Since MindManager 2002 you have been able to write macros to speed up your use of MindManager. I use them for tasks I do repeatedly which are not easily accomplished using select and the Ribbon or right-click Context Menu tools.

MindManager Hyperlink Context Menu

Hyperlink Context Menu

For example I produce maps which I export to the web so the world or a private group can use the content. Generally I like the hyperlinked topics to be in blue and bold, to highlight to the users of a clickable image map, that there is a link there. It is possible to select all hyperlinked topics using the Find tool and apply bold and blue to the font. (Open the Find > Options menu, tick the hyperlinks box and find “http://”) But I noticed Nigel Goult at Olympic Limited has a page called Mindjet Macros (FREE) page and it reminded of his expertise in this area.  To make my clickable image maps more search friendly, I also realised that I wanted the Alt text of the exported links to be the Topic Text and not the URL. A Skype conversation with him turned around the following macros very quickly:

I subsequently created another macro from these by copying and editing:

Download the macro by clicking the text.

I was also able to add the macros to the right-click menu of a hyperlink icon on a topic as shown in the menu above.

How do you do this?

MindManager Macro Organiser pane

MindManager Macro Organiser pane

Well the easiest route is to ask Nigel but you may wish to have a go yourself.  Open up the Macro Editor. It’s at the end of the View ribbon.  It’s similar to Visual Basic.

To use a Macro you need to add it to the applications using the View > Macros > Organize Macros tool.  I save my macros in a sub-folder of my user directory called My Mindjet/Macros (It also contains folders for all my Templates and Styles which I use via the Package Folders tool).  You will find a couple of macros already listed. Use the Add button to add a Macro file.

Macro Modify Menu

Macro Modify Menu

In the Macro pane you can add a macro to an existing menu. There are lots to choose from. The Hyperlink context Menu is appropriate for mine. You can also run macros directly from the Macro Organiser.  Also Activity Owner has an Add In called MyMapMacros for adding macros to the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar.

Editing macros can be done with the Macro Editor or a text editor. I simplified one of the macros Nigel produced for me. I made a copy of the macro file with a new name and removed a couple of lines from the code to stop the bold and blue commands:

tSelectedTopic.Hyperlink.TextToDisplay = tSelectedTopic.Text


tSelectedTopic.Hyperlink.TextToDisplay = tSelectedTopic.Text

If you have something you do repeatedly which can be automated consider using macros. You could save yourself a lot of time and scratching of the head whilst thinking how did I do that last time.

Do you have any macros to share or a requirement?

Conservative Liberal Democrat Coalition Agreements – Keywords and Context

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

I ran the Coalition Agreement through Context Discovery.  Follow the link to see the MindManager map.

Conservative Liberal Democrat Coalition Agreements – Keywords and Contexts

Based on the keywords about actions, I have made some observations:

  1. Deficit Reduction comes first. Good choice.
  2. Media is more important than Defence by 3 mentions
  3. Personal Allowances get more mentions than the European communities Act
  4. I wonder what the differences are between an Agreement, Coalition Agreement and a Detailed Agreement?  Click the plus sign to see the context.
  5. The Public Sector comes last based mentions and alphabetical sorting.

Things look rosy on day one!

And I wish them the Best of British Luck.

MindManager and OneNote – How can these applications interact?

Monday, March 29th, 2010

A Tweet caught my eye this morning about using OneNote with MindManager. In this 4 minute video Raphael Malikian shows how you can paste ink from OneNote as text in MindManager. This prompted me to have a play and I discovered you could select several paragraphs in OneNote and paste them into MindManager as several topics. An empty line in OneNote starts a new topic in MindManager. It is also possible to drag and drop selected OneNote ink to MindManager.

Back in 2007 the OneNote Power Toys blog listed several ways in which OneNote and MindManager could interact including MindManager hyperlinks to OneNote tabs, transfering MindManager map images to OneNote and the Send to MindManager button in OneNote (Can’t find mine 🙁 – Searching the Mindjet Forum suggests it has gone AWOL in MM8)).

Are there addins for MindManager 8 and OneNote 2007 (and 2010 soon)?

What is the value of using OneNote compared to MindManager in Ink mode (my weapon of choise) on a Tablet PC?

MindManager Add Ins and other related software

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

This is work in progress. I am compiling a map of the MindManager add ins and related software. There are many more to be added to the map but I thought there were enough now to share with you.

Click the map to see the full size clickable image map.

Please add your suggestions by commenting on this post.

What is the missing link for MindManager? The killer add in you really want!

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

There are a multitude of add-ins for MindManager ranging from free to those costing more than a MindManager license. Some enable MindManager to emulate processes both proprietary and public. Others enhance an existing MindManager export or make a connection to a non-MS Office application.

Probably like me there are some you use frequently and others which you have no use for. There are probably many you unaware off or only just on your radar.

BUT what add-in would make a big difference to you? Here are a few of mine:

  • Social networking dashboards for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Ecademy
  • Synchronisation with Above & Beyond
  • A tool to help me manipulate XML files either pre-import or when in the map to add or remove information based on content of the file.
  • Alternative ink sketching tool e.g. embedded ArtRage2
  • An HTML based notes word processor

Or perhaps a better way of looking is there a market waiting for a MindManager combo?

Useful set of utilities for MindManager

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Olympic Limited have developed an add in to MindManager which adds a ribbon containing the following new functions:

  • Topic Text Locker
  • Convert Topic to Call Out and vice versa
  • Convert subtopics to text markers
  • Convert topics to notes
  • Left sided map
  • Vertical topic text
  • Sum topic values
  • Convert link to attachment
  • Add date to topic
  • Topic calculator – converts a topic value in to sub-topics in different units e.g. miles to kilometres

Free trial available here at Olympic Utilities