Moving maps with Relative and Absolute Links

MindManager Course Map

My process for setting up a MindManager training day is as follows:

  1. Copy the Beginners Course folder from the MindManager Course folder to the client’s course folder
  2. Open the map shown above. Do not let MindManager update the links.
  3. Open all the relative R linked maps which are now in the client’s course folder.
    • Edit and populate with relevant information.
    • The links back to the “Course Map” will work.
  4. Open all the absolute A links and check they work.
    • There are no links back to the “Course Map” unless you manually add them.


  1. The Beginners Course Folder contains “template” maps to be moved and edited for each course
  2. Other folders and maps in MindManager Course folder contain reference maps and other files which don’t change for each course.

If you let MindManager update the links the absolute ones will be fine but the relative ones will point back to the original folder. You may find this confusing when you are running your course! e.g. “I am sure I added all your names to the course members map”

Of course this process can be used for many applications e.g.

  • Starting a new project
  • Setting up an interview
  • Going on a trip
  • Shopping
  • Treatment plans

If you do mess up the links on a map, then do this:

  1. Find – Replace – Option – Links
  2. Replace the beginning of the link with the new folder location.
Find and replace links

Find and replace links

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