Using Windows Environment Variables in MindManager Hyperlinks

Windows has a set of variables which work wherever Windows is installed. Maybe you have booted from a USB drive or decided your home drive should be Z:. You can use these variables in MindManager hyperlinks.

For example:

  • “%windir%\System32\calc.exe” as an absolute link will start an instance of the Calculator (It may not be in the foreground).
  • “%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Mindjet\MindManager\14\Library\ENU\” will open your library folder.

You need to use the Open outside MindManager option or press Ctrl when you click the hyperlink on the map.

Here are some more variables:

  • %AllUsersProfile% – Open the All User’s Profile
  • %HomeDrive% – Opens your home drive e.g. C:\
  • %UserProfile% – Opens you User’s Profile
  • %temp% Opens – temporary file Folder
  • %systemroot% – Opens Windows folder
  • %windir% – maps to Windows folder

If you send a map with links of this type to other Windows users it will work on their PC regardless of how they have set it up.

My inspiration came from here: Is there a list of Windows special directories/shortcuts (like %TEMP%)? . Many commands are listed and there is a link to a page with many more.

Perhaps I could create a PC maintenance map?


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  1. Yes please – PC Maintenance. And ripple of applause for the post above.

    But first put a recognition tool in the Name/Email/Website fields above so it remembers for next time!?



  2. Andrew Wilcox says:

    Thank you Peter.

    Just checking you haven’t forgotten your own details? 🙂

    I think you would have to be logged in as a member of the web site for it to auto fill but I will check that out. But you would still have to login. It has auto approved you before now, so you must have used different details to last time because I had to approve your comment.

    An alternative is to enable autofill in your browser. This seems to work for me some of the time.

  3. Andrew Wilcox says:

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