Adding maps quickly to your desktop background

This morning I wanted to paste two maps on to my second screen for reference during a webinar I was giving on Four Crucial Tips for MindManager Users.  They were my management map and the attendees.  I looked hard for ways to paste them in various applications and then I went back to Windows Paint.  Here is the simple process:

  1. Select central topic of map and copy CTRL-C
  2. Open Paint  and paste.
  3. Drag the edge of the canvas so it will cover the required part of your desktop.
  4. Repeat with another map pasting on to the same image and arranging as appropriate.
  5. In Paint > File > Set as Desktop Background > Centred

Now I had these prompts on the desktop of the second monitor along with the web cam array and the GoTo Meeting Control Panel. In my primary monitor I was sharing MindManager.  The image I created is below.

14-01-31 Four Crucial Tips Prompts

Do you have a better option?

Some of you may remember being able to have a clickable image map in a live Windows background in Windows 3.1!

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