Auto calc, formulas, properties and map parts

MindManager calculator map partI have been experimenting with the topic calculator tools in MindManager 14 for Windows today. The result was this Selling Price map part. This calculates the retail price for an item based on the cost to the retailer, a % margin, VAT (tax) resulting in an inc. VAT and ex. VAT price. I saved this as map part for use in other maps.

The process is simple:

  • Select a topic
  • Insert properties: Cost, Margin, VAT & Quantity
  • Insert formulas ex VAT and inc VAT
  • Check the results
  • Result the property values to default ones
  • Open Map Parts task pane
  • Select or create a folder (I created one called calculators)
  • Save Selected Topic

I wonder what other calculators would be useful?


I wonder what other simple calculators would be of use to MindManager users?


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3 Responses to “Auto calc, formulas, properties and map parts”

  1. Andrew Wilcox says:

    Post post thoughts:

    – Make VAT and Margin hidden properties when you are confident with the calculations
    – Consider making VAT a “global” property. That is a add the property value to a VAT topic and refer to it in the calculation. Result you can change the VAT applied to all calculations in the map from one topic.

  2. Peter Stewart says:


    Your wisdom and ingenuity has no peer – at least in the Northern Hemisphere.



  3. Lone mcCord says:

    Thank you so much!. I’ve been see watching for blogs and videos of people using mindjet formulas in mindmanager, so I can get ideas! This blog entry just simplified my process. Keep up the idea sparking conversation!

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