Mindjet and the Web – Rapidly assembling knowledge – The video

This is my cut from a Visual Thinking Hub webinar in which I show how to use MindManager or Mindjet for Windows to create a knowledge map about a subject. The techniques of drag and drop or copy and paste for text, links and images from web pages are also applicable to files and folders on your local PC and network drives. This functionality has been in MindManager for more than a decade. You will also see how to use the map parts to add search results to your map ( a recent addition about five years ago). For a map outlining the video content please visit my previous blog

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Mindjet or MindManager and the Web – Rapidly assembling knowledge

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Andrew is an experienced user of MindManager who shares his knowledge and advice for free here. And provides commercial training and consulting on how to exploit MindManager and other mind mapping software applications in business, organisations and for individuals at Cabre For more information about Andrew please visit his Google + profile.

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