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My friend Henry Lewkowicz at Context Discovery has been working on the automatic extraction of knowledge summaries from a variety of sources including Wikis & Word docs and now Blogs. On the right hand side of this blog you will now see a BlogSummarizer widget.  First select a keyword (they are automatically extracted from the blog) and then click Knowledge Map or Keyword Search.

Knowledge Map – A new window will open with a map whose central topic is the keyword and the branches are the secondary keywords.  Keep on clicking to dive deeper.

Keyword Search – Shows a map of the blogs with that keyword. Click the plus sign at the end of each topic to reveal a blog summary.  This allows you to quickly review the entries before visiting a specific blog by clicking Source.

The maps can be exported for you to continue your research in application which suits you.

The best thing is to select a keyword and give it a go.

I have already given Henry some feedback:

  • Some of the primary keywords need hiding e.g. MindManager in the Applications of MindManager are redundant and the blog owner needs to be able to hide them.
  • I think anything that is a link should be a consistent colour. Some are blue some are black.  Don’t miss the black ones like I did!

What would you change or add or improve?

Visit these sites to try BlogSummarizer on your blog or WebSummarizer to get summaries of other web sites.

BlogSummarizer - Relevance MattersWebSummarizer - relevance matters

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